My s****r Amy and I have been screwing for a little over a month before our k** s****r s****r Cindy discovered our little secret and wanted to join us. We were a little hesitant at first so we decided to put her through an initiation that might cool her off. We told her that she to first have sex with Amy. She looked at us for a few momennts and said : "Okay". She had called our bluff. Amy had only one previous sexual esperience with another girl, but she couldn't show her own awkwardness as she slipped into bed with Cindy.
I sat on a chair nearby and watched with rapt silence as these two beautiful girls began kissing. They were both a bit timid at first but Cindy became the more adventurous of the two as she reached under her s****r's shirt and fondled her tits. Piece by piece they peeled away each other's clothing until they were both down to their panties. Amy was swept away in the excitement and slipped her hand under the elastic band of Cindy's panties. My gave fixated on her fingers moving under the cotton material and in my mind's eye I imagined her carressing with sweet virginal pussy. Cindy quickly followed her big s****r.
By this time I could not stand passively by and quickly stripped myself naked, walking over to the bed where those two exquisite bodies wriggled and writhed as they fingered one another. I ceased pumping my cock for a moment and reached over and slipped Cindy's panties down her long slender tan legs to get a look at her pussy. I knelt on the bed to get a closer look.
The smell of her pussy was wonderful as I drew my face closer. I inhaled it deeply. It was clean and musky. I brushed Amy's hand aside so I may bestow a loving kiss upon those exquisite pink lips. When Cindy felt my tongue graze the sensative flesh she could not help but let out a little giggle. Her body twitched and then relaxed.
I licked Cindy for a few minuted before turning my attntion to Amy and buried my face into her hairy cunt and breathed in her aromatic scent like someone savoring the boucet of a fine wine. Her pussy lips shimmered and the clit was immensely engoorged. I sank my teeth gently into that sensuous little bean and provoked a sharp little cry, which also caused Amy to fondle Cindy more passionately.
"I want to watch you two fuck," Cindy suddenly said.
Amy and I looked at Cindy before simultaneously chuckling.
Cindy rolled off the the bed and sat on the chair I previously occupied and watched us. I started kissing Amy along the entire length of her body. I started with her small feet, upwards over her shins, knees, thighs, and then her inner thighs. My fingers opened her swollen cunt lips and I licked her for a few minutes before continuing on my travels. I kissed her belly, tickling her her navel with the tip of my tongue. She giggled. Her soft and sweaty tits her my next destination. I suckled and nibbled on the erest pale pink nipples.
All the while I periodically peeked over at Cindy. She sat there silently, stroking her pussy in an absent-minded manner. She craned her neck a little to continue to get a clear view of the action.
By the time I had reached Amy's lovely face, her hand was already holding firmly onto my cock, stroking it slowly, pushing it into the thick nest of her pubic hair. Although she has already had several boyfriends her pussy was extraordinarily tight. I had to ease my cock in and series of thrust withdraw, thrust-withdraw, gradually sinking deeper and deeper into her until I felt my balls brushing against her ass. My thrusts increased in speed now. Amy's body arched up off the bed until their was a rhythmic harmony between our two bodies.
Cindy rose up from the chair and approached us. She reached a hand out and managed to get it down between our legs and toched my cock as it slipped in and out of Amy's cunt. She also fondled Amy's cunt, caressing her clit. The response played intensely on Amy's face. Her head suddnely snapped back and sank deeper into the pillow and her mouth opened but no sounds came out. I conitinued to fuck Amy harder. Her legs kicked out and then her body suddenly began to almost deflate. All her limbs became soft and lifeless. Her face had an expression of religious awakening. A soft, dreamy smile was fixed on her lips.
Cindy was sittting on the edge of the bed, kissing me and rubbing my cock that was now dislodged from Amy cunt. I had not ejaculated and my cock was still substabtially hard. Amy had managed to lean over and took my cock into her mouth and sucked off her s****r's cunt fluids as she fondled my balls.
I lifted her fragile little body and managed to get us into a sixty-nine position and licked her sparsely furred cunt. I opened those sweet lips open with the tip of my tongue. Amy had recovered enough to roll over onto her side and was watching us, her faraway smile still present.
I pushed Cindy off me and onto her back on the mattress. My intial reservations about popping her cherry were long gone and now I positioned my cock for the penetration. Cindy looked up at me with an expression that swayed between fear and excitement. Amy was stroking Cindy's damp forehead, leaning over and kissing her s****r.
I eased my cock in with as much gentleness as possible, but the pain was clearly etched on her face. She lay passively still as I slowly inched my cock up her virginal cunt. Amy was whispering words of advice and comfort to Cindy during the whole ordeal. It was like fucking a vice and I was already on the brink when I was fucking Amy so I had a finite amount of stamina left in he when I finally felt the tell-tale tightening in my balls and quickly pulled out. I let out a deep prolonged cry of relief when I finally allowed myself to finally ejaculate. It streamed out thickly and copiously and collected into a tiny pool in the navel of Cindy's softly paunched belly. Amy had wrung out the last few droplets of come. My balls ached for a while afterward.
Both Amy and I stroked and kissed Cindy until she had recovered herself and we saw a vague smile slowly appear on her face. Amy went out into the bathroom and got a wet towel to clean Cindy. She wiped away the bl**d from her pussy and inner thighs. There was quite a bit on the bedsheets. We should have put a towel down but it was too late now. The mattress would have to be turned so not to provoke suspicious questions if mom ever saw those blots of bl**d, but a story could always be cooked up if needed. It was not a terrible crisis.
The three of us went into the bathroom and took a long shower to wash our gritty sweaty bodies. Amy and I knew that her pussy would be sore of a while so we were conscious not to lather her down there. Cindy soaped my cock and then Amy's cunt, sticking her finger up. Amy smiled and kissed her s****r sweetly on the lips.
By the time mom got home Amy and Cindy were in their room and I was out in the living room watching tv with no particular attention. The images of the previous hours swam in my head. Mom came over to me me and kissed my cheek. She quickly shed her nurse uniform and padded around in a half slip and bra. This was not anything out of the normal, but now I began stealing glances at her tits that swelled beneath the bra cups and appeared about to pop out.
She sat down on the sofa beside me in an exhausted heap.
"I can really use one of your patented foot massages if you're up for it," she said.
I ran out to the kitchen and under the sink I took out a large basin that was left here by the previous tenant. Filling it with warm water I returned to the living room. I worked genltly on mom's feet with my thumb and fingers and felt the knotted muscles gradually relax. It was not uncommng for her to fall asl**p and offered me the opportunaity to peer up her skirt. Since I had her feet in my hand I could move it so her legs were slightly more open and I could see the crotch of her panties. I wished that I had x-ray vsion so that I could see what her cunt looked like. All my earliest sexual fantasies focused around my mom. Fucking Amy (and now Cindy) were misdirected fulfillments of that fanatasy. I rested her foot down on the bulge in my pants and felt my head swim wildly.
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Mmmmmm delicious
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oh so naughty but sounds like you had fun
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so sweet & very naughty
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Liked that one, let us know how it went with mama