Xena awoke abruptly from a deep slumber, momentarily disoriented, but felt a sweet calm settle over her once she saw Gabrielle curled up on the opposite side of smoldering camp fire, stirring slightly but not awakening.
It was the blush of a new day and a pale, fragile light just barely illuminated the sky above. Xena stretched her long limbs and rose. She was not wholly comfortable sl**ping in the nude but her wardrobe was washed the previous afternoon and hung from the lower branches of a nearby tree, still damp. Its cleaning had gone long neglected until Gabrielle, riding down wind, sharply announced: "Xena, you stink" and shifted her horse to a more fragrent path.
"How long has it been since you've bathed?" I called, remaining a good distance from her friend.
Xena thought for a long moment but could not recall. She looked down at her arms and legs and saw that they had become darker with hair. She siffed herself and now noticed the pungent odor drifting from her skin. This is when Gabrielle announced that they were going to camp at the next river, stream, or significant body of water they happened upon.
"I don't smell all that bad," called Xena to her companion.
"Yes, you do," said Gabrielle in a soft muttering voice into her chest.
"I heard that."
It was late in the afternoon by the time a lake was located and they quickly set up camp. Gabrielle took out a long slim knife and drew it quickly over a sharpening stone while Xena disrobed, her leather gear hitting the ground in puffs of dirt. In her saddle bag Gabrielle produced a bar of soap and tossed it to the naked Xena, pointing her knife in the direction of the lake.
"You don't smell like a bed of roses yourself, Gabrielle," called Xena as she began to wade slowly into the ice cold water.
Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders, flicked the knife into the ground at her feet, and undressed and joined Xena who had now swum out the middle of the lake, floating leisurely and gazing up at the slowly darkening sky. She let out a started shriek when she felt something graze her back and then huffed a sigh of annoyance when she saw Gabrielle pop up from underneath the water.
"You look like a hairy badger floating there," said Gabrielle.
"Did anyone tell you you can be a bit insensative?" asked Xena.
After a brief silence Gabrielle appologized and they sawm back to the camp. She cleaned off the knife and proceeded to shave Xena of the excess body hair that been too long neglacted. Xena sat patientently and endured the occasional little nics, especially in the more sensative locations of her body, frequently indulging in Gabrielle's frequent "Ooops". She seemed to be enjoying the task at hand. Gabrielle certainly drew out a softer side of Xena that she would not have believed possible to even exist. It hasn't been so long that she was something more terrible. These thoughts made her cringe with shame. Could such pass sins ever been washed clean from one's soul? Regardless of all Gabrielle's efforts all those faces of the people she ruthlessly slaughteed in that previous life would always haunt her. Even if they found some way to forgive her, she could never forgive herself of those deeds.
"There!" Gabrielle announced,"all done. Now you look like a lady again" and gave Xena bare buttocks a smack with the broadside of the blade which had been significantly dulled by the task.
Xena rolled over and seemed in a faraway mood and resumed gazing up into the sky which was now illuminated by many stars. Gabrielle got the camp fire going, then went to check on their clothes.
"They won't be dry any time soon," she said, "but they smell decidedly more pleasent."
Gabrielle stretched and yawned and sank down onto the blanket she had lay out by the fire.
"Xena, are you all right?"
"Just thinking about.....the future I guess," said Xena.
"Anything in particular about the future?"
Xena wa silent a long while before responding and looked over her young companion.
"Do you see yourself married, Gabrielle?"
"I guess sometime in the foreseeable future. Why?"
"What will us?"
"What do you mean? I hope you'll be in my life forever"
Xena smiled at Gabrielle's naive innocence.
"Our paths will seperate at some point. You will marry and have a f****y."
"And you don't see that in your own future?"
"I cannot imagine myself settling in one area with one person, being chained to housework. It is too ordinary. It's fine for those who want it, but...."
Until that moment Xena had been looking into the fire but then she turned her face toward her friend and tears were rolling copiously down her cheeks. She seldom sheded tears as it seemed to display a weekness or defect. New emotions began to creep into her heart and she no longer could deny the emotions that she felt for Gabrielle. She has been in love, sometimes with men, but it never sparked the transformative thoughts that swirled around inside her brain now.
