My big b*****r Matthew is on leave from the Marines.
He regaled us with stories of how many cocks he's had since last we've seen him. "I've had a virtual U.N. of cocks up my ass," he jolingly said. He especially loved all of the Japanese sex clubs. All the petite Lady boys swooned at the sight at any American soldier stepping through their doors. Matthew wanted to go AWOL and just live in these clubs. It was paradise to have all these adoring boys crawling over him without the slightset inhibition. He adored those tiny cocks.

Later that night we invited the rest of the f****y over a big cook out in celebration of Matthew's return. When he first stepped out of the house naked we gave a collective gasp. We had forgotten how beautiful he was. His body was hard and muscular with a cock of a porn star. Following close behind him was my s****r Kayla. They celebrated privately just a few minustes ago and since her bedroom window looked out over the back and was open during the entire encounter her cries and moans were audible to one and all. It had a very erotic effect on Mom who came round behind me and starts rubbing my cock.
I loved the feeling of my Mom's tits pressed against my back, her breath tickles the hairs on the back of my neck. But my father interecedes and says that we had a lot to do before the rest of the f****y arrived. Mom reluctantly relinquished hold of my semi erect prick, brushing away the few droplets of precum and licking her fingertip. "Yummy," she said softly with a sweet smile.

The guests began rolling in steadily by six o'clock and the back yard was filling up with naked bodies of all shapes and sizes. Matthew mingled amongst them and showered with long kisses, especially from the perpetually horny aunts who sent him little videos fucking the most absurd household items. Aunt Grace sent him one of her riding the sizeable knob of a bedpost, stretching her cunt out to amazing proportions. Matthew forward all these videos to me and I in turn shared them with the f****y. There were to be no secrets amongst us.

The party did not get started until well after midnihgt. Everyone had eaten and were relaxed. Matthew had already been "k**napped" several times over the course of the evening. Uncle Barry's girlish cries coming from the bushes made all stop us momentarily. Barry was Matthew's first full on homosexual experience. He had had other's who sucked his cock but shied away from any actual anal penetration until an evening with Barry on the deck of his sail boat until a full moon. It was Matthew who introduced me to my first glory hole. I got sucked off by an old man in his sixties, who then wanted me as a boyfriend. I saw him a few times and fucked his tight old ass, but we drifted apart.

I spotted Mom sitting on deck chair getting her pussy licked by my cousin Nick and looking fondly over the gathering of her f****y and was happy. She saw me and beckoned me over. Nick was licking very loudly and Mom was giving instructions which certain spots to apply what amount of pressure to. He still rather new to eating out a woman since his own mom left them for another woman and all he had at home were his father's and b*****r's cocks to suck. He dove into my Mom's cunt like a thirsty man reaching an oasis. I watched him suckle on her sizable clit which projects out from beneath it's little pink cowl like a diminutive penis. Mom was happy to have the biggest clit in the f****y. It was extremely sensative and gave her mindbending orgasms.
Nick looks momentarily up at me with his face glazed with Mom's juices glazing his face. He was in heaven judging by the expression on his face. He had four fingers sliding in and out of Mom's cunt. Mom adored a good fisting. She has a lesbian lover who works at the salon she goes to to get her hair done. She is a petite Latina girl with that "not too small and not too big" and rubbing her cunt in the most exquisite ways.
I let Nick and Mom have their fun and drifted away. The horny aunts were always laying in wait like predatorial birds with alcohol fanning their fires. A couple were bi sexual so everyone was a target, while a couple others only wanted a big cock in their pussy---more specifically Matthew's massive elephant's trunk of a cock. Matthew was in the pool I noticed relaxing on an inflatable raft and regenerating his energies. It was going to be a long night. The aunts prowled around the perimeters of the pool, sipping their drinks and whispering nasty thoughts amongst one another.

