When I was sixteen I went to help my uncle Alex repair a small sail boat that he had just recently purchased. My duties were no more complicated than scr****g barnacles and old paint from the hull.
By the end of the first day my entire body was one massive choir of aches. Fortunately Uncle Alex had rubbed a good amount of sunblock onto my torso so that my skin was not burned to a crisp.
When we got to his house he saw what a state I was in and suggested a massage to relax the muscles. I was a little shy about this idea but he gently talk me into stretching out on the floor of his living room.
He started working on the muscles on my back, working his fingers gently but firmly into the offending knots. I slowly relaxed and lay there and let him continue his work.
"Maybe you should take off your shorts," he said.
"What?" I said, startled by the request.
"I need to work on your thighs so it would be more effective if I could get at the skin," he quietly explained.
Two dimmenas presented themselves. The first being the idea of being nude in front of a f****y member. The second was that I had acquired an erection during his procedure and had to shift myself slightly onto my side so that I was not lying flat down on it. My heart beat rapidly.
I finally relieved myself of my shorts, pushing them round my ankles when Uncle Alex removed them completely. The sensation of his fingers now on my thighs made me all the more light headed. This was exasperated when his fingers moved into my upper inner thighs and then I felt him brush my balls with the back of his knuckles. A momentary panic, but I dismissed this as an accident. The second time this happened I could not ignore the act.
I lay there quietly in a state of panic and excitement. He was longer massaging me as much as carressing me with long strokes of his hands over the length of my body.
It was when he massaged my ass did I finally lose the precarious restraint I had and ejaculated all over his rug. I appologized profusely and he calmed me down. I was all the more conscious of my nakeness as I sat there in the middle of his living room. He brought paper towels from the kitchen and cleaned the mess I'd made on the rug and on myself.
"You shouldn't be ashamed," Uncle Alex said with a warm smile and stroked my face.
"I remember the first I ejaculated like that," he said. "I was upset as well but i a little while thinking about it I realized how nice it felt."
He let me process this information before beginning to speak again. His voice was soft and understanding. Had my father witnessed this he'd make me feel dirty and ashamed.
I tried to esplain my few failed attempts at masturbation which produced more pain than pleasure and left my cock red and sore. Uncle Alex chuckled and explained that that will happen until I've found my own method and then it would nothing but pleasure.
"Would you like to watch me jack off and you could see," he said.
My initial shy character seemed to fade and I nodded my head yes. Uncle Alex rose from the sitting position that he had been in all this time and stood. He was a tall, slim man with tousled blond hair and pale blue eyes.
I timidly looked up as he slipped his own shorts, pushing them down his long slim smooth legs, but when I saw his cock my eyes fixated on it. It was not absurdly large, average by the few I have seen in either magazines or videos. He seemed not at all timid about being naked, nor should he really.
"Let's sit on the sofa; it's more comfortable," he suggested.
He sat back and began stroking his cock, explaining each gesture and motion as he continued. I watched with fascination as his cock stiffened under his caresses. As one hand worked on his cock the other kneaded his balls which were bald except for a vague fuzz upon them. He said a more advanced method may involve stimulating the anus with the pinky finger, inserting it with a gentle circular motion.
I began tugging on my own cock by this time and managed a little hard on.
"Would you like to hold my cock?" Uncle Alex asked.
I nodded my head and watched dumbly as my fingers curled round the slim shaft and stroked him. I had to adjust the firmness of my grip and pumped him with a motion that still testafied to my own awkwardness. Uncle Alex talked me though it all.
He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. A warm electrical charge rippled through out my body that renewed that mingling emotion of fear and excitment. By the fourth kiss I felt myself relaxing, opening my mouth and accepting his tongue. My hands moved over his smooth chest and pinched his nipples between my thumb and forefinger. He did likewise and held my cock, tugging on it gently and squeezing my balls. I felt a finger probing my asshole, pressing againt the tight little muscle.
We got up from the sofa and went into his bedroom. He took a tube off of the night table and applied a healthy potion on his fingers and rubbed it into his own asshole. He lay back on the bed with his legs stuck up in the air. I was knelt down on the bed. He guided my cock towards his asshole and I gave one awkward thrust of my hips and I felt my cock sink deep (or least as far as six and a half inches go)up his rectum and felt the mscles within clutch my cock in a most pleasurable way.
Inexperience once more reared its ugly head and it was not a very long period of time before I felt an impending ejeculation. He wanted me to come on his belly and chest when the moment arrived. My head spun as I watched Uncle Alex milk the last few droplets of sperm as they dribbled from the tip of my prick and mingled with the golden blond pubic hair.
He was very gentle when he fucked me and display a great deal of patience as his cock advanced slowly up into my virginal oriface. I felt his damp pubes bristle against my ass. As my rectal muscles adjusted to this new practice I lay passively beneath him. When he finally came he shot the streams of spunk all over my back.
After we had recovered somewhat from this experience we took a long and leisurely shower. I enjoyed lathering his lean muscular body s much that I got another erection.
For the rest of the weekend we alternated our time between fucking and fixing up his boat. We'd spend many wonderful nights drifting in the ocean fucking on the deck under the full moon.
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2 years ago
hot! love the family stuff.
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good story... love to hear from the perspective of the cherry bottom being slowly penetrated!
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mmm another very good story, so hot thanks
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Very nice. First times are so speacial.
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very nice.
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Incredable story enjoyed and even got to jack off thanks
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WOW - thanks for the great story!