"How many times have we fucked this afternoon?" I asked Chelsea who looked up at me with those big dreamy eyes.
"Three and a half?" she said with a smile.
"Three and a half?"
"I sucked your cock while you were napping," she said.
I brushed aside the strands o blond hair that fell across her face and said, 'Did I come?"
"A bit. Not much."
"I never woke up."
"You were probably dreaming."
"I was."
"About what?"
"Tell me, please," she said and cuddled closer to be.
"We were married and very happy and you were pregnant,"
"What a lovely dream. I wish it could come true,' she said.
I leaned over and kissed her. I felt my cock stirring again. I had never felt this sort of passion with a female. After a fuck or two I was drained of enthusiasm but with Chelsea it took very little to become re-energized.
"Are you happt?" she asked.
"Beyond words. Absolutely happy," I responded and held her tiny penis in my hands. She prefered to call it her big clit and her asshole was her cunt. She wanted to absolve herself of all masculine terms regarding her body. Even her nipples were puffed into what might appear to be budding breasts. Was she willing these transformations upon herself? Some males did devolope slight swells that resembled breasts.
Chelsea was proud of her tiny breasts and found them to be very sensative to the touch and swooned whenever they were suckled upon. I gladly fondled and suckled on them until she went wild and she literally screamed out to get fucked.
This night was a rare night that both our jobs did not keep us apart and we were allowed to spend a long night together. She played the part of a perfect wife, strolling around my apartment in one of the dresses I had bought for her. She would twirl round that the skirt flared up and gave me a glimpse of her thongs. It was enough to cause me to sweep her up into my arms to rush her back ino the bedroom for another lengthy fuck. There was never any resistance. Chelsea was the perfect wife.
We had been seeing one another for nearly a month since our initial meeting in the laundry room and still she was keeping it a secret from her mother until she felt the time was right. I had mentioned to friends that I was dating someone but still made excuses to avoid introducing her to them. I was not sure how they would react. To me Chelsea was a female. Caleb was an alter ego that ceased to exist, even for Chelsea it was a person she no longer recognized. Her mother insisted on calling her Caleb and took her to a number of psychiatrists in an attempt to restore her son to her but all that was accomplished was a couple doctors getting heir cocks sucked in their office while her mother waited in the outer office. She was never deemed mentally unsound and was rather happy to have discovered this new side.
I never pried about her sexual past. She had a few lovers, casual, nothing heavy, she preferred older men who would not judge her. She only told me of one lover. He was one of the doctors who were "treating" her, but was ucking her in his office twice a week. He was married and a photo of his wife stared at them while he pounded his sizable cock up her ass. It was both pereverse, funny, and sad that this man seemed to be living a very secret life. The affair lasted only a few months and briefly Chelsea believed that he'd leave his wie and perhaps marry her, but it ended abruptly. The guilt the doctor felt was eating away at him. He did love Chelsea but saw no real future. Chelsea was naturally heartbroken over the end of the affair but knew she'd find love some day.
Chelsea preferred positions in which we were face to face. Usually she was on her back with her legs folded back against her chest, opening her ass wide for me to shove my engorged cock in. Or we were both seated, she straddling me, riding my cock with a glowing smile on her face. She could squeeze her rectal muscles so that they clenched my cock in the most appealing way. The sensation was so overwhelming that she ejaculated without my even needing to touch her cock/clit, spraying my chest copiously with her spunk. Our bodies were slick and slippery with perspiration, exhausted and exhilerated all at the same time.
One night at the movies she opened my pants, extracted my cock and jerked me off until a surge of come saturated the back of the seat in front of us. The person occupying the seat at the moment was none the wiser that I had just glazed the back of his seat. I kissed Chelsea and whispered,"You're a great girlfriend."
We walked like two ;pvers through the streets. Chelsea had all the outward characteristics of a girl. Even my friends never suspect that the person I was now introducing them to was in reality male, nor that I, an confirmed heterosexual, was now a gay man. But I would save this revalation for another day. Small steps. It would ve a great transistion or the both of us. I desperately wanted her to move in with me, but her mother was still an obstacle to overcome and it would take a lot of convincing that we were truly in love despite the gap in our ages. Chelsea was very mature for her age, and had to be given her circumstances, but she never quite fit in with people her own age as previously stated.
The dreams of marriage continued on almost a nightly basis and seemed to fruel my hope for the future.
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