My father's morning routine was so fixed one could set your watch to it. We had exactly twenty minutes to be together. This element of danger was the spice of our relationship.
Mom would slip into my room and undress. She usually wore a robe--something that could be quickly and easily put on just case we lost track of time. She'd lift back the sheets and took my prick into her mouth. During the warmer weather I slept in the nude, but even pajamas were easily opened. I sometimes be awake and pretend to ley there still asl**p. Most times I was asl**p and was awakened by the loveely sensation of my coick getting sucked. The room glowed with the soft morning sunsight and I opened my eyes and saw her head bobbing slowly. There was no time play coy and joined her her. I loved getting into sixty-nine position with her. She squirmed and wriggled as my tongue danced over her sweet pussy, flicking the swollen clit with the tip. It was a precarious position we were in---one hand we were lost in this insane passion and on the other we had to keep our ear open, listening to each sound of his routine was completed. Every once in a great while he finished sooner than we anticipated and we threw overselves off the bed before he walked by. By this time it was too late to finish---I had to get to school and mom had to get to work. Most of the times we finished just in the nick of time. Foreplay was breif but efficient. Mom quickly mounted me, letting my stiff cock slowly slip up into her wet cunt. Her body looked so amazing from this vantage point as her tits and that cute paunch jiggled. If I worked my head just right I could my cock slip in and out. By this time in our relationship I had stopped calling her mom and called her by name---Alice. It was awkward at first but I got used it and had to remember to still call her "mom" in certain circumstances. I slipped up a couple of times. It was a sweet beginning of a day when we got off together and would echo in my mind for the rest of the day.
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2 years ago
sex in the morning is always the best
3 years ago
Yes thats a love routine thanks
4 years ago
very good but short
4 years ago
just keep on writting you are doing great thanbks
4 years ago
love the stories but they are bit on the short side