Gabrielle rushed over to friend and sank down beside her, clutching her arm which ignited a flurry of electric fireflies in Xena's body. There were no more words to be spoken now and Xena leaned over a kissed Gabrielle firmly upon the lips. She braced herself to be rebuffed and some retalitory actoin but none came. Gabrielle put her arms around Xena.
"I have loved you for so long," said an uncharacteristialy exasperated Xena just as their lips parted and she held Gabrielle tightly as if she about to fly off at any moment.
Gabrielle took Xena's hand and pressed it to her chest to allow her to feel her heart drumming a furious beat within. She kissed Xena harder, slipping her tongue into her mouth. It was something she learned long ago from a farm boy who lived in a distent land and provoked startled and shocked responses from the few she subsequently attempted to employ it on. Xena seemed unshaken by this new technique and eager sucked upon Gabrielle's wriggling tongue.
Gabrielle's hand roamed freely over Xena body, feeling the hard muscles twitch beneath the tanned skin, but also encountered the numerous scars that were tokens from her many battles. She felt a combination of excitement and sadness as her finger traced their length---some quite considerable. "I have lost count how times I could have died," Xena once casually announced. Xena and Gabrielle were total opposites: Xena was a warrior and Gabrielle was a pacifist who fought only when there was no other alternative, and there was no shortage of people whose hearts were hardened by hatred and would not think twice about taking another's life.
She submitted to Xena utterly, allowing be pushed back down onto the blanket and Xena beginning to kiss down the entire length of her body,even bestowing the sweetest kisses upon her feet, nibbling on her toes. She felt her legs now being opened and watched as Xena head slowly inclining until she felt Xena's breath on her belly, her cunt being gently opened to allow its perfume to be inhaled. She ran her fingers through Xena's still damp hair and pushed her down until her mouth pressed against the swollen lips of her cunt. Xena's tongue danced lively over the tender pink flesh and caused Gabrielle to swoon and cry out.
"Thank you, Aphrodite," Gabrielle called out into the night sky and it's myriad of stars.
Xena heard this and chuckled softly before resuming her sweet fondlings. She had never been so intimate with another woman like this before but it seemed very easy and natural. How many men had seen been to bed with over the course of her life and was left unsatisfied by their lack of imagination and even timid when approached such intimaate areas. She looked at Gabrielle's cunt as a temple to be worshipped and loved like a new faith. Gabrielle's sighs and oans were an angelic chorus from heaven's high and it intoxicated her.
Gabrielle now eagerly returned all of Xena's affections and plunged her face down in the soft tangle of hair growing between Xena's legs, inhaling deeply that lovely aroma and kissing her cunt lurking beneath. Her tongue licked up each bead of juice as it swelled from those lovely lips, agitating her clitoris until Xena's body arched suddenly and nearly tossed Gabrielle aside.
Throughout the night they twisted their bodies into impossoble configurations, periodically resting and regaining their strength before resuming, limbs tangled and twisting and their bodies become slick with perspiartion. But even their energies were not without limits and before they settled down for the night they went into the lake to wash themselves off. They glowed in the moon that rose high above them.
"I love you, Xena," said Gabrielle cuddled close against her new love.
"I love you, too, Gabrielle," said Xena and held her tightly against her.
Xena's dreams were troubled and she saw the gods on Olympus and they were cruel and disapproving of their relationship. It was Aphrodite sent down by Zeus himself to tear them apart. When Xena drew her weapon to fight off the immortal goddess of Love she was arrested in her steps, her hand holding onto the sword becoming numb and ultimately dropping the weapon to the ground. Her legs buckled and she fell and watched helpless as Aphrodite bore Gabrielle away back up to Olympus. Even her voice was silenced and all she could do is whimper as they faded off into the clouds.
But she awoke and saw Gabrielle still much earthbound nearby. She reached out stroked her hair and kssed her cheek even as her heart raced from the images of the dream which would linger throughout the remainder of the day. They were together for now and would enjoy the time for as long as it was granted to them.
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Sexy story.