HOME ALONE WITH BIG b*****r part 3

I couldn't sl**p. Holly was dead to the world beside me, naked except for a pair of white socks. My head was swimming with images of the previous hour.
I heard a light tap at the door and it slowly opened. Nick's head poked in and he smiled at me.
"I can't sl**p," I told him.
"Me neither," he said and beckoned me out.
I rose from the bed, careful not to wake Holly--if that was indeed possible. She was staggering her way to my room after her encounter with Nick, looking worn out and exhausted. She just flopped face down on the bed. I could not help but gaze at her pussy which like a flower with its peddles blown apart. I stuck my finger up her pussy and massaged her. She exhaled a soft sigh and slowly drifted off to sl**p.
Nick was dressed in nothing but white pajama pants. I could see his cock shifting freelly under the thin fabric. I had a momnet of fearlessness and reached out and touched it. He smiled at me and brushed his hands over her breasts. I wiish I had bigger tits, I inwardly scolded myself. I silently cursed my mother for bequeathing me with her diminutive tits. I wanted big full tits that can be fondled and sucked and tickled.
"How long have you wanted to fuck me?" Nick asked.
I shrugged. "A long time. Probably ever since I knew what my pussy was for."
"You're really a virgin?"
"I've made out a few times. I've been felt up. I guess I'm still a virgin. There was Keith. You remember Keith?"
"The guy who used to live next door to us?"
"Yeah. We used to meet in the woods and he tried to fuck me, but he never got it in. I gave him a blow job. He taught me how to suck a cock. He didn't **** me or anything like that. He was really nice but lonely. He knew he was doing something wrong. We only met a few times. He did finally get his cock up my ass. He didn't have a very big cock, but it still hurt a bit. Not very much.
Am I still a virgin?"
"If your cherry is still intact I consider you still a virgin," Nick said. "Do you masturbate?"
"Just about every day. I just rub my clit until I come. I feel all tingly afterwards but a little sad."
"Why sad?"
"I'm alone. I want to feel someone with me, touching me all over. I'm very sensative after I come. Masturbation is not really the same as sex , is it."
"It's all right in a pinch but it is rather lonely afterwards. It's nice to be with another pesron."
Nick brushed his fingers across my cheek and down my neck. An electrical current rippled throughout my entire body and my legs were turning to rubber.
"Did you like watching me and Holly fuck?" he asked.
"Very much. I was a little jealous I must admit."
"I could see it in your face."
His fingers were pinching my nipples through the t shirt I wore. I kept rubbing his cock and felt it quickly hardening. I was still somewhat limited in my knowledge of the male penis or aware of its stamina and limitations. I was not aware that it took quite a bit of effort to maintain an erection. Nick's stamina was quite impressive as I would later realize. He would later confess that he was a sex addict and got restless when he didn't get fucked for a few days.
I pulled on the draw string of his pajama pants and they slipped into soft bundle aaround his feet. I traced the various veins that ran along the length of his shaft. I wondered how many cunts this cock in my hand had penetrated not including my comatose friend in my room. His balls tightened a little when I held them in my hand. I rubbed them with my thumb and felt the testicles roll beneath the skin.
"Don't make me come yet. I want to pop your cherry. Isn't that what you want?"
"I had a dream not too long ago. It was just as vivid as you and I standing here now."
"What was it about? Us?"
"Yes. We were married and we had a baby. It was a beautiful c***d."
"A boy or a girl?"
"I don't remember. It was wrapped up in a blanket. It was happy. We were so happy."
"Sounds like a beautiful dream, but you know it can't come true."
"I know...I know, but it is nice dream about things that can't come true."
"They're always the best dreams. You're free and uncensored in your dreams."
Nick planted a long tender kiss on my mouth, gently slipping his tongue between my lips. His moved down my belly and under the elastic waistband of my panties and traced a slow path through my pubic hair and located my slit. My legs buckled just a little when he began to caress my clitoris. I kneaded the very firm flesh of his ass, feeling his tightened and relax under my fingers.
Up until this moment we were still standing in the cool hallway. Through the opening of the door I could see Holly shifting slightly in her sl**p. I prayed that she would remain asl**p and not spoil MY MOMENT eith Nick. She'd either want to join in or watch us. I didn't want either. I wanted him all for myself.
"Let's go to your room," I said, still holding firmly onto his cock and led him in that direction as if he were my temporary pet.
Before we got to his room Nick suddenly lifted me up into his arms and carried me across the threshold. My dream came back to me as the happy bride being carried over the threshold into the bridal chamber. The eager and nervous young virgin awaiting that profound life-altering moment.
Nick tossed me onto the bed and in a quick movemenet slipped off my panties and plunged his face into my pussy. His tongue dnced all over my pussy sending lovlely spearks into every corner of my body. I lay there passively for several long minutes when I had the overwhelming urge to get his cock into my mouth. It took a moment for him to understand what I wanted and then he understood.
I could barely fit half of his cock into my mouth although he tried to get more in, but when I gagged he withdrew and slowly pumped his hips. My first attempts at oral sex were a little awakward as I was not sure what I was to do with my tongue how not to scrap his cock with my teeth. It was something I got used to. I've blown a few guys since Keith.
Nick pulled away abruptly and looked down at me and smiled. He reached into a night table drawer and took out a condom, tearing the packaging and rolling it down over his cock until it covered three quarters of it.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
"I'm ready, I said.
I watched intently as he took his cock into his hand and guided it towards my pussy. I felt it pressing against that virginal orfice. My breath became harder as it slowly advanced.
And then came the sharp pain. I let out cry as I felt my hymen being torn. His cock now felt like a battering ram and pleasure was eclipsed by the pain. I felt my entire body tighten and I clung to him, feeling his movement of his hips pumping into me.
It didn't last veery long.
"Oh, shit!" Nick cried out. "Your pussy is the tightest I've ever fucked>"
I took the remark as a compliment but only thinking about it retrospectively several hours later. I just wanted the experience to end and the pain to cease. I knew that the first time was not going to very pleasurable, nor perhaps the next few, but it would be I was led to beieve. It something to be gotten out of the way and then the experience could be more fully appreciated.
Nick peeled off his bl**dy condom and dropped it into the wastebasket. He kissed me softly all over my body, avoiding my very sore pussy. He gingerly lifted my up again and carried me into the bathroom. I flicked on the light and we headed for the shower. I was still weak in the legs when he put me down so I kept one arm securely wrapped around his neck. He turned on the water and when it was just right we both stepped into the narrow stall. The water running down my body was refreshing but when it reached my pussy I let out a little cry and winced.
After a few minutes we stepped out and toweled each other dry. He walked me to my bedroom and I put my arms around him and kissed him warmly. There was really nothing more to be said and he headed to his head. We were both exhausted the by the expereince.
I pushed open the door to my room and saw Holly sitting up in bed, big smile on her face.
"What have you done?" she asked.
I sat down on the bed beside her and told her everything. When I was finished she put her arms around me and kissed me.
"I'm so happy for you," she whispered.
We went to sl**p wrapped in each other's arms.
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2 years ago
what an hot ending, great story
3 years ago
Hot fucking stories
3 years ago
This is all so torrid but yopu make it so romantic thanks
4 years ago
i really enjoyed reading this!
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Great again! So very hot and sweet at the same time. Can't wait to read more!
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Another good one!
4 years ago
A great story, and well written too.
4 years ago
you always write the good story this was a love story not a fuck story makes it the best kind thanks
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great loveing wonderful
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Another great story... better than what i can cum up with.