After that first night we could not keep our hands off one another. It was the enthusiasm of new love. We had morning quickies while dad was in the bathroom preparing for work. Sometimes she flash me her tits or her pussy if she was coming out the show and wearing a bathrobe. My knees turned to rubber whenever she did these things.
Now that we were intimate she started telling me of secret things that she would never tell dad. The biggest secret was that she had a brief lesbian romance when she was young. It was with a gym teacher whom she had already had a crush on and was thrilled when she was asked to help the teacher coach a girls soccor team. They became close and often were alone in the teacher's apartment. It was actually mom who made the first move and confessed her crush. The teacher was very flattered but she shy about the difference in their ages. Mom was not dissuade and persisted gently until one night she and the teacher were sitting on the couch in her apartment and started making out. Mom described her as short and very tomboyish. They ended up spending the rest of the night in bed. "I took to it like a duck to water," mom said. The relationship lasted only over the summer school vacation and ended on friendly terms. She understood the teacher's nervousness and let her go. This story drove to new heights of delirious passion.
Another incident occurred at a movie theater when she opened my pants, extracted my cock, and jacked me off all over the coat that hung over the back of the seat in front of us. Its owner slung it there and nearly hit mom without so much as a appology. This was were little bit of revenge. I was only roo happy to be a participant. We exited the theater before our rude neighbors did. We were walking down the street when she whisspered: "I gotta take a piss." The restroom at the theater was full so she thought she could hold it. We ended up slipping into a little alleyway and she pulled off her panties and lifted her her skirt. The dull lighting prevented me from actually she she her piss but I did see the yellow stream snake its way towards my shoe. I made no attempt to avoid it. I took out my prick and rubbed it until it was good and hard. She saw this and smiled. Her piss provided a makeshift lube when I posied my cock towards her pussy and thrust it in. With people a mere fifteen feet away we had to be somewhat quiet. I was carful not to come inside her---the last thing we needed was for her to get pregnant. I shot my load against a trash dumpster. As we were walking away, discreetly mingling back into the crowd, mom whispered: "Shit I forgot my panties back in the alleyway." We rushed back to retreive the article of garment and laughed loudly, a secret joke between us.
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3 years ago
I loved this story great writting fantastic imagination
4 years ago
very good still not enough details. viy & you never thought about your daddy! yea right!!
4 years ago
hey look viy if you don't like it why the hell are you reading it!
4 years ago
You have the gift for writting this ws so hot i had to jack off just to finish thanks
4 years ago
u r such a sick person thi nking anout ur mom like that and doing these things togather