"Who is that?" I asked the host of the party.
He glanced in the direction in which I had indicated and we observed the solitary figure standing off in a distant corner. His skin was very pale, his expression grave and bored, his black and fell around his shoulders in a defiant and unfasionable manner. There something vaguely feminine about him which I found very appealing.
"That's Anton Karswell, Phillip Karswell's boy," responded my host with an almost disgusted expelling of breath. "A singularly gloomy soul. He scarce spoke a word. If they were not so rich I'd prefer not invite either"
I was drawn to this gloomy phantom. When he turned and exited the hall through a side door I quickly followed him. A maintained a cautious distance as I was unsure how he might react to being followed. Fortunately there was a full moon in the otherwise dark sky and it offered ideal illumination.
I lost him only momentarily only to spy him standing by a large tree. I now spied that he was not alone. A youth from the kitchen staff suddenly feel to his knees and opened the young Karswell's trousers and quickly extracted his penis, it being of a predidious length, and then proceeded to devour the engorged organ. Apart from some distant sounds from the party and crickets in the dark forest, I could hear the moans from both participants. Karswell's hips pumped quicker and quicker now. He was discreet enough to allow no portion of his body to be exposed other than what was required. The youth, whose age would surely arouse cries of ouytage, was not so discreet and had his own pants down far enough so that he could stroke his own penis whilst servicing his slightly older companion.
I moved forward, a few measured steps, darting from tree to tree and get as close as possible. The two seemed oblivious to my movement even enough I snapped numerous twigs underfoot which caused me to stop at length and wait. I stole a glance round the tree I was currently hidden behind and saw that now the youth was being hauled onto his feet by Karswell, pressed flat against the tree. I had to imagine the bark was quite rough upon his flesh but I heard no protestations issue from his mouth. Karswell was positioning himself directly behind the boy, muttering words in a language beyond my knowledge and I have traveled far and wide the globe. I could only image the boy's asshole opening to accomdate the proportions of that impressive member. I recall my first big cock, previous being only the diminutive members of schoolmates, and then an groundskeeper who lived in a small shack off in a wooded area by the school. He tall, black, and fiersome. He was Haitian by birth and the son of slaves. He took me to his spartan cabin and fucked me so hard that is was bedridden for three days following but I told no one of this adventure.
I envied the youth this experience. It will be perhaps the finest moment in his life. His cries echoed off the congregation of trees but still there was no plea to cease and Karswell dutifuly resumed his task, at once arching his body and lifted the youth off of his feet for a minute or two as his simultaneouly thrust himself like a great tide slamming the shore. The youth was impaled upon Karswell's cock. I wish that I could have seen either of their faces but both were standing in a manner which did not permit this, but the boy's muffled wails caused me to swoon.
"Enjoying the show, Mr. Keats," I heard a voice say just behind me and a hand squeezing my shoulder.
When I turned suddemly round I saw that I was face to face with Anton Karswell with a smile illuminating his pale face. It was impossible, I thought. I looked quickly back and saw Karswell still copulating with the youth. It appeared as if Karswell was supporting the youth now and preventing him from just collapsing. The youth's legs were slack but I continued to hear the moans even if they were somewhat energetic.
I looked back to where Karswell stood behind me and saw nothing but dark trees standing in silent witness. I consider myself a man of sound mind and reason and do not sway at the nptopn of ghosts but now I felt a slight weakening in legs. This no mere hallucination. Anton Karswell was behind me. He knew my name even though we have never met before. I had to support myself with the tree.
I continued to watch the couple for several monutes. Karswell gave a long deep cry and I mentally imagined his semen flowing deep into his young companion. It was a few minutes vefore Karswell finally dislodged himself and ucked his cock into his trousers. The boy was beginning to recover and was standing on rubbery legs. I gelt a cold chill of fear when the moon was lost behind a passing cloud and I was submerged into darkness. I stood waiting breathlessly until the mon trappeared and the two were gone. I heard nothing that might be two people stumbling around blindlu in the dark forest. The were as silent as cats.
Once the moon re-emerged and lit my path I headed back to the house and rejoined the party, slipping as discreetly as I had slipped out, inobserved by no one, nor uttered a whisper about what I had seen. I spotted Karswell standing over by his father. The younger Karswell was whispering something into the elder Karswell's ear which caused the older man to smile a sinister smile and nodded his head. I next spotted the youth darted among tables, collecting empty dishes and glasses. There was a queer dreamy expression upon his face and I observed his movements to be a bit aflicted due to the loving assault upon him. Karswell never looked once over the youth no matter how many times he came within a close proximity of Karswell. But the elder Karswell seemed now aware of the youth, catching his arm as he was passing and whispered into his ear. The youth youth just nodded periodically and resumed his duties.
It was a strange evening. I became fasvinated with the Karswells. Even though the wife was not in attendance that evening I wa told of her great beauty which seemed undiminished by age. Later that night I was awakened from a dreamless slumber to find both Anton and Phillip Karswell standing in my bedroom, both totally naked, chanting in the same language as I heard Anton speak in the forest. This was a singularly terrifying sight and I recoiled from these phantoms. They just stared at me for a very long time without uttering a single word until Aton said:
"You have been invited to join us. You are one of us,"
The next minute they were gone leaving me trembling in my bed.
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