It was several weeks after our first experience. Jake called me and asked if we could meet somewhere. A time and destination was arranged. When I picked him up I could see that Jake was upset about something. I found a secluded spot for us to sit and talk. It took a little while for him to get it out.
It seems that he has been having a series of wet dreams involving boys he knew at school. The dreams were very explicit. One even involved his gymn teacher whom Jake said looked like me. He told me a couple of these dreams in great detail. I could see that he was getting aroused. I stroked his cheek and hair and tried to relax him.
"Are these dreams wrong?" Jake asked.
"No. Probably all guys have them but are too afraid to admit that they had them."
"Did you?" he asked.
"Sure. I had a crush or two. They were usually older men when I was younger."
"Did you ever act on them--the fantasies, I mean?"
"I was too shy."
There was a long pause before Jake spoke again. He looked at me intently.
"Have you ever...."
"Have I ever...had sex with another man?"
"Before your mother and I married I guess I was bisexual. Do you know what that is?"
"Not really."
"It's when a person likes both men and women sexually."
"Did you like having sex with women better?"
"They were both nice in there way. Men and women have such different qualities, both good and bad. Some times I just wanted to have sex and have no emotional ties to that person. Do you understand?"
"I guess. You don't have to be in love to have sex?"
"Not always. It's nicer when you are, but some times you just need to stick your cock into someone. Sorry to be so blunt. But it's true."
"I understand."
All the while we spoke I was rubbing Jake's leg with one hand, slowly advancing upwards until it was resting on the tent in his sweat pants. I caressed it very gently. I didn't want him to come too soon.
In his dream about his coach Jake was in the gymn locker room in the showers when his coach appeared out of the steam. He was naked, his cock hard and pointed at Jake. I guess Jake's knowledge of homosexual sex was lacking because all they did was masturbate one another until they both ejaculated and Jake awoke with his underwear heavy when sperm. In Freudian psychology there is what's called "composite characters" in which the characteristic of two people are combimed into one person. Secret desires transparently disguised.
I took Jake's prick out and sucked it for several minutes. He sighed and moaned. With my free hand I kneaded his virtually hairless balls as another finger slipped into the recess of his ass and caressed his asshole. The muscles tightened and relaxed. My excess saliva dribbled down and provided an adequate lubricant. I gently inserted one finger. The virginal muscles at first did not take too kindly to this foreign object. It had up to this moment only known exit--not entrance. He let out a sharp little cry. I was as gentle as possible but I knew from personal experience that the pain and discomfort were unavoidable and would eventually pass and be repleaced by pleasure. I tasted a bit of salty come on my tongue.
I had buried my finger up to the second knuckle and began now to massage the rectal muscles. They gradually relaxed, opening for me. A quarter of an inch further and I was all the way in. Jake's body arched up off the seat. His long slender finger ran through my hair. He exhaled a long deep sigh and my mouth was flooded with his come. I swallowed as much as I could, the excess dribbled out and matted down his wispy pubic hair. I sucked his balls clean and let him rest for a few momnets.
He sat there and watched as I pulled down my pants. It was first time he'd ever seen me naked. My cock was already quite stiff. He reached out and timidly took it into his hand. In his small, almost feminine hands y cock took on a large proportion. He peeled back the foreskin and exposed the head.
"Suck my cock," I said softly.
Jake smiled sweetly and without a word took m prick into his mouth, or at least as much as he could. He mimiced my actions and kneaded my balls, which were considerably hairier than his. He was al little inexperienced and treated them roughly. An incredible electrical charge passed through my entire body. The last thing I wanted to do was come now. I gently pushed Jake back and turned him over. For a moment I contemplated that sweet white ass.
"Relax," I whispered into his ear.
He knodded and exhaled a long breath. I could see his face tighten as I made the initial pentration. The finger was one thing....my cock was something else. I eased my cock slowly up that virginal passageway, feeling the delirious tightness of those rectal muscles clutching my cock and attempting to prevent it further advacement. The two combining f***es had my head swim. All the men I had fucked were well experienced. My first being a ther****t I was sent to and who fucked me on the little sofa in his office. I was younger than Jake when this happened and already knew that I was different from the rest of the boys.
Jake's face relaxed. I kissed his cheek. I began thrusting into him with a steady rhythm by this time. I stopped periodically when I realized I was on the brink of an orgasm. I wanted to prolong the experience for as long as possible. I reached around and rubbed Jake's cock, which had time to restore itself and was once again very hard. Jake was now moving in time with my thrusts, rolling his hips in the most fantastic manner. I was not sure for how much longer I could contain myself. The rhythm was steadily increasing and our sweaty bodies were slapping loudly against one another.
"Yes...yes...yessss!!!!" I shouted and exploded deep into Jake's body.
I eventually dislodged my cock from his ass and watched a thin stream of come seep out from betweeb his red buttock crack. I gave each beautiful cheek a loving kiss and found some paper towels under the seat for emergencies and cleaned him up.
I drove Jake home. He cuddled up close to me. I had my arm d****d over his shoulder. Being a slightly chubby boy Jake had those small deposits of fat on his chest that resembled tits. I kneaded them through his t-shirt, pinching the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. He let out a little sigh.
I pulled up in front of the apartment building where he and his mother lived. We had to be careful about showing any suspicious amount of affection. I kissed him on the cheek and watched him head up towards the front entrace. By the slow way he walked I could tell clearly his ass was still sore from our encounter.
"Next time," I told him before he left the car," we'll do it in my bed and you can fuck my ass."
He smiled up at me.
"I can't wait."
"I love you," I said.
"I love you, too," Jake said.
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Love ur stories. Especially this one
4 years ago
Oh boy. Know how many teachers/coaches have gone to the hooskow for this kind of behaviour??
Illegal in England. Perhaps it's a college boy/proffessor ---
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