Me, Mom, and My Mom's Lesbian Lover

I arrived at my mother's house shortly after five o'clock; I had made arrangement s at an Italian restaurant she liked at six. As I approached I spotted my mother's lover Angela seated in a chair on the front porch, her legs resting on the wood railing. She opened her eyes and smiled up at me in a dreamy manner like someone who'd just got fucked.
"You're mom's running late," she said. "It's my fault."
Angela was not an unattractive woman by any difinition. I liked women who were a bit andrognyous. She was about five feet five, a dark Italian complexion, with short and thick limbs. The black tank top shirt she wore clung well to her very full breasts, nipples jutting just underneath the cotten fabric. What struck me in particular was the thick hair that grew from her armpits and was denser than my own.
She reached out her hand; it was small but surprisingly strong when I took it into mine. For a few moments she just looked up at me with that smiled fixed on her face.
"I asked your mom to marry me," Angela said after the brief silence.
The state was about to pass a law in which same sex couples would be allowed to marry, following long protests from the Right on the moral and social implications. It would take affect next month and the gay community celebrated.
"I wanted to get your blessing," she said.
"Of course," I said without a pause.
Angela and my mom have been dating for more than three years and bought this house just over a year ago and were both very happy together. I was glad to see Mom happy after her miserable life with my father.
"What did she say?" I asked.
"She said yes. We want to go look at rings next week," she said, her thumb slowly massaging the back of my hand. It was an oddly out of place gesture for someone who conducted herself in a very masculine way in all the time I have known her. I dismissed it as just happiness of the up coming wedding.
I took my leave of Angela and went inside and up the flight of stairs and into their bedroom. I called out to my mother that I was here. She called from the adjoining bathroom that she'd be a few minutes.
I sat on the hastily made bed, but felt something under my hand. I lifted back the covers and saw a double headed dildo laying there. It was about twelve and hald inches in length and glossy black. The perfume of sex was very pungent and I inhaled it to get their combined scents.
A few minutes later Mom came out of the bathroom followed by wispy tentacles of steam. She was rubbing her body and hair dry with a big white terry cloth towel. She blushed a little when she saw the dildo in my hand, which she quickly snatched away.
"That should be cleaned, she said and tossed it into the bathroom sink with surprising accurracey and landed with a loud rubbery thud.
Seated still on the edged of the bed, slightly reclined, I watched her race about collecting clothes. At fifty she still a strikingly beautiful woman with a long slim dancer body which she often wished were a little fuller. Her tits were small and tight and sit firmly on her tan freckles chest.
I suddenly reached out and took hold of her hips; my face was mere inches away from the triangular growth of hair between her thighs, at it's apex (just scarcely concealed) were the lovely salmon-pink mouth of her cunt. I could not restrain myself and began licking them, flicking and opening them with the tipe and broadside of my tongue.
"You can't imagine what all this attention to my pussy is doing to my ego. First Angela damn near ****s me and now---" Mom said and trailed off, but then gently pushed me away.
I started humminng Wagner's wedding march as she started dressing. She looked over me.
"She told you?" Mom asked, her face took on a sudden glow.
"She wanted my blessing. I didn't have to think twice about it."
Mom knelt on the floor in front of me, but by the expression upon her face she was not going to suck my cock.
"I am glad. There is something else," she started to say and lapsed into a brief silence.
"We want to have a c***d as soon as possible. We've been talking about it for some time now. There is no doubt that Angela will have to carry the baby. She's nervous about it but has gotten to understand. We can adopt but who knows how long the process will take, and artificial insemination is too costly..."
She took a deep breath before beginning to speak again.
"We think that you should impregnant Angela," she said in one long exhaltation.
She seemed to be searching my face for some sort of reaction; I just sat there passively and absorded all the information. I'm sure it must have seemed to her and odd request for her son to impregnated her lesbian lover. The idea had already given me a bit of an erection which I hid by casually crossing my legs and maintained a casual reclined position. She seemed none the wiser.
