A DAUGHTER'S STORY (For Yng_Daddiesgirl)

There was only thing I looked forward to every summer: the weekend camping trip with my dad. It is always just the two of us. Mom hates the forest so it was never a problem keeping here at home. I loved being alone with my daddy and watch him in the woods as he set up our camp. The location where we usually settled was right by a river which was just deep enough to swim in. I cannot tell you tthe thrill the first time I saw him in his very tight swim suit and the lovely bulge.
Only one person the world knew about my little crush on my daddy and that was my best friend Shannon who was two years younger than me but already had several sexual encounters and seemed totally unsurprised by my confession. I told how we used to take showers when I was younger and how thing would get hard.
"He wanted to stick it in you," said Shannon.
"Stick it in me?" I asked. I was pretty ignorant of sexual mechanics at this time.
Shannon pointed between my legs.
"Yeah, in your pussy. A guy gets hard and he sticks it in a girl's pussy," she explained as we lay in bed in just t-shirts and panties.
"Does it hurt?" I asked after a moment's reflection.
"A bit at first but it is like a new shoe; it needs to be broken in. When you it finally does it feels awesome to have a guy's cock in you."
This conversation would alter all my feeling about my daddy. Sometimes when I sat on his lap I would feel the bulge and noted the different sizes at various times. It was initially awkward but if I sat on it correctly it became very pleasurable, especially when I occasionally shifted my weight. I put my arms around his neck and looked at his face. I think he enjoyed it as well. But I was now too old to take showers with him, but they were used when I masturbated myself. This was another lesson that Shannon has taught me. I was at first ashamed to do this but now I did it numerous times over the course of the day. I even did it at school while in the toilet stall of the girl's restroom. But I was still a virgin.
I sat on a tree stump and watched daddy, occasionally giving him a hand. His looked beautiful when he sweated. His body was tanned to a golden bronze. After we had our supper we went swimming and he went to his tent to change. I was fixated on the shadow of his body slipping off his clothing and imagined his cock very hard. I felt that familiar tingling ripple all over my body at these thoughts. I imagined just rushing into that tent and demanding he relieve me of my virginity. Over the last year my pubic hair has begun to thicken and was even more golden than the hair on my head. Sometimes it actually shimmered in the proper light. I often ran my fingers through it and sent tiny shivers racing up my spine.
"I can't believe this!" I suddenly heard a roar coming from my father tent.
He emerged with his satchel in his hand, emptied of it's entire content.
"I can't believe I forgot to pack my bathing suit," he said.
He could have improvised something to take its place but I kept my suggestion to myself and offered:
"I guess we'll have to skinny dip."
"Would that bother you to see your dad naked?"
"I've seen you naked before. Remember our showers together?"
"Sure I remember. I thought you would have forgotten them."
"I never will," I said and took the initiative and stripped off my own bathing suit and tossed it aside. I had certainly developed a lot since the last time we had seen one another naked and he seemed a little shy. I felt thrilled to be standing there nude in the late afternoon sunshine. I turned and started toward the river. I glanced over at him. He had stripped off his clothes and was now following me. I smiled when I noticed that his cock was quite hard.
Numerous times his cock brushed against me as we played about in the water. It caused an electrical current through my body. He lifted me by my waist so that my pussy was a mere few inches from his face, lingering a lengthy moment before tossing me back into the river with a shriek. I wish Shannon could be here to witness this. She would never believe me."I see the way you look at him," she told me just after my confession so came as little surprise. I knew that I could trust her. She told me a few things she had done. One incident happened in a barn late one night at a cousin's farm. I never told anyone.
My head was spinning with all the cuddling and contact. His penis was pressing against my belly or my leg or my back at any given moment. He seemed to be over his awkwardness about his condition. He lept around like a fish and floated on his back with his ever erect cock poised towards the sky. He had a big dreamy smile on his face.....as did I. It was dream come true.
