HOME ALONE WITH BIG b*****r part 2

The evening was far from over for me, Nick, and Holly.
Nick went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Holly and I remained in the bedroom together whispering and giggling.
"I want him to pop my cherry," Holly said and covered her face with her hands as if she was ashamed of what she had just said.
"Really?" I said. "Are you sure you're ready. You don't want to start on a smaller cock? Nick's is pretty big. It's gonna hurt."
"I know. Do you think he'd do it?"
"Go into the shower with him."
"Yeah, just open up the shower curtian and go in there with him. I'm sure he won't complain about the company," I said, stroking Holly reddened cheeks.
"Only if you come in with me," Holly said.
"I don't think the shower stall will hold all three of us," I told her.
"No. Just sit outside and stay with me just in case...."
"Just in case?"
'In case he doesn't want to do it."
"You don't mind me watching you two together. Don't you want to do it alone?"
"I'm scared. He's so beautiful, isn't he. Don't you want him to fuck you?"
"Sure I do. But you shouldn't wait. He's not gonna be in there for ever," I said and was literally dragging her off of the bed.
Holly rose to feet, her legs unsteady. We stood in the threshold on the bathroom for several minutes before Holly just gathered her courage and headed for the shower. She drew aside the clear plastic curtain and stepped inside.
I tiptoed inside and sat the on the toilet. I watched Nick and Holly and their equally beautiful bodies press close together.
Holly finally whispered her secret desire into Nick's ear. He looked down at her tiny body and hesitated about answering.
"Are you sure?" he asked after long silence as he must have thought the request over in his mind.
Then he looked over at me and smiled.
"Did you put her up to this?" he asked.
"This all her idea. She wants you to be her first," I said as I absent mindedly stroked my own pussy.
"Are you gonna watch all this?" Nick asked.
"If Holly wants me to be there I guess I will be there."
"I want her there. Do you mind?" she asked. I wasn't sure if the question was directed at Nick or myself, perhaps both of us.
I shrugged my shoulders. After our experience earlier in the evening there seemed to be no more secrets between any of us.
"It doesn't bother me," Nick said.
They stepped out of the shower and they dried one another off with a big powder blue towel. Nick's prick had enough time now to renew itself and was slowly rising into an erection once more.
I tried to imagine that massive organ pushing its way up into my virginal pussy. Was I ready for that? Maybe I should start with a by with a more "adverage" sized cock. I have had a few boyfriends, but they never got any further then feeling me up as we made out. I almost lost my virginity once to Nick's friend. I was about twelve and he was sixteen. We made out on several occasions. As he kneaded my tits under my t-shirt I was willing to go further and wanted to. He got scared about being my first. I guess he thought that if he popped me I would become fixated on him like an obssession. I had a crush on him that was for sure but whether I loved him was another matter than never really crossed my mind. I did give my very first blow job to him and got a mouthful of semen. Most of it ended up dribbling out of my mouth and soaking his pubic hair. The relationship abruptly ended without bitterness on either side. It was funwhile it lasted but we knew it wasn't destined to last.
"You all right?" Nick said and startled me from out of my daydream.
Nick and Holly were standing there looking at me. I just smiled at them. They were both naked and clean. Nick, his arm slung over Holly's shoulder, lead her into the bedroom. I followed them. It was like some sort of solemn ceremony about to occur. I watched in a quite envy as Nick slipped his hand down Holly's smooth back and fondled her buttocks, his fingers moving into the diividing cleft. Holly exhaled a little sigh. I mentally envisaged his fingers slowly caressing her asshole. I reached around and touched my own asshole and felt a lovely electrical tingle ripple throughout my body that made my nipples hard. I pushed my middle finger up the virginal sphinter muscles and further up my rectum. My anus seemed a neglected sexual orifice up until this moment and never considered it as anything more than what nature designed it for. Whenever I saw a video involving a woman being annally fucked it looked as if all the pleasure was on the man's end and the woman endured the pain. Even with my finger up my ass the pleasure was slight at best. By the time we had reached Nick's room I had worked my finger up to the knuckle and dislodged it. I felt suddenly silly standing there with my finger up my ass.
Nick lifted Holly suddenly off her feet and tossed her playfully onto the bed. It was an atempt to relieve her tension. It worked; Holly burst out in laughter.
She lay passively on the bed as Nick kissed, licked, and fondled every possible portion of her body. She looked over me with a smile that glowed.
It was not long before Nick positioned himself on top of Holly. Once again she tensed up. He whispered softly into her ear. Whatever he said seemd to work. Holly exhaled soft sigh.
I moved closer to the bed so that I could get a better view of the momnet Nick pops Holly's cherry. The fear was still pretty well written on her face. She reached out her hand and a held it. With my free hand I reached out and began to stroke Nick's muscular ass. It had a very light covering of hair. I watched I pump slowly at first. Holly let out a sharp cry. I knew the initial deed had been done. Earlier Nick had got a towel to put under her to soak up the bl**d as it erupted from her newly christened cunt.
Holly's hand tightly clutched mine.
I could only mentally visualize what was transpiring within Holly pussy. It must been quite a trauma when this alien organ suddenly presented itself like a battering ram into its tranquil existence.
Nick looked at me. He told me to go to his dresser and open the bottom drawer and take out what he had hidden there. I did as he instructed me. Buried under several old jeans that he never wore any longer was a black leather harness. Attached to the harness was a dildo that measured in length at least eight inches if not more and made of hard rubber, colored to resemble flesh. He told me to put it on. I did so with no need for explanation. It took a few minutes to tighten the straps just so.
"Lube up the cock," Nick told me.
I got the tube of lube that he used earlier and applied a generous amount onto the dildo.
"Now, I want you to fuck me," Nick said. He was fucking Holly quicker now.
I did not hesitate and mounted Nick, positioning the lubed dildo between his buttock cheeks. I had to guide it to his asshole. He let out a deep grunt. I had found the spot and I slowly let it sink in. I was about half way in when he let out loud cry. I asked him if he wanted me to stop.
"No! Keep going!," he cried out.
All my body weight was on Nick, but he was in a position so that our combined weight was not crushing Holly beneath us. Her face was a portrait of both pain and pleasure. I had got the dildo all the way up my b*****r's ass and now I started pumping my hips. I watched as his sphinter muscles being pulled in and out with each thrust. I grunted and moaned.
When could not last any longer and withdrew from Holly, pulled off his bl**dy rubber which he tossed aside and discharged his load all over her torso. I fucked him for a few minutes more dismounting him. His asshole looked like the mouth of a cavern.
The three of us were beyond exhausted, both mentally and physically.
I lay down next to Holly and stroked her cheek. She looked as if she had just had a religious experinece. The inside of her thighs are smeared with bl**d.
"It was beautiful," was all she said.
I kissed softly on the mouth and ran my hands over her slick sweaty body. I felt Nick's fingers between my legs, gentely caressing my pussy.
"You're next," he said with a devilish smile.
"You promise?"
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