Me, Mom, and My Mom's Lesbian Lover (a sequel

This episode preceeds the birth of Mom and Angela's c***d by several months.

Almost immediately after they found out that Angela was pregnant (an event that was duelly recorded by Mom as Angela sat on the rim of their bath tub and pissed on the pregnancy test applicator and then cut to the result as the two mother's embraced, kissed and wept) Angela slowly began to change. It wa not apparent at first but as the months progressed and her belly began to swell she became "softer".
On onoe particular evening I arrived at their place and Angela greeted at the door with a kiss that seemed to be aimed for my cheek but fell on the corner of my mouth. I was somewhat shocked (as was my mother who was nearby and witnessed this) because she was never one to show physical acts of affection towards me. Even a shake of the hand seemed awkward to her. I think there was some sort conflict about how she should interact with males and not betray her lesbian sensibilities. This newfound affection was puzzling, but I assumed that it would be shortlived.
We had never spoken of the night I impregnated her, and there seemed a discernable shyness of Angela's part whenever I came over to pick Mom up for a night out. She even being very tight lipped with Mom about the whole incident, but I could sense that something troubled her. I was advised not to press the issue and address it only if Angela brought it up. I kept quiet.
I found the encounter truly erotic. I was in "enemy" territory. I'd never fucked a real lesbian. I have had my fair share of threesomes with two women whom I watched while they sucked and fingered one another, but they were ostensively heterosexual playing temporary lesbains. Angela was a dyke, and she was proud of it to the point were she was turned away from by her very strict Catholic f****y who saw the gay ifestyle as an "abomination". She couldn't live their way. Their happiness seemed all on the surface, but inside they were unhappy with life. She wanted to be happy.
Mom and I continued meeting secretly. I sensed however that this was slowly coming to an end. I knew her emotions were going deeper for Angela. She was truly happy. Angela was a wonderful lover, she said on numerous occasions. Since the pregnancy she became even more sexual and affectionate, gentle even. Her surface masculine demeanor was only a mask and the baby was bringing out a softer feminine aspect that Angela kept hidden. It was if in her own way she was saying: I don't want to be the man. This is the role she assumed as soon as she and Mom met. Angela was the aggressor, the sexual dominator. Mom did not mind this and enjoyed the wealthy of affection lavished upon her body by her adoring lover. It all balanced itself out.
As the months elapsed and Angela began to swell out so did this softening of her personality. She still had a vaguely manish swagger when she walked. She now eagerly showed off her belly, lifting up her shirt and baring it to anyone. Once she even took my hand and placed it against the underside to feel the baby kicking within. I could not help notice that she guiding my hand that my fingertips brushed the topmost fringe of her pubic hair. In a position where she was standing very close to me I could feel the warm breath against my neck. I looked into her eyes and saw an entirely new emotion that I was not sure was sincere or was a figment of my own imagination.
My hand was being physically pushed lower and my fingers traced a path through the thickening pubic hair. Further onward until they now came into contact with the damp fleshy lips of her cunt. Until now they were passive but they were allowed to come alive and I gently pinched the apex between my thumb and forefinger until I felt the clit swell out from underneath it's little hood.
Angela's eyes rolled back in her head and then she kissed my neck, my cheek, and then finally my mouth, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. There were still lingering masculine aspects of her personality which seemed to need to be the dominate figure. I had no ego about sex. Our objective was of similar minds so how we arrive there was not important or who was the leader. To be momentarily vular: I just wanted to stick my cock insde a warm wet pussy.
Here I was faced with this "career" dyke who had never had another man's cock inside her since that evening a few months ago and was now throwing herself at me like a horny teenaged girl who had just been sprung a girl's school. I was flattered and swept away by this gesture.
A year ago I would have bet you any amount of money that Angela would have rater sewn up her own cunt before she allowed a man to fuck her and now she opened my pants and pulled out my cock, tugging it with the casual roughness of a girl playing with her first cock and only remote conscious of the fact that it is fesh and bl**d and not rubber or detachable. She wrung it in her strong hands. I felt as if I were getting a hand job from a contruction worker.
I tried not display my discomfort at how she was handling my cock too much and began fingering her cunt. It was exactly a new sight. Mom had been showing my videos they have been making over the course of their relationship. One particular I enjoyed was watching Mom slipping her whole of her fist into Angela cunt, pumping it in and out with a loud squishing sound similar to someone walking round in boots filled with water. She got a generous portion of her forearm in, but Mom does have very slim arms. I wonder if she'll let me fist fuck her. I've met only a couple of women who allowed me to do that.
