At the age sixty-four Gramma Grace was a strikingly beuutiful woman. She believed wholeheartedly that it was a sendintary lifestyle that truly made you old before your times. She saw it sadly in the youth of today. The apethy was disturbing.
Early on Gramma Grace encouraged me in my artistic interests and often went on train rides into Manhatten to visit the museums. She regretted abandoning her own art ambitions. One afternoon she got out one of her old sketck books and we sat there on the sofa in her living room turning the pages. Most were done charcoal. Very beutiful and expressive. When we got to the nude studies she did I could help but squirm a little. They of men and women in various positions.
"Are these from photographs?" I asked.
"No I had actual live models to draw from," answered Gramma Grace.
As we continued to leaf through the pages I felt her hand on my leg, rubbing it gently. One eye was on the sketch in front of me and the other was on Gramma Grace's hand. Her fingers were long and delicate and the nails were painted a vivid bl**d red.
"would you like to pose for me?" she asked.
"You need nude?"
"It's been a while since I've drawn any body. It's all right if you don't want to."
"It wouldn't bother you if I was naked?"
"Men are all pretty much anatomically the same."
I thought about it for a few moments.
"All right I'll do it," I said.
As she went to get her art supplies I started to dress. Being nude in the middle of my grandmother's living room was at first an uncomfortable sensation. The slight erection that I had had wilted away mercifully. Gramma Grace returned. I reluctantly turned to face her, my hands placed over my penis. She just smiled at my shyness. She wore a thin white blouse, faded jeans, and her snow white hair drawn back into a single pony tail. I could not help but notice that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples dimpling the front of the blouse. It was also unbuttoned just enough to reveal a discreet amount of cleavage. My penis twitched and threatened to rise again. It a herculean effort to prevent it.
I was told to sit on the sofa, leaning back a bit, one leg drawn up to my body, the other d****d loosely over the edge. I was completely exposed to her now. She sat with her sketch pad and went to work. We periodically paused so that both of us could stretch, but she would not show me the sketch until it was done.
When we got back to work she started asking me questions. At first they were beign questions about school and other trivial matters but then she hit me with a big.
"Are you a virgin?" she asked , slowly looking up from her sketch pad. I never noticed the amazing shade of blue her eyes were until that moment.
"Not really," I said.
"Good boy," she said smiling."Sex is wonderful."
It was a strange declaration to hear coming from your grandmother, but Gramma Grace was not like any other older person I've ever met. Most of the others are unhappy crabs who seem more dead than alive. Gramma Grace was not above giving me a friendly pinch on the ass as she has done in the past. I never read much into it other than being slightly eccentric.
"Are you?" I jokingly asked.
She burst out laughing which caused her breasts to shift beneath her blouse.
"I feel as if I am sometimes. After your grandfather passed away I didn't get laid as often as I used to. Who would want an old woman like me."
The last comment seemed sad and rather uncharacteristic of Gramma Grace. I looked at her and saw a remarkably beautiful woman. Shit, I'm getting a hard on again. Instead of fighting it I just let it happen. When she glanced up and noticed this she smiled warmly.
"Your grandfather's cock curved like that," she remarked.
She popped open several more buttons of her blouse and reached inside. I watched intently as she removed one impressively firm breast, its nipple a pale brown and erect.
"We fucked pretty often for a pair of old farts," she said.
Finally she just laid aside the pad and rushed over to me, falling to her knees and devoured my cock right down to the root, her nose buried in my pubic hair. Why should I be surprised that my grandmother was such a magnificent cocksucker. It wasn't just invented this generation. I have seen porn footage from the 20s and 30s where they fuck just as we do today. Nothing new under the sun.
After a few minutes Gramma Grace rose to her feet and quickly shed her clothes. I plunged my face into her cunt and licked her ravenously. She groaned and sighed. My hands roamed eagerly over the lengths and bredths of her body.
We hesitated no longer abd Gramma Grace mounted me. I was still seated on the edge of the sofa. She held my cock in her hands to keep it in position as she slowly lowered herseld down onto it. She exhaled a long deep relieved sigh.
"It's been too long since I've had a cock buried in her pussy," she whispered to me.
I was in a state of shock and happiness. I tried to arch myseld so I could observe my cock sinking into this sweet cunt which still had a surprising amount of elasticity to it. She was a demon possessed as she rose and feel with an ever quickening pace. Her face contorted and her eyes rolled back in their sockets as her tongue licked her lower lip. Apart from fondling her bouncing tits I was merely a passive participant.
I tried to curtail my own orgasm for as long as possoble. The wonderful thing about Gramma Grace was that I needn't worry about a condom or getting her pregnant. I had never ejaculated inside of a woman before. I grabbed her hips firmly as the moment approached and discharged my load to its fullest up her ancient cunt. A moment later she came. I had been flicking and agitating her clitoris throughout provoking even more a****listic responses.
Gramma Grace flopped down on the floor. She was still looking dreamily up at my cock which was gazed with a combination of vaginal juice and sperm, smiling.
" sweet angel..." she said.
I wrung the final few droplets of come onto her tits. She got back onto her knees and licked me clean like a mother cat. I ran my finger through that soft white hair. My cock slowly withered in her mouth and slipped out with a little wet pop.
She showed me the sketch. Her talent was sadly abandoned but she had no regrets about her life at all. We started seeing one another several times a week, attempting new position and exchanging stories of past sexual experiences. Her most shocking secret was a brief lesbian romance she had when she was in college with a teacher. Each time she mentioned the name Miss Curry a smiled lightened her face. I did have the distiction of being Gramma Grace's first experience in anal sex. I was very gentle and had generously lubed up both my cock and her sexually virginal asshole. She grunted and shifted her hips with the discomfort of this foreign muscle being introduced into her hitherto unexplored body cavity. She did not complain nor did she ask me to stop. I fucked her ass for a while, reaching around and fondled her clitoris and her cunt. I exploded deep into her.
When I turned eighteen she offered to let me live in the upstairs bedroom which had been unused since my mom lived there. I accepted the offer. It was our little secret what was the real reason we were living together.
"You've turned me into a sex addict," she jokingly told me once.
Gramma Grace had now just become Grace. I slept in her bed and we fucked at least three or four times a week. We really wanted to try some more kinky aspects of sex. We both want to try a threesome and have been scanning the personal ads in a local newspaper. We are still not sure how to explain our vast difference in age. Until then we will just enjoy our time together.
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