My parents divorced quite a long time ago. I cannot remember my father as well as my broter Mathhew or went on in the house that led up to their divorce. Matthew was always rather tight lipped about those tiimes and refused to divulge only but a few scant details. There was a lot of yelling and a lot of physical abuse, he tells me.Our father pretty much disappeared from our lives. Neither Mom nor Matthew ever bring him up unless I do and tehnI am quickly diverted to another subject.
It was one piece of the mystery.
Recently I began to suspect that Matthew was having sex with our mother. In the past I've noticed how close they were but in my more naieve understanding merely thought it was just the natural affection between a boy and his mother. I would occassionally catch them cuddling and kissing and whispering to one another. On numerous occassions I stopped Matthew tiptoeing out of our bedroom late at night. "Just going to take a piss. Go to sl**p," was his standard response. I lay in bed waiting to see how how it took for him to return. I fought off the urge to sl**p. A very long period passed before he did return. Sometimes I fell asl**p and found his bed empty.
All these elements started to accumulate in my mind. I was determined to find out the truth. I was simulateneously disgusted and aroused by the thought of Matthew fucking our own mother. Mom is a pain woman, beautiful in her way. She has short dark hair that has a few grey hairs woven into it and round slightly cubby face. After two c***dren her body is soft, not fat but soft. Her breasts were heavy for such a petite woman and even I could not help steal glimpses of them as they rolled and jiggled braless underneather her shirts. The idea of them in bed together made my head swim.
The night came. Matthew crawled out from under the sheets and tiptoed across the room and into the hallway. I said nothing but kept my eyes open a slit. He glanced back at me in bed and turned in the direction of mom's room when the bathroom was the opposite end of the hall. I waited a few minutes before I got up followed him. I was careful to nagotiate the hallway which creek and give me away. I approached the door which was not completely closed. I gently nugged it open just enough to see inside.
Fortunately the light was on and I could see the two of them. Mathew was just lifting up the long nightshirt mom wore and tossed it aside. Mom. seated on the edge of the bed, pulled down Matthew's pajama pants, running her hands over his ass, slipping a couple fingers into the crevice. His body obscured the view but I knew she was sucking his cock. Her body was hunched over and moving slightly. Matthew let out a soft sigh. Matthew did not have a particularly big cock. I have seen it frequently while we got dressed together. It was short and chubby. Once in a while I caught a glimpse of it erect. Now I mentally visualized mom sucking on that stubby prick and the fuzzy balls beneath.
When I finally saw mom naked I was breathlessly. Her soft curvy figure was even more beautiful then I imagined. I was transfixed by the thick growth of pubic hair between her legs. Mathhew pushed his face down into it and started to lick her. Mom let out these soft little cries. He played with it with his fingers for a few more minutes before finally getting on top of her. I watched Matthew's fleshy ass pump steadily into mom. Her legs were wrapped around his back as if not to let him go until the job was finished. They fucked for several minutes. Mom's bodies lifted up underneath his. His body was mving faster and faster.
Suddnely I lost my balance and fell against the door and lay flat on my face on the floor. Needless to say this stopped the action on the bed. Mom and Matthew, now soaked in sweat, looked over at me. Matthew rose off the the bed and appraoched me with his stubby cock jutting out at me.
"We were wondering how long it was going to take you to find out about us," said Matthew lifting me to my unsteady feet.
Mom was sitting up now, her arms open. Neither one seemed the least bit ashamed of their actions.
"We've been keeping this secret for some time now. It's time to tell you all about it," Mom began to say.
I sat between Momm and Matthew as they started their story of how they became lovers. The smell of sweat and sex was overpowering.
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2 years ago
next part please its getting hotter
2 years ago
A nice what happens next?
2 years ago
Please write no 2 and let us get some more details, mother's and the boy's age, it is a lovely story.
3 years ago
Wow thats got tobe the best yet now you have to write the next chaprter it should be incredable thanks
4 years ago
part 2?
4 years ago
Now you can get sloppy seconds with your mom! Whoo hoo!
4 years ago
Thank you you got me so hot and horny that i jacked off it was very good hope you write another one soon.
4 years ago
Great start, please don't leave it there though.
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
yes more of this threesome
4 years ago
really a nice mom ^^
4 years ago
Smart start of hot scenario, which leaves room for several more about this threesome ;)P