I tore myself away from her pussy only a moment in order to lift off her t shirt and slip off her sweat pants. My hands immediately slipped under her arms and caressed the thick hair that grew there. I have a bit of a fetish about female underarm hair that I tried to impose on Mom early in our own relationship but she allowed a little outgrowth before shaving it off. It made her feel unclean and unnatural she told me. At least she allowed me to shave her pits when the moment came. Angela's pits were paradise to someone with such a fetish as myself. I twisted several longer strands out into braids.
Angela continued holding firmly onto my cock, rubbing the tip against the swollen lips of her cunt, but refrained from any actual penetration yet. She seemed to want to savor the moment for as long as possible.
I slipped my hand round, fondled her ass for a few minutes before putting up into her anus. This provoked a long deep grunt and her buttock muscles contracted like a clamp on my hand insinuating itself into that deep cleth. All the fine hair that covered her body only added to my delirium that I was about to fuck such an exotic a****l. How many men really get the opportunity to fuck a "real" dyke, not some imposter dyke? It still made my head spin. What in the world would Mom think about this?
Because of her advanced maturnal girth we could not fuck in another position than doggie style. I wanted to see her face when she came. I was robbed of that moment the last encounter we had. She did have an orgasm that night she would admit to me and this provoked these new conflicting heterosexual emotions in her that she had no idea even existed until that moment. She tried to bury and deny them but they came echoing back up from the abyss of her subconscious. I am a closet hetero, Angela's paniced mind called out. But she was absolutely in love with my mom. This fact she had no doubt about. Perhaps, she rationalized, she was bisexual?
A lot of deep soul searching led her to this second encounter. She too was entering uncertain territory as well. After some twenty some odd years as a staunch lesbian here was guiding a man's cock into her pussy.
In this doggie position I could watch my cock slowly inch it's way up into her cunt, enjoying the tightness and the sweet perfume it emmitted. I restrained my gentleness for as long as possible, but since I was in an area that would do the fetus no harm, I started pounding her cunt as I had witnessed Mom fucking Angela whilst wearing a strap on dildo and provoked a chorus of a****listic grunts, sighs, and a litany of vulgar remarks from Angela as she raced toward an orgasm.
I ran my hands over her swollen belly as I now gradually increased my pumping hips, smacking against her fleshy fuzzy ass. Simulanteously, I continued fingering her asshole. One finger soon became all four and then the majority of my hand sank into into that anal cavity. I massaged the rectal muscles with dexterity of all my fingers within. Angela moaned and swore loudly. With my free hand I was continuing to aggitate her clit which now felt like a tiny penis in its full erect state. It was an amazing sight to see on video and she was quite proud of this unique appendage.
I was close now. I wanted to come on her belly. I dislodged myself and gently turned Angela over onto her back. With a few tugs I unloaded the sum of my passion all over Angela's belly, glazing it thickly, watching it break off into tiny rivulates and ran down into her dense pubic bush. I wrung out a few more droplets and collapsed beside her. We were both panting like a pair of over exerted race horses.
Regaining some of our diminished energies we staggered into the bathroom and took a long and leisurely shower. By the time Mom got home we were the portrait of innocence sitting in the living room sofa watching television. She kissed Angela and then me on the cheek. But Mom always has an uncanny sixth sense about things and seemed to look at us with a narrow-eyed suspicious gaze. Perhaps the shower had not rinsed off all of the scent of sex. We tried to maintain a facade of innocence.
Later that evening I was home when the phone rang.
"Angela broke," Mom said. "She told me everything."
I just stood there with the phone in my hand. Her voice had no hint of anger, I don't know why I'd expect there to be. In the past we'd had threesomes with people we met but whom had no idea that they fucking a mother and her son. She had no overbearing territorality when it came to sex. She knew I slept with other women, and sometimes a man now and then. She always eager to hear all the details.
This seemed different. The idea that they were now married and about to have a c***d seemed like I had seduced her partner.
"Angela s sucking my pussy at this very moment. I also told her about us."
"Tell me you're kinding. No...."
"It's all right. She understands. She thinks it's beautiful. We're all going to be incredibly happy from here on."

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I hope you are well,
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love the follow on story, very hot indeed
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wow crazy and sexy
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That was hot I never been so turn on reading your story
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sweetly wonderful & naughty
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