Friday, April 16, 2010

Just got home from my first "Pussy Party". Fortunately no one saw me come in and I quickly got into the shower to wash off before anyone come smell me. I reeked of pussy. Lydia and I got to the apartment about six and was greeted at the door by this big butch lesbian who first looked at us with suspicion then let us in. We were a little nervous. The place was filled with all these naked women of all shapes and sizes. Within minutes we were hit on by several women. One looked like my elementary school girl teacher Miss Chapman. Her name was Alice. We danced for a while. She asked me how old I was. I told her that I was eighteen. She just smiled and asked me to dance. Lydia had found a partner. She was a pretty young black girl who could not have been older than either of us. Alice and I danced for a while. She kissed me and moved her hands all over my body. I did the same. She had a hard musclular body with several tattoos. I looked over at Lydia. She and her girl were just barely moving to the music and kissing. All four of us found a spot to be alone and licked and sucked each other. I relaxed and the rest of the night I just made out with one girl after another. I got d***k on pussy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caught my perv b*****r trying to spy on me in the shower again. He's cute. He's got a pretty big cock. He showed it to me once a long time ago for a few quick seconds before I ran away. Lydia said if he was my b*****r I'd fuck him. Lydia is a bit of a perv herself. She wants to do some really nasty things.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

During lunch recess Jimmy and me slipped away into the little wooded area by the playground without any of the teachers seeing us. I sucking his cock for a few minutes and then me licked my pussy. I slipped a condom onto his cock and Jimmy fucked me for a while, resting before me came too quick, and started fucking me again. He came. I looked at the tip of the condom all filled with white cum. He peeled it off and tossed it away. He fingered my pussy until I had an orgasm. We got dressed and managed to slip back into the group without being see.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

At last the vibrator I ordered over a month ago just arrived. It was waiting for me on my bed, left there unknowingly by mom or dad. It came in a plain wrapper so no one was the wiser. I quickly tore it open. It is shaped like a cock with all the veins and details. I put in the batteries and broke it in. It made a softer buzzing sound than my last one. I had to use a pillow to muffle the sound when I used it or turn up my music a little louder than usual. This one the tip wiggled back and forth and gave me a very nice orgasm. Sticking my finger up my pussy was getting boring. I prefer fucking myself with a vibrator.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Had the weirdest fucking dream last night. I was fucking my b*****r. We were scrwwing intensely on the sofa in the living room when mom and dad walked in on us. They took off their clothes and joined us. (When I was little dad and I used to take showers together. He never did anything to me, but I was fixated on his cock and why did it suddenly get big and stick out) Mom turned into a lesbian I made with at the Pussy Party. Dad turned into Jimmy. It was pretty fucking strange. My b*****r Rick stayed as himself and kept fucking me, pounding his huge cock into me. I noticed that I was bleeding from my pussy. He must have popped my cherry. In the dream at least. I lost that when I was f******n to Rick's friend Billy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rick and I were home alone. Our parents were out with old friends. We were both in a strange mood. We started play wrestling like we did when we were younger. I seemed to always be on top sitting on his chest with my crotch very close to his face. It also gave him plenty of opportunities to cop a feel which took full advantage of. I had to admit I was getting pretty horny by this time. I was sitting on his chest, my crotch inches from my face. He was taking long deep breaths. My god, I thought, he's smelling my pussy. I smiled down at him. I was wearing only a long nightshirt and panties so all that was between Rick and me was a thin layer of cotton. I told him that I was now going to smother him to death and pressed my crotch down over his face. I wriggled around as he started to carress my ass. I was so fucking horny now. I looked over and saw this huge tent in his sweat pants. He was more experienced about licking pussy than most of the boys I dated and started flicking my swollen clit until I came. He ran to his room, got a condom and we fucked right there on the living room sofa. The memory of that dream came back, but mom and dad never walked through the door. Rick fucked me in various positions for a really long time. We rested and began again. Over and over. I came a few times. He was incredible.

Thurday, May 13, 2010

I told Lydia what went down between me and Rick. She immediately pumped me for all details. She wants to have a threesome. She told me how her grandpa used to reach under her skirt and fondle her when she was young. She liked it. It made her tingle.

Thursday, April 27, 2010

I don't even dare write down what Lydia did tonight. It's something she's fantasized about for a long time. We had seen stuff like it on the internet. I was at first disgusted and then found it erotic but I wouldn't want to do it. I've done some prtty weird shit but I just could cross that line. Lydia did it. She told me her pussy was pretty sore afterwards and would probably not do it again. We are the keepers of each others secrects.

Friday, April 28, 2010

I finally called Alice. We got together and went to her apartment. We drank a little wine and made out for a while. I still insisted that I was eighteen. There seems to be a bit of suspicion. When I had to take a piss Alice told me that one of her turn ons was getting pissed on. Once again I had seen shit like this on the internet but now it was happening to me. I thought about for a few moments and agreed. We went into the bathroom and Alice got in the tub, laying on her back. I got in a squatted over her. She fingered and licked my pussy briefly then the piss started pouring out over her tits and ran down over her belly and down between her legs into her own pussy. She was in seventh heaven judging by the expression on her face. She sucked my pussy after I finished. We washed off and went back into her bedroom. She put on a strap on and lubed it up. I lay back on the bed and she fucked me pretty hard for a long while. The hair under her arms seemed to have gotten thicker since I last saw her. I ran my fingers through it and smelled her scent on my fingers. It was my turn. I found a draw full of sex toys and chose a ten inch double-headed dildo. One end I worked into her hairy pussy and the other I slowly inserted up her ass. She grunted and moaned like a wounded a****l. I worked in both end until very little of the dildo remained visible. A her bucked and arched as I went on fucked Alice for a long time. Wild pants and grunts. I knew she was about to come. A loud scream confirmed my suspicion. I slowly withdrew the dilbo. First the end in her ass. Then the end in her pussy and watched her juices come dribbling out all over the bed sheets.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm fucked. I might be preganant. It might be Rick's. We fucked in the shower. It din't start out fucking, just soaping each other. I thought I'd give him a soapy hand job or he'd fuck me up the ass, but it happened. We let ourselves get carried away and he fucked me. I am as much ro blame for the situation. I secretly always wanted to fuck him without a rubber between us. After he fucked my pussy for a good length of time he turned me around and fucked my ass. Anal sex was still realitively new to me and I was a bit sore afterwards.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've put it off long enough. I had hoped that my period was late and a miracle would happen but it hasn't. I bought a pregnancy test at a pharmacy where no one would recognize me. I followed the instructions and waited. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the result. I was pregnant with my b*****r's baby. I had waited until I was sure to tell Rick. I cried and he held me in his arms and told me that we would take care of the situation together.
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Well this was very sexy hot erotic great dairy she had so much fun sorry to see it end bur this could still be an other great chapter in this young life thabnks
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excellent wonderfully hot & erotic
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Great dairy hope you keep it up its one of your best thanks
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You covered all of the bases. I am so fucking hard. 5 X's
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Good Stuff!
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my brother again u amaze me
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