Grace seemed to be ignited after the experience with hair stylist. She started going out to a local lesbian bar downtown and proved to be an attractive novelty amongst the women whom were just about my age. They took to this new and exotic addition to their flock.
She took a real shine to the bar tender, a massive woman with tattoos covering the entirety of her thick arms, but topping his formidable body was the sweetest face despite its various piercings. On her back, the girl, whose name was Claudia, took Grace out back behind the bar in a narrow alley way. They were not alone, several other female couples were also there for a similar rendevous. As she was being pawed by this woman who dwarfed her, Grace could not help stealing glances at the other women in more advanced stages of lovemaking than the two of them. She watched a girl with a shave head bury her face into the cunt of her partner, sucking loudly. A chorus of similar sounds swirled in that alley, Grace told me later.
Grace had managed to push down Claudia's pants and panties and gazed into the hariest pussy she'd ever seen. The hair was jet black, whether natural or dyed that way she was not sure, stood out in spikes and radiated in a multitude of directions. She inhaled the intoxicating perfume and Claudia's pussy before plunging her face down into it, discovering it to be rather soft and bristled pleasently against her cheeks and nose.
At the end of each of Claudia's massive arms were these these absurdly small and dainty hands. It what struck Grace the most when speaking her earlier. There seemed to be a strange contradiction going on with this girl, Grace thought warmly.
Grace nibbled on her swollen clit until Claudia let out a sharp cry that caught everyone's attention in the alley. Even the bald lesbian looked for a moment at the two of them before resuming with her own business. Grace told me later that she thought Claudia was going to collapse on top on her. The girl's fleshy legs wobbled precariously for a moment or two and then stabilzed. Grace continued to lick the girl's pussy, before being hauled to her feet.
Claudia's big arms wrapped around Grace as she administered a lengthy passionate kiss. Her tiny hands slipped up underneath Grace's skirt and fondled her pussy through her panties.
"No offense," she said to later as she recanted the story,"but no one knows a woman's pussy like another woman."
Claudia strength was impressive as she lifted Grace up so that, while still standing totally straight ,had Grace's legs d****d over her shoulders. Grace was at least now over six feet in the air, her back pressed against the stone wall, and looking something to keep her steady. Claudia licked her ravenously, her tongue darting and stabbing, swirling and flicking. It was like being tongued by a baeutiful snake, Grace remarked later.
It was then time for Claudia to go back to work. She jotted down her number and gave Grace a kiss good bye. As Grace straightened herself out the bald lesbian reached her hand and caught Grace's arm. It was a powerful grip. The girl's face, illuminated by an overhead light, was gazrd with her partner's juices.
"Hey, sweet mamma, you don't have to rush off so soon, do you?" said the girl.
"We can all go back to my place," said the second girl.
"Ever do a threesome, baby?"
"Perhaps another night," said Grace.
The bald lesbian sliped her up Grace's skirt and her fingers made contact with her still considerably damp pussy. It at that moment that she had forgotten to to put her panties back on. We went to fetch them and quickly skirted the bald lesbian as she exited the alley.
When she arrived home I was asllep. I awoke to the sensation of my cock being sucked. I started to reach for the lamp beside the bed when she told me to leave it off. The scent of perspiration and sex were a heady combination. In the dark I heard the rustling of clothes being shed and tossed aside carelessly. Her body was very warm as it pressed down against mine. As she kissed me I could taste Claudia's pussy on her lips. Grace held my cock as she mounted me and it slipped into her warm cunt. She rocked and thrust her hips down over my swollen cock, fucking me hard. She was woman possessed and I loved it. She no longer the timid lover. She no longer felt the shame of having sexual needs.
She intinctively knew at what point I was about to come. She lifted herself off me. I sat up on the edge of the bed while her hand pumped my cock. I exploded all over her tits, as that is where she had aimed my cock. In he dark I heard her moaning softly, wringing the final droplets of come over her fleshy tits.
We went into the bathroom and to take shower. It was here where she recounted her adventures at the lesbian bar. The more I heard the more I was becoming aroused again. She continued to talk. I turned her around, soaping up my erect cock and then easing it up her ass. Anal sex was still a new addition to our sexual roster, but her newfound enthusiasm was infectious. By he time she got the part about the bald dyke fingering her I had ejaculated again. I hadn't really sufficient time to recover and replenish from previous time so this ejaculation was a ghost of the last. I summoned forth every droplet I had rtemaining and pumped it up Grace's ass.
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