When I had my first c***d I vowed that I would not be the kind of of cold and distant father that my father was to me. I wanted my c***d to be comfortable to come to me and be able to speak freely without any fear or shame.
My marriage lasted long enough to produce one son--Jake. It killed that I only saw him periodically even though I tried to live close to him. But the summer of his fifteenth year was my time to have him and proved to be a true turning point in our relationship.
One evening I awakenned with the need to urinate. I stumbled out of bed and into the hallway. I pushed opened the bathroom door and there was Jake sitting on the edge of the bath tub masturbating. In the few moments before he saw me I could tell that the act was far from pleasurable by the pinched expression of pain on his face. I quickly exited the bathroom. A few minutes later he came out. He appeared ashamed of what he had done and being caught.
"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Jake," I told him. "I do it all the time."
There was a long silece before he spoke.
"Is it supposed to hurt so much when I do it?" he asked.
"Have you been doing it very long?"
"A couple months now, I guess."
"Can I see your cock?"
His eyes, which were turned shyly down to the floor, suddenly looked over at me A long whle passed before he finally pulled the draw string of his pajama pants which sent them down his legs and into a soft bundle around his feet. Instinctively his hands moved over his penis. I gently parted his hands. The penis dangled there between his legs, very red and sore looking.
"Is it all right?" he asked.
"Yes. You're just being a little rough on it. You have to stroke it gently. It should be a pleasurable experience--not painful. Do you come?"
"Sometimes. It hurts so bad sometimes I just stop."
I went into the bathroom and got the jar of vaseline from the medicine cabinet and returned to the living room. I had Jake sit of the sofa and I applied a generous amount of vaseline to his cock. Immediately the organ responded to the stimulation and hardened. Jake sat very stiffly, unsure how he should respond. I peeled back the forskin and saw a bit of precum already seeping out of the tip.
"The secret," I satarted to say as I continued pumping his cock slowly," is to not apply too much pressure on your cock. The tip is the most sensative point on your cock."
"Will I always need to use the vaseline?"
"When you've developed a technique you'll be able to do it dry."
I continued stroking his cock for a few minutes. I took his hand and allowed him to finish. I guided his hand breifly but than watched him continue solo. The expression of pain slowly faded and he appeared to be enjoying it. A few minutes later he shot his jism all over the rug.
"I'm sorry," Jake cried.
"It's all right," I told him and went to get some tissue and paper towels.
I was happy to have shared this moment with my son and hopefully it closed a little distance that has existed since his momther and I divorced.
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