It was my best friend who dragged to this little club downtown promising something I had never seen before. It turned out to be a little strip club. We found a seat right in front of the stage and we watched strippers of various shapes, sizes, and ages perform with a bored mechincalness.
"And now our feature attraction...." began the disembodied voice of the DJ.
"This is the one," my friend said, jabbing me in the ribs with his elbow.
"....let's have a big round of applause for Lady Suki."
From behind the curtain steps this amazing Asian girl whose age I estimate to be in her early twenties perhaps. She is taller than many of the Asian women I have seen. Her limbs are long, slender and smooth. She wisks across the stage, her long black hair shimmering in the spotlight. My friend can see that I am absoltely smitten. He knows I have a sweet spot for Asain women and this one was staggering to behold.
The music was soft and seductive and she slowly peeled off one article of clothing after another. She was very small breasts, each capped by a dark hard nipple. She came over to the two of us and smiled warmly down at us. I was embarassed by the fact that I had a raging hard on that fortunately no one could see.
As Lady Suki was finishing her performance she twirled back the curtain were she came and suddenly ripped the g-string away from her body revealing a penis. The reaction of the audience was mixed between appluase and wild hoots. The penis was a modest size and a darker color than the rest of her---his--body.
My friend clapped me on the shoulder and was howling with laughter at the joke had played on me. I was not amused, but I was now in a funny state of mind on the whole moment. Up to that point in my life I was a staunch and dedicated heterosexual and the idea of having sexual feelings for a man---or even a man in transition--made me loose my sense of sexual equalibrium.
After my friend dropped me off I continued to be lost in the strange fog and continued to think about Lady Suki well into the next day. I wrestled long and hard with my thoughts and decided finally to go back down to the club to see if the emotions were just a one time event. I sat through the parade of tired strippers until finally Lady Suki made her appearence. I sat and watched her with a dreamy stare. I stayed for two more performances until it was near closing time.
The crowd had thinned out somewhat and the last stripper on the night was trying her best to solicite money out of the remaining patrons. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and looked up to see Lady Suki standing.
"I had to come out and thank you for seeing all my performances tonight," she said.
We had a couple drinks until the bouncers cleared the club and we were standing out in the parking lot.
"Do you have a ride?" I asked. Up to that point my conversation was a bit timid. I was in uncharted waters here.
"If you want to drive me back to my motel I'd appreciate it," she said.
I was still confused about my feelings and I still could not she this beautiful woman as a transexual or the fact that I desperately wanted to fuck her. These two emotions clashed up to the point when we pulled into the parking lot of her motel.
She invited me in for a few drinks.
"Get so lonesome on the road, " she said, squeezing my hand.
I was determined to remain sober so that all my actions could be honest and not results of the alcohol.
She went into the bathroom to change, leaving the door open quite wide, but I remained the gentleman and did not gawk at her. She emerged wearing a long white robe which opened briefly and revealed her cock dangling there between those exquisite thighs. I was seated on the edge of the bed when she came over. I felt a sudden burst of courage and opened her robe took her penis into my mouth. It grew under my gentle sucking. Its length extended barely five inches so it easily fit in my mouth--his balls bounched off my chin as he face fucked me. I had to peel back the foreskin and sucked on the tip, tasting a bit of precum.
"Fuck me. baby!" she cried out and removed the robe completely.
She dug in her purse and produced a rubber which she quickly rolled over my enorged cock. Her eyes glittered as she got on all fours on the bed, her round smooth ass poised up in the air. I drove my cock a quater the way up her ass and quickly withdrew it, repeating this several times. I have had anal sex with a few women kind enough to allow me to perform this less than accepted sexual practise and this was my standard move to get the asshole accustomed to the dimensions of my cock. Then after a few more pokes I would fuck her proper until I was buried up to the hilt and my pubic hair bristled against her sweet ass.
Within a matter of mintues we were both bathed in sweat and the room became a heady mixture of perspiration and fuck. I reached around and stroked his cock until I felt his thick come seeping between my fingers. I did not last much longer and empty my load into the resivoir of that condom. I continued fucking her for a few minutes after that until I felt my cock begin to loose its density, withering quickly. I at last withdrew and fell exhausted onto the bed beside Lady Suki.
"You should go now. My boyfriend will be coming back soon," she said.
I quickly started gathering up my clothing and dressed.
"Do you have any money?" she said.
"I mean, this wasn't a freebee. I like you and you've got a really sweet cock but I don't many all that much money dancing. I don't want much."
I opened my wallet and plucked out two twenties and a ten.
"Thanks," she said taking the money.
She made an attempt to kiss me but I turned quickly away and was out the door, striding quickly to my car. For the remainder of the evening I was in that strange fog oce again and could not believe what I had just done. It was going to be my secret. But I felt different from the night onward and began to widen my sexual views and secretly proclaimed myself to be bisexual and dated a mixture of men and women with equal passion.

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3 years ago
Yes that happens once you have your first gurl,lady you have jumped a hugh river and now sex is everthing thanks for reminding of my first transexual
4 years ago
4 years ago
not bad greg
4 years ago
Now that was hot i like it the ending was good alway remember these gurls that are professionals are always porfessionals thanks