"I think we should do it tonight. Forget the dinner arrangements. Thise is a lot more important," I said after a playful length of silence.
Mom's face positively radiated at this news and planted a long kiss on my lips before racing off downstairs. I heard the front door slam. It was about five minutes or so before Mom returned and beckoned me out into the hallway.
"Angela agreed but she is a little nervous. Go into the bathroom and I'll get her into the bedroom. I'll let you know when we're ready. Okay?"
She kissed me and I turned and entered the bathroom, sitting on the rim of the bath tub. Imaging Mom and Angela sharing a bath together made my erection even more prominent. I could scarcely believe that this was happeneing.
A light tap on the door. I stepped into the hallway. Mom wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
"She's ready," she said, but then took my hand."Be gentle;she's never been with a man before."
I nodded and went into the bedroom. The blinds were drawn and it took a few moments before my eyes adjusted to the dim light once Mom shut the door and cut off the light from the hallway.
Angela was d****d face down on the edge of the bed. She still wore the tank top shirt and had removed her shorts. I stepped round behind her and quietly admired her ass while I slipped off my pants. My erection sprang from my underpants like a Cobra from its wicker basket.
When I reached down to stroke her cunt I felt her body suddenly twitch. I merely wanted to make sure that she was wet. Her cunt was warm, fleshy, and moist under my fingertips. I could hear her breathing growing heavier like an a****l in a state of panic.
"Relax, Angela. This should be a joyful moment. I love you and Mom and I want happiness for both of you," I whispered.
She relaxed slightly but I still sensed an agitation as I rubbing the tip of my cock against her cunt. I wanted to ease myself slowly into her; the situation of a lesbian who'd never been with a man was already a stressful situation I did not need to make it moreso.
My cock advanced gradually up into her cunt, which I found to be quite tight and cluthced me firmly, but her agitatioon was keeping her from opening fully. I continued pumping steadily and patiently got deeper. Once this initial anxiety was behind us I could fuck her properly her gradually increased my thrusts.
I kept my hands on either side of her ass and kept her steady, but I longed to slip them under her shirt and fondle those sweet tits. I had to restrain myself or run the risk of "spooking" Angela. I cannot imagine how this must feel to her.
I washed these thoughts from my mind or else I was not going to enjoy it. I fucked her harder and now our bodies slapped against one another. Then I thought I heard something that sounded curiously similar to a moan coming from the woman beneath me.
Angela's body suddenly began to move. Until now it just lay passively there on the bed but now it began to rise and fall in rhythm with my motion. I got bolder and slipped my back under her shirt and massaged her muscular back before summoning the courage to reach round and found her tits. They were warm and fleshy under my hands---i kneaded them firmly, pinching the fat nipples which provoked more moans. They were louder and confirmed the pleasure she was in the midst of.
For brief moment I withdrew my cock and stepped back just to observe her cunt and the small rivulets streaming down her inner thighs. My cock was slick with her juice. I plunged it back in and conitinued fucking her for a length of time that I was totally unsure of. But I could not prolong the inevitable and felt that tell tale tightening of my balls and then the sweet warm relief. I did not withdraw myself until I knew for certain that every droplet was deposited into her cunt, even if some managed to get by and ran down her leg.
We were both absolutely exhausted. We didn't speak and I went into the bathroom to clean myself up; Angela went in next. I went to my mother who was still standing out in the hallway all this time. Her eyes welled with tears when I emerged and put her arms around me and rained kisses over my face.
Eight and half later Angela gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Kayla. We mutually aggreed some months previous to keep this all to ourselves and from their daughter. They became the first lesbian copule to marry in our state and appeared on TV and in the newspaper, drawing cheers from some and scorn from others.
Fuck 'em all. We're were all happy together.
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2 years ago
lovely story
2 years ago
Lovely story.
3 years ago
wow very loving and joyous to read. I think that people make to such a big deal on just about everything..but i loved this story and to have a mom and son this close...i love it
3 years ago
very wonderful & sweet
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nice story
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Very good, and a rightful person to help out.
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mmm very nice indeed