It was a sudden shifting of the bed that woke me from a deep, dreamless sl**p. A tiny giggling sound coming from under the bedcovers told me that it was my s****r Natalie. I was very concious of the fact that I had a raging erection--one of those adolescent hard ons that felt as if rigor mortis had set in. Under normal circumstances I would have dug under the bed mattress for my meager collection of pornography and would have taken care of the situation before going down to breakfast.But Natalie's presence complicated the matters.
What would be her reaction when she discovered this.
"And what's this?" came a mufled voice from under the covers.
She giggled.
I lifted up the covers and saw my s****r gazing with a fixed stare at the tent in my pajama pants. The thin fabric was slightly darkened my a little pre come.
"What do you think it is?" I asked her, smiling down at her.
"Does this happen every morning?"
"Not every morning," I lied. I was just glad that I did not have a wet dream involving some girl from school. The frequent dream girl was my English teacher Miss Booth who had long honey blond hair that fell down over her ass.
"Does it hurt?"
"Sometimes it does," I told her.
Natalie turned a dangerous gave up at me and a smile on her face.
"Can I see it?" I asked after a brief silence.
"Are you kinding?"
She just shook her head, the smiling undimished. Her pale blue eyes twinkled.
"All right. You push down my pajama pants," I said.
There was only a momentary relutance before she took hold of elastic waistband in both hands and began to slowly slip the pin stripped pants down until they were just around my knees. It was a perverse thrill that tingled through my body as my s****r's eyes widened as she gawked at my cock.
"Haven't you ever seen a cock before?" I asked.
"A couple," Natalie said,"but none THAT big."
I allowed a few moments to pass by.
"You can touch it if you like?" I said.
Another few moments passed before he exetended a timid hand toward my cock, appraoching it as if were some sort of dangerous a****l that may strike out at her. Her fingers made contact with the tip, glaistened with a little come which she rub into the skin. It was as if she had discovered a new toy. Her initial timidity quickly faded and her fingers traced the various veins.
"It really looks like it hurts," she said.
"If I don't take care of it it does start to hurt."
"Take care of it? What do you mean?"
"I jerk off."
"I watched a boy jerk off once. He had a pretty small cock," she said, no longer looking at me, her stare was fixated on my cock and her hand gently stroking the slender shaft.
"Can I see you?" I asked now.
"I've shown you y cock now you should show me your pussy."
"I guess it's only fair," she said, and hurriedly pushed off her own pajama pants.
She sat up, still under the bed sheets, positioning herself that I had an unobstructed view of her pussy. The slit had a fine covering of pubic hair that was a lighter shade of red than on her head. I began stroking her slender ankle, moving gradually up her leg until I was just within inches of that lovely slit. Even in the difuse light that seeped through the bed sheet I saw her pussy was a little wet. This suspicion was confirmed a moment later when I placed a tentative finger just beside the slit. I watched her face to see how she would react.
Natalie's gaze shifted from my finger, to her stroking hand, and then to my face. Her smile was more crooked and sly now. She had now applied a second hand on my hairless balls and squeezed them. I started fingering her more eagerly. I did not actually insert the finger and rubbed her clitoris until I felt it hardening under my finger tip. Natalie's face tightened and drew in a sudden sharp cry. Her tiny tits jiggled appealingly. I applied more pressure to the engorged clit. I had to simultaneously contain my own impending orgasm. Come was already starting to seep out onto Natalie's fingers. I quickened the motion of my fingers. Her clit felt like a tiny pebble hidden just beneath a thin covering of pink flesh.
I could no longer contain myself. I shoot a strong stream of come that struck Natalie against her her smooth, freckled chest and rolled down onto her petite tits, each adorned with a pale pink nipple.
Natalie let out a sharp little cry and her skinny body violently contorted. I had never actually masturbated a girl before and was unfamiliar with a female orgasm. Her face became tightly pinched and her mouth opened in a scream that seemed to have gotten stuck in her throat. She continued pumping my cock as the while and wrung out the last few droplets of come. I observed the various streams of come trace their own seperate paths down over the soft little paunch of her belly and now mingled with her feathery pubic hair. It was the single most erotic sight I had witnessed up to that moment in my life.
We were both exhausted ny this exertion, but we had no time to enjoy the moment when we heard our mother calling us downstairs to breakfast. My prick was withering away in her hand. I spread apart the lips of her pussy that shimmered even more radiantly with her own juices. The mingling scents of Natalie and myself under that bedsheet was intoxicating. We were both jeweled with beads of persperation.
A second call from our mother came a few minutes later. We knew that we were dangerous close to being caught, but neither one of us wanted to leave that erotic cacoon. Natalie's face was aglow.
We finally made it downstairs into the dining room. Mom looked at us descending the stairs. We had quickly washed. This almost provoked a seond storm of passion between us. I loved to watch her gather her clothes from her dresser and then leaned against the open door and watched her dressed, slipping on her panties and then slipping on her bra. I must have been standing there with the biggest and dumbest smiles I had ever worn on my face.
Under the breakfast table Natalie and I played footsy as we slowly ate our breakfast. Natalie could not contain herself and let out a little giggle. It drew the attention of my parents but went back to their own breakfast.
"I can't wait to see you later," Natalie said. She rose suddenly up onto her tiptoes and kissed me quickly on the cheek and ran off for the corner where she caught the school bus.
I stood there for a few moments, my head spinning, before heading for the corner where I caught my own school bus. I was in a strange fog for the rest of the day that some noticed but I never tell anyone it origin. I felt the dumb smile reappear at numerous times over the course of the day. Natalie's skinny freckled body dominated my mind and I could rid myself to the image. I didn't really wish to.
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