I awoke early the next morning with the sensation of my cock being sucked. I opened my sl**p fogged eyes and saw Matthew's bobbing head slowly coming into focus. I exhaled a deep sigh. He was a great cocksucker.
Standing nearby was Kayla looking a little less forelorn than last night. Her fingers were absentmindedly stroking her little pink slit. She smiiled down at me before settling down on my face. The sweet perfume of her cunt overwhelmed me as she began to ride my face. I eagerly licked her pussy. She didn't have Mom's freakishly large clit but it was still quite prominent and sensative; I flicked it with the tip of my tongue and provoked a chorus of little sighs.
Matthew had momentarily ceased sucking my cock and was repositioning himself, still holding onto my engorged cock with one hand, and now I it slowly sinking up his tight ass. He rode he vigorously for several minutes, pausing periodically as if psychically sensing that I was about to shoot my load before resuming. We'd fucked so many times before that we all knew each other with that sort of intamacy.
By the scent of Kayla's cunt I could tell that they had fucked earlier. The fear of pregnancy was ever present during these f****y get togethers and which kept a punch bowl full of condoms nearby just in case. Fortunately no one had gotten pregnant--or at least as far as I had ever heard. The older females could get fucked free and clear.
I at last succumbed the sensation and ejaculated deep into Matthew's ass. I continued licking and gently chewing on Kayla's swollen pussy until she squirted into my face.
In one of the little cabana shacks the three of us took a quick shower before heading back out. People were slowly starting to awaken. The horny aunts were still an ever present lurking danger.
Kayla still clung to Matthew for the better part of the morning.

Later that morning Matthew and I went to this little adult video store where he had first introduced me to my first glory hole suck as previously mentioned in passing.
Matthew had a perverse joy in being sucked by these very middle classed married men who hung out at these places (and he knew a few around the area) where they could endulge their secret fantasies before returning to their suburban worlds. The sight of a wedding ring bumped his pleasure up several notches over some other blow job.
On the ride over (once he had plied himself free of Lydia) he regaled me with more stories of the many sex clubs he had been throughout the world, some being a little more dangerous than others. He'd been jumped a few times but managed to beat off his attackers. It never diminished his passion for the sex clubs and onnly added an element of danger.
He told me about this drill instructor he had a long relationship with. The guy was married with c***dren but had no problems with his attraction to men. He and my b*****r went out drinking one evening and he just let it out that he liked getting fucked by men (soldiers in particular). He was also fond of frequenting the sex clubs will stationed at various bases. Matthew told me that this guy had the biggest cock he'd ever seen and getting fucked by him was more of an ordeal than a pleasure. Even some the ladyboys refused to serve him as he fucked too hard. The guy didn't mind just settling back and getting sucked off. He was a real sex addict and fucked his wife almost on a nightly basis and than would go out and find a gloryhole to get sucked off. It's been nearly a year since he saw that drill instructor.
They did not part ways until he really opened up to Matthew and told him his deepest fantasy. He had a daughter with whom he'd had secual feelings fot for many years now. She was thirty and worked as a receptionist at a vet's office. He showed Matthew a photo. She was a plump girl with a round plain face. Her hair was blond and cut very short, spiking out in a multitude of directions. She wore a sleeveless pale blue shirt that clung snuggly over her ample breasts. One could just vaguely make out the impression of an erect nipple just beneath the fabric. Matthew silently wondered how often this was employed to provoke a masturbatorial fantasy.
The plot (which the guy admitted having for some time until he could find the right accomplice) involved Matthew seducing his daughter and then fucking her after which Matthew would call the guy and he'd suck Matthew's cock while the scent of his daughter's cunt was still on it. It took a bit of doing but Matthew finally got a date with the guy's daughter. Matthew thought that it might take a few dates before he got her into bed but she gave it up on the first one.
She took him up to her apartment and just about tore the clothes from his body. It had been a while since she'd been fucked, she told him, and that period of sexual deprivation made her pretty crazed. She showed him the dresser draw where she kept her various sex toys, each a little different than the other. But she'd have no need for them now.
She sat on the edge of the bed and lovingly sucked his cock, enclosing it between her warm fleshy tits. Her face glowed up at him. He pushed her back down onto the bed and sucked her cunt, nibbling ever so lightly on her clit until it swelled out from under it's pink hood. This caused her whole body to spasm and arch up off the bed like a woman possessed.
It was not long before Matthew rose, cock in hand, and guided it into her anxious cunt. He fucked her with a slow and leisurely pace, allowing her savor the moment before quickening the tempo of his thrusts until their damp flesh slapped loudly against one another.
Matthew pulled out and ejaculated copiously all over her tits and the rest of her fleshy torso. He announced that he had to get back to the base and had to leave. She want to take a shower with him and he was already dressing and gave her a quick kiss before heading out the door.
The drill instructor was already aware that the date was that night and was right by his phone when Matthew called and a meeting spot was arranged. When they got into the back seat of Matthew's car the drill instructor eagerly opened Matthew's pants and extracted his cock, joyfully inhaling the scent of his daughter as if it were a freshly opened bottle of wine. Oh, Maureen, he moaned just before taking Matthew's cock into his mouth. His head bobbed furiously as he alternated between sucking Matthew's cock and then his balls, each had the residues of his daughter's pussy on them.
Matthew was somewht surprised that he could sustain an erection so quickly after the previous encounter and moreso when he managed to ejaculate into the instructor's mouth. But he was depleted for a good length of time.

I loved listening to his stories and silently envied him his experiences. I was not cut out for military life. I am more artistically inclined and have sketch pads full of nudes studies of the entire f****y. Some of the older members are still a little timid about displaying themselves even during these get togethers they were more comfortable wrapped in a robe which could be removed when the moment presented itself and then quickly put back on. They were never made to feel awkward about their choices.
We decided to bypass the adult video store and instead went into the city and picked up a couple of tranny hookers. Matthew took the light skinned black one and I had the Asian tranny with the long black hair.
We found a nice secluded rest stop off the highway and walked off into the woods. It was a well know location for such activity and was only rarely raided by cops.
Matthew and his tranny were just ahead of us and Matthew was being eagerly pawed. My Asian tranny had his hand in my front pocket and rubbing my cock and her purring softly in my ear.Looking for a girlfriend? he whispered. He only did this to make a little money and wasn't a full out hooker, he explained. I'll be a good wife, he said.
We reached a little clearing and the trannies went to work sucking out cocks while slipping their hands into their panties and tugging on their own. Rubbers will quickly slipped on and our trannies assumed position. My tranny had the tiniest cock I'd ever seen and was almost lost in the wild thick growth of black pubic hair.
They almost sighed in unison as Matthew and I fucked them. His tranny had a sizeable cock that stretxhed the thin fabric of his panties. If you didn't know any better you'd swear these were two females--a little rough round the edges but still passable.
We fucked for a while but then dropped them off at the corner where we found them. In the rear view mirror I watch them approach a car that pulled up to the curb not seconds after we had left.
Matthew and I went to have lunch at a small diner where he flirted with a waitress. Like Kayla, I would mourn Matthew's departure at the end of the week, but resolved not to morbidly dwell upon it and enjoy our time together.

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