I began to see Jerry on a fairly regular basis.
"When I fuck my wife," he told me,"I'm thinking of you. It makes me come."
I began bicycling to the Y without the f****y and hanging out in the locker room. I moved around so as not to appear suspicious. I went into the gymn and watched the men work out. Sometimes I make eye contact with one and we'd rendevous into a toilet stall. The handicap stall was the prefered location because of its spacious accomodations.
I loved sucking a big cock while fondling a heafty pair of balls. It was like working the gear shift of a beautiful sports car. But up until that point I was still anally virginal. I fantasized about getting fucked up the ass. At home I inserted various objects in to simulate the experience, but I longed for the real thing.
I met with Jerry. I began to learn more about him slowly over each subsequent meeting. He was a high school teacher. When his sex life with his wife started to wane he started frequenting an adult bookstore in his area. He became obssessed with getting his cock sucked through one of the glory holes. He was shy at first. Up to that time he was only curious about sex with men, but had been with him for a long time. His sole homosexual experience involved an uncle who masturbated him when he was twelve. He was a shy boy but enjoyed the experience. He sat passively as his uncle tugged his tiny cock until he squirted. He discovered how to masturbate this way. It came as a great relief.
Jerry has always felt self conscious about the size of his penis. It was about five and a half inches in lenght when fully erest. When he started visiting the adult book store he sat in one of the viewing booths and waited. He saw this long lean hard cock slowly appear through the glory hole. He envied its length. He looked at it for a few moments and then took it into his mouth. He liked hearing the muffled sighs of the guy on the other side. He clutched and stroked the disembodied cock to a powerful orgasm, shooting thicks streams of come. Jerry, so deliriously happy about overcoming his fear, lapped up all the semen as it flowed from the red swollen tip. When it was his turn the fear returned, but he stuck his hard cock through the hole. A few moments passed before he felt a warm mouth close around his cock. Jerry sighed with relief. He pumped his hips steadily, fantasizing what his faceless partner looked like. He fucked the mouth for several minutes before ejaculating. He heard a scuffling of feet as his partner quickly exited the booth. Jerry was delirious with pleasure, his heart racing.
Whenever Jerry and I met it was at a location where neither his f****y nor mine would happen to see us. He'd pick me up in his car and we'd drive to a secluded spot. I liked hearing his stories about the adult book store. I rubbed his cock through his pants. He seemed to be in a constant state of horniness.
"Have you ever actually fucked another man?" I asked him once.
"Not yet. I've thought about it a lot. Have you?"
"Same. I've just been sucking cock at the Y. No one seems to want ay more than that," I told him.
The back seat of Jerry's car was just spacious enough to accomodate the both of us. It was the few times either one of us had ever been fully naked with another man. As we lay there sucking one another's cock, we were also gently probing the other's asshole. I felt Jerry's thick fingers slowly inserting up my ass. It was a nice sensation over the inanimate objects I had heretofore introduced into my rectum. It lived and moved, caressing the muscles of my anus. I followed his lead and gently introduced my index finger up Jerry's ass, working deeper and deeper. We stroked, massaged, and sucked one another to a shattering orgasm.
Jerry told me about a fantasy he's had for a while. He wants me to get dressed up in drag (complete with panties and bra) and he wants to tear the clothes off and fuck me. I agreed if he supplied the clothes. When we met again he had a brown paper bag containing clothes he had purchased. We had found a roadside motel to act out his fantasy. We registered as father and son. The guy behind the desk not to care either way. We went to our room and I went into the bathroom to change. Jerry was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came out. I stood in the threshold of the doorway dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform--plaid skirt, white blouse, knee-high socks, and underneath white cotton panties with little red heart printed on them. The bra was tricky to get on and is what took me so long to finally emerge.
Jerry's eyes swelled with tears when he saw me standing there.
"Oh my,' was all he managed to get out at the moment.
As I slowly walked over to him I flicked up the hem of my skirt to give him a tantalizing glimpse of my panties. I was hard and my cock stretched the thin material.
"You are so beautiful," Jerry said.
We started kissing like two lovers. Jerry hands moved under my skirt and kneaded my ass through the cotton panties. He qickly stripped off his clothes but would not allow me to remove a single stitch of clothing yet. He wanted it to last a long time. He had me suck him for several minutes but stopped me before he was about to come. Jerry stood up and took his position behind me. He had taken a tube of lube from the same brown bag that once contained the clothes and applied a generous amount to his cock. He flipped up up my skirt, pushed down my panties, and fucked me. My early preperartions came in handy when Jerry's cock slipped up my asshole and deep up my rectum. He pumped his hips furiously for a while. He'd pause a moment whe he was ready to come and start up again when the sensation passed. This went on for a while. He reached around and jerked me off. We were both panting and soaked in sweat when we finally came. I felt his sperm dribbling out of asshole and down my leg.
We had the room for a couple hours so there was need to rush.
Jerry and I took a shower in the absurdly narrow stall. It was tere were a slipped my soapy cock up Jerry's virginal asshole. He grunted and moaned as it made its slow advance up his rectum. The muscles tensed and clenched my cock. The sensation was incredible. I fucked him for several minutes before shooting my load deep into him, remaining lodged in him until my cock naturally wilted and slipped out of him.
Jerry dropped me off about a block from my house. Our affection had to be subdued when we said goodbye. I discreetly reached over and squeezed his crotch. He smiled warmly at me.
"I love you,' he whispered.
'I love you too," I responded and slipped out of his car.
I was lost in a wonderful fog for the rest of the day. My f****y noticed this and tried to pry the secret out of me but I politely declined. I was very happy to keep this lovely secret.
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2 years ago
this is so erotic. I love it!
2 years ago
what yoou go through for love
3 years ago
This is becumming a real love story also very hot,erotic, and sexy thanks
5 years ago
You see thast was fantastic you got me all hot and horby from the very start and i had to jack off twice had to rest a little in between but it was great hope you write the continuation it should be good thanks