It was about eight o'clock when the phone rang in the other room. I dashed to snatch it before it awoke Anne from her deep slumber. I caught it on the third rang and heard a soft voice on the end end say: "You're car is here to take you to the Today Show studio." It was strangely sexless voice. I had already quickly showered and dressed by this time. I told the driver that I'd be right down. Before I departed I leaned over and gave Anne's ass a quick kiss.
The cool morning air that rushed at me was refreshing. I spotted the town car parked by the curb and the driver leaning up against the side with arms crossed over his (or her) chest). The stiff chaffeur's uniform offered no clue to any sort of sexual identity of my driver. A cap was pulled low and sunglasses obscured half the face. Only when the driver snapped to attention and rushed to open the door did I notice black hair tied back into a short pony tail. Whe I saw a hand reach up suddenly to tugged on the visor did I notice the distinctly feminine features of the hand and adorned with numerous rings. She was Asain, tall and slender.
I slipped inside and in a moment we were off,arriving at the building less than twenty minutes, negotiating the early morning traffic aggressively. I was greeted by an assistant who led me inside, talking quickly. I nodded politely but absorbed very little of what was said. We were inside, walking down a long narrow hallway when a door popped open and out darted Kathy Lee Gifford who pummped my hand vigorously while she told me what a fan she was of my films.
She would not relinquish my hand and I was being drawn into her dressing room. I felt dimly like a fly being becoming entangled into the spider's web, but I remained friendly and compliant. At fifty-eight she was still quite attractive despite her overbearing personalty. She was wearing a white shirt opened enough to give one ample views of her breasts, the nipples swelling beneath the thin fabric.
Once inside she kissed the door closed the door leaving the quzzled assistant on the other side. She pulled me over to a spacious sofa and at last liberated my hand but sat quite close to me. She wanted to know details about my new film that I was working on and if the rumor's about the sexual content. She she spoke her breasts rise and fell with an ever increasing excitement. The closer she leaned towards me I could now notice the scent of alcohol on her breath, but I wouldn't describe her as d***k. The booze behaved more like an aphrodesiac and her hand patted my leg. Anne's words came back like a returning echo and smiled at her.
We were in the room for twenty minutes when she finally asked the question that hung over us. I could see it in her eyes. I leaned slightly back, taking her hand and placed it over the swell in my pants. She need no further encouragement and quickly opened my fly and extracted my semi erect cock and her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open with comical exaggeration.
When it was fuly erect Kathy Lee lurched forward, thrust her hand into the purse that had been casually tossed on the little table nearby, and removed a small cell phone. She opened it and pressed a single button, waiting the person to pick up. Her face lit up.
"Kotb, it's Gifford, you need to get over to my dressing room. Yes, he's here. You've got to get over here now!! Just get your Egyptian ass over to my dressing room," she said and tossed to phone aside without waiting for a response.
She returned her full attention to my exposed cock jutting out from the opening of my pants but the bite of the zipper made it somewhat uncomfortable and I suggested taking them off. She wanted to wait until Hoda arrived and she began sucking on the tip, drawing back the foreskin, and uttered a deep-chested grunt of satisfaction.
It was about five minutes before there came a rapid knock at the door and then the muffled voice saying: "It's meeee." Hoda Kotb slipped into the room quickly and allowed no prying eyes witness what was transpiring within. She exhaled a long sigh what she saw. Kathy Lee introduced the two of us and the humor was not lost on the moment. She was a tall and slender woman with a big bright smile. She was more formally dressed than the casual Kathy Lee. She leaned against the door for a litte while before she at last joined us.
It Kathy Lee on my left and Hoda on my right. Hoda had already strip down to her bra and panties to avoid any soiling of her dress which I assumed was going to be worn for the show. The white underwear was stiking contrast to her smooth carmel-clored skin. She was quite flat-chested, which seemed to be a running theme throughout the last several days and my mind flashed quickly to my androngenous driver waiting for me.
I was somewhat startled when Kathy Lee ceased her ministrations of my cock and then knelt behind Hoda, slipping her panties down her long and muscular legs and then thrust her face into Hoda's cunt. Hoda's body momentarily lurched forward once Kathy Lee had begun her own magic.
Being in Hollywood for as brief a time as I have been I was still thrilled by the strangeness that lay beneath it's skin and was never fooled by the illusions benhind the illusions. Nothing was ever what it seemed---masks over masks. To those who could keep it's secrets was welcomed to indulge without restraint, but it was still a town of insatiable vampires. This was no place for overly moral persons, but desperately in need substance.
I sat and watched Kathy Lee working on Hoda's pussy for a long while. It sounded like a pet lapping up water. It was provoking wild tremors throughout her body. I had unhooked her bra and was now fondled her petite breasts, pinching the dark nipples. Her head was bobbing in my lap and had comsumed a surprising quantity of my cock while kneading my balls.
Kathy Lee rose to her feet and lifted Hoda head away from my cock which sent a torrent of saliva washing down the shaft. She was gasping lightly, her body shimmering with a multitude of tiny sweat beads. Kathy Lee lifted her up by her arm pits. I looked at neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair that glitters with a combination of saliva and her own vaginal fluid. From behind Kathy Lee was fingering the little slit. She began with a single finger and gradually inserted a major portion of her hand, withdrawing it with a sharp sucking sound. Hoda was in a state of wild delirium.
Kathy Lee took her friend's hips into her hands and poised them over my cock and slowly sank down over it. I watched as merely a quarter disappeared into her cunt before she rose and dislodged my cock. Kathy Lee leaned over the shoulder of Hoda with a devilish smile illumianting her face. One finger held my cock while the other continued fondling her cunt. Tiny rivulets ran profusely down the length of her legs.
Kathy lee had only stepped back just long enough to strip herself naked and pushed Hoda aside and now straddled me. It was now Hoda turn to suck Kathy Lee's pussy,prepping her cunt for my cock but she required very little assistance and held my cock steady as she lowers herself downward. Her cunt was delghtfully flexible despite age and other exertions placed upon this little slit with the pale pink lips that swelled and glistened now. When got too loud Hoda quickly clamped her hand over Kathy Lee's mouth and arouse the curiousity of a less reliable passerby.
Like a sexual tag-team the two women traded off. I sat obdiently as they rode themselves to an orgasm. They made no real objection when I suggested anal sex. They nodded and positioned themselves for my offering, their asses hitched high in the air. I was well lubed by this time and I fucked them hard, burying my cock up to the hilt so that the f***e of the thrusts slammed my balls against their legs. I finally finished, generously discharging my load equally upon the backs of the two generous ladies.
We showered in a small bathroom ajoining the dressing and redressed, appearing on set as a picture of innocence. The ladies occasionally shift in their seats from the assault their assholes had just endured but neither looked dissatisfied or annoyed by this minor discomfort. The interview went along fine and I mentioned the Anne Heche film which should be airing soon. Afterwards as I was about to leave both gave me their personal cell phone numbers.
I went down to my waiting car and my curious driver. I called Anne and left a message about to out someplace for lunch. What a story I had to tell her when I got home. I settle back in my seat and gaze out at the streets of Manhattan---my dream city.
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ye3s thats bwhat its all about true sex for sex made me cum in my panties
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