"Dorothy! Dorothy!"
She could just hear Aunt Em calling her over the Scarecrow's heavy breathing in her ear as he was hunched down over her where was d****d over a bale of hay. His straw cock pumped quicker now.
"Hurry up, Aunt Em will find us!" cried Dorothy Gale.
The Scarecrow intensified his efforts and finally ejaculated a heavy load of corn milk onto Dorothy's ass and legs. He gasped for breath as he was a very old scarecrow now.
"You have to leave now," said Dorothy as she hitched up her jeans and tucked her work shirt down inside.
"Must I really leave?" he asked standing there with his straw cock still dripping.
Dorothy reached out and gabbed it. The benefit of having a man made primarily out of straw was that she could mold his cock to whatever proportions she wanted. This one was quite large as she hadn't been properly laid for a considerable length of time. Then with a quick flick of her wrist she snapped off the appendage much to the Scarecrows disappointment.
"I will come see you as soon as I can," she said.
The Scarecrow rose. He was quite teller than Dorothy which made sex sometimes awkward but he was flexible. He pushed the straw that had come loose during their lovemaking back into his faded work shirt. He gave a sad little wave as he began to fade away and back to Oz where he had taken over for the Wizard until he return.
Dorothy was sitting on the bail of hay when Aunt Em pushed open the barn door amidst a wild flutter of various livestock who witnessed (as many times before) her copulation with the man of straw but kept the secret and since the humans couldn't understand their clucks, grunts, barks, oinks, or meows they could speak of it safely in the open farm yard with the humans none the wiser. The only person who could talk to them was Dorothy who was given those powers by the Wizard.
"Dorothy! Your Uncle Henry has been looking all over for you. Your chores are just piling up," said the old woman.
"Yes, Aunt Em," said Dorothy still seated upon the bail of hay with her arms crossed under her breasts and still feeling the phantom tinglings of the straw cock lodged deep inside her. She did not come which always put her in a cranky and irriatable mood.
After supper that evening she took a long walk along a narrow path that led deep into the forest. Some did not like to accompany her because they believed that the forest was haunted, especially when the trail led closer to Miss Gulch's house which was located in an isolated tract of land. But on this land was a pond where she enjoyed a leisurely swim, shedding all her clothes and jumped into the water.
This was no ordinary pond for at the bottom was a gateway back to Oz and she would sucked down and through a long and twisting tunnel like can only be compared to being swallowed by a serpent and on the other end was Oz.
When she ermerged with a great splash she was always greeted by a chorus of cheers from the Munchkins who loved Dorothy and loved looking at her nude body. She would find herself swarmed by numerous of the more excited Munchkins, their their tiny cocks hurriedly extracted from their costumes. They failed to penetrate her but satisfied themselves by rubbing themselves against her damp flesh until they squirted their Munckin milk which was actually very healthy for Dorothy's skin and made it glow and kept any signs of aging at bay.
When she cleaned up and dressed, Dorothy went to see Glinda the Good Witch. The great doors of her gold palace opened at her approach and she found Glinda sitting out on one of the palace's many balconies which gave one a dazzling view of Oz. From this vantage pont Dorothy could see the Wizard's palace and she thought fondly of her friends now living there. Glinda sat sipping tea and rose suddenly when Dorothy approached, throwing around the girl's neck and showering her face with the sweetest kisses.
"It's been too long since you've visited," said Glinda and pressed Dorothy to her swelling breasts.
"Yes, too long," responded Dorothy who was still very horny from the encounter earlier in the day and felt a wonderful tingle of excitement being pressed against Glinda's body.
One of the Winged Monkeys appeared with a silver tray and a cup of tea for Dorothy. Now released from the evil influence of the Wicked Witch of the West they were quite pleasent creatures, not immune to their own affections for this odd creature from another land. It's wings slightly fluttered with excitement at the sight of Dorothy and nearly spilled the tea but it quickly regained its composure and obediently served the beverage and took it's leave. She took a few sips and felt her head begin to swim. It was a brand of tea that she had not entirely grown accustom to and caused this reaction. Glinda reached out a hand to steady her.
"It's been too long," said Dorothy and took a few more sips of the intoxicating tea before setting the cup and saucer clumsily down upon a nearby table.
Glinda leaned forward and kissed Dorothy on the lips and suddenly their clothes faded from their bodies and they stood naked before one another. Glinda had the most beautiful body that Dororthy had ever seen and hoped she would be as beautiful when she got older. She looked down at her own body which was still struggling to truly define itself. Sometimes back on the farm she could be mistaken as a boy by a visiting stranger. But Glinda always made her feel beautiful and she was never left unsatified by their encounters.
Glinda led the young girl over to the bed and levitated her over to the center. With a few words of incantation she made her clitoris grow into a full length penis before Dorothy's stunned eyes. The shimmering pink organ swelled and harded once Dorothy began to stroke it, putting into her mouth and suckled upon it. She reached just beaneath a began gently fingering Glinda's cunt until it wa damp and smelled of sweet wild flowers.
Glinda eased Dorothy down and lay her body over her, positioning her erect clit to penetrate Dorothy's cunt. She had a tight little cunt. Glinda could restore a girl's viginity with a mere wave of her hand and she could experience that moment of discovery over and over again as if it were happening for the first time. Glinda just kept pumping her hips until they both had the most exquisite orgasm and their bodies rose from off of the bed and drifted around the spacious room, entangled and wriggling into one another. At one moment they became one body, fused together, absorbed into the other but eventually seperating.
Later they bathed in an enormous gold tub that was carved into the shape of an enormous elephant, its trunk arched backwards and provided a steady stream of hot water to the two weary lovers. The frothy water over lapped the sides and splashed over the marble floor below. They laughed and floundered around until long into the evening, but Dorothy knew that it was time to return to her home in Kansas. She knew that Aunt Em and Uncle Henry would begin to worry about her if she was gone too long. No one believed she ever went to Oz and dismissed it as the effects of a high fever and youthful imagination. She didn't care because she knew what was real and she could return.
"I wish you could stay here for ever," said Glinda with a note of sadness in her voice.
"Some day I will stay here. I will be with you and all of my friends. Good bye," said Dorothy and quickly kissed Glinda before fading away and finding herself stretched out beside the pond and stared up at the stars that twinkled above.
She quickly dressed and ran home. Nothing in the forest frightened her.....not even Miss Gulch.

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