My s****r Kayla seemed to be keeping a conspicuous low profile since the party began. I spotted her now and again making out with a couple of female cousins and one of the bi sexual aunts, but it seemed to abruptly stop and she drifted off again.
I was standing against a tree observing the various coupling that were happening when I felt a pair of arms wrap round my stomach and I felt a pair of small sharply tipped tits brush teasingly against my back. I knwe those tits anywhere. Kayla was the polar opposite of Mom. Whereas was a busty and fleshy woman, Kayla was more petite and slim.
I reached round one hand and tickled the lovely slit between her legs. I turned and looked aat her. She was sad that this would all have to end and Matthew would have to return to the Marines. They had a special relationship because it was Matthew who popped her cherry one afternoon after skinny dipping in a pond. Usually such a moment was celebrated amonst the entire f****y but Kayla wanted it to be private. Shortly after this Matthew joined the Marines and Kayla was understandably devastated. He always had a nude photo of her wherever he went. They are both several years older than me so I understood the affection that existed between them was deep.
I tried to tell her to enjoy his being here now and that he'll be out of service in another year and half. The consolation fell somewhat upon deaf ears. She wanted Matthew back permanently with the f****y.

Before I knew it I was whsisked away by one of the horny aunts. This is my mother's s****r Lucy. She was the spitting image of Mom but with a few extra pounds that were distributed in the most precise amounts that gave her a very sensual jiggle. She was one the bi sexual aunts and had recruited my cousin Trisha to join us.
The three of us found a secluded spot. Lucy sat on the grass and we started kissing and fondling her. I reached round a stroked Trisha's cunt which was immaculately shaved. Her body was very pale and the numerous tattoos that adorned her torso stood out all the more. Trisha was a few older than me and lived with a woman. They made lesbian porn videos that were quite popular in the lesbian community. Trisha was obstensively bi sexual but led a very lesbian life.
Lucy loved the feeling of our tongues prowling rond her fleshy body. Whereas Trisha's cunt was bald Lucy's was densely furred and needed to brushed aside and held down by a pair fingers to actually get to her cunt. Trisha dove right in and located those thick fleshy cunt lips. I got behind Trisha and momentarily contemplated that lovely alabaster white ass poised up in the air like a horny cat.
I sank down onto my knees and sucked her cunt until it shimmered in the moonlight before rising to my feet and positioning my cock head for penetraation. Most of the cocks she usually fucked were made of rubber; a real one had a different tecture and sensation which caused her to call herself bi sexual. "No one knows a woman's pussy than another woman," Trisha declared once. Which I suppose is to true of a guy getting sucked by another guy. I've had many glory hole experiences in my life.
I drove my cock deep into Trisha's cunt. The tightness was incredible as the muscles alternately released and clenched my cock. This is a woman who keeps her pussy well maintained. I fucked her for a while before asking permission to fuck her in tthe ass. It was granted.
I tried to position myself to watch what Trisha was doing to Lucy. It appeared that she was now fisting the old horny girl. Like Mom's Latina girlfriend, Trisha, a morately sized woman, had a fist that was small enough to administer the right amount of pleasure and produced more pleasure once the vaginal muscles relaxed and accepted this foreign object. Trisha was into pleasure and was repelled by certain degrading aspects of pornography. She has never allowed a man to come on her face.
As I watched Trisha bring Lucy to orgasm I was about to reach my lodged deeply up the equally snug surroundings of Trisha ass. It arrived in a grateful relief and I unloaded myself deep into her bowels. When I extracted my cock I watched the river of come pour torrential from her gaping asshole. Lucy let out a long sharp cry as her body bucked violently off the ground before settling back down. I departed the two.

Matthew and Kayla spent a lot of the remainder of the evening together. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that they were in love. This behavior was usually frowned upon in that it might cause other complications, but no one seemed to mind. Mom and Dad watched as they fucked on a deck chair, Kayla riding his cock vigorously. The aunts watched and seethed selfishly.

By three in the morning everyone was pretty much fucked out and some went off to find a place to sl**p. Kayla and Matthew slept in the desk chair they had fucked in earlier with Kayla cuddled against him, one arm around his neck and her other hand clutching his cock. Both deep asl**p.
I had my fair share of sex over the course of the evening with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, but I was weary and ready to succumb to sl**p myself. One the aunts tried to get me to fuck her but I couldn't even achieve a proper erection. I located a dildo a fucked her with it until she came and then disappeared. I curled up on an available desck chair not far from my b*****r and s****r and drifted happily to sl**p.
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very good & naughty
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Now this is group sex to take all group sex i especially like the session between the aunts and cousins hot got to jack off to that one and mother and son always get me super hot this was a three jackoff story thanks
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I guess it's true incest is best.
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mmmm good story, really loved the group sex mmm yes
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Love the group sex!