He lifted me in his arms and carried me out over to our camp. I had my arms round his neck and looked at him in the face. There seemed to be no need for words. He leaned close and planted a very sweet kiss on my lips. I had been kissed before but by boys of my own age and they were usually awkward and sloppy and a bit hard on my lips. This kiss just melted me and I felt the tip of his tongue flicking my lips. It was curious new sensation which made my body very tendr with tingles. I ran my finger through the soft damp tufts of chest hair that sprouted from his chest.
He set me down on a blanket and stretched out next to me. His fingers were between my legs and gently opening that cleft lost among the new golden curled hairs. The tiny bit of fear had all but faded and I arched my body into his. His penis, which had softened, was now coming back to life within my gentle stroking hand. Playing "house" with a neighbor boy was no preperation for what was now happening to me. I was glad that Shannon "borrowed" some of her older b*****r's porn DVDs which we watched in her room with rapt silence. It was all playing out in real life.
When Daddy began to make his was slowly over my body I was just about ready to scream at the top of my lungs. He suckled on my tits for a while, nibbling on my nipples, then moving even lower, down over my belly, and finally....dear god...my little pussy. She had never had an experience such as this before. His tongue moved wildly over the viginal terriory as my body thrashed about but he kept me fixed onto his mouth, sucking on my engorged clit. Tears were streaming down my cheeks by this time.
He continued fingering my pussy but not actually penetrating very deeply while I sucked his cock. I kept rerunning those DVDs over in my mind and tried to recall all the movements of those girls. I have nor seen many male cocks in my brief life but his was by far the biggest. I guess it was about average if I were to judge it by the freakishly enormous ones in the videos. They looked scary to me and tried to imagine what they must feel like being thrust into a girl's pussy. But his did not scare me at all. It kind of curved upward and had a bit of skin that I had to push back to reveal the actual tip. (I would be told by Shannon on Monday morning that this was the foreskin. Some guys had them removed when they were young but others kept them). I sucked the tip for a while and tasted something a little salty. (Pre-cum, Monday, Shannon) Daddy lay back, moaned softly, and resumed fingering my pussy. I was quite wet by down.
He rolled me over onto my back. I was suddenly tense. I realized what was about to happen. He smiled down at me and kissed me. His fingers felt so nice, they even touched my asshole, inserting only an inch or so but no deeper. One hand held his cock which looked a litte red now. He reached into his duffle bag and took out a condom, tore open the wrapper and rolled it down over his cock.
He was very patient and gentle and stopped whenever the pain overwhelmed me. He would paused and kiss my neck and breasts and waited for me to settle down. My breathing was heavy. When I nodded he resumed. I felt the tip of his cock advancing slowly into my little pussy. I tied not to disrupt him. "Your pussy is going to be sore as hell, make no doubt about that," said my sexual guide Shannon. "But it does get better." I let these words echo through my head. It was pretty sore and we had only really just begun. I held him tightly. I watched his ass begin to pump, slowly at first and then gradually increasing speed. It hurt....it hurt...it hurt.
But just like that it was over. Daddy fell back, exhausted and panting like he had just run a marathon. I cannot recall what was the actual length of time. All my energy was gone. He carried me to the river as he washed he clean. I kissed him on the mouth.
"What happens next?" I asked.
"Do you want to continue the relatinoship?" he asked.
"Yes...yes..." I said in sudden joy , still cinging to him in fear that even the tide would wash me away from him in my weakened condition. I was aglow with happiness.
"Your mother and I might be getting divorced. It's been coming for a very long time. We barely have sex any more," he said as he ran water over my hot tits and made them cool.
"Then I will be your wife, " I said after a moment's siilence and we kissed for a very long time.
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11 months ago
It good, but you need to check the flow of the story, I was a little lost reading some paragraphs where scenes jumped and jumbled up.
11 months ago
AWESOME story I enjoyed it very much
11 months ago
amazingly sensual and hot story!
12 months ago
That was awesome. One of the best here.