I staggered down for breakfast and stepped into the kitchen, momentarily blinded by the flood of sunshine pouring in through the windows. I saw Mom and Nick sitting at the talbe whispering to one another. I thought that I had interrupted some private moment beteen the two of them. It sort of an open secret now the relationship that had blossomed between them, but it was never discussed. But when I entered they quickly looked over at me and by the expression of their faces I sensed that something was wrong and I felt sharp stab of premonition.
"What's wrong?" I asked after a long awkward silence.
"It's Lily," Nick started to say.
"What's wrong with Lily?" I asked.
"They had to rush her to the hospital last night," responded my mother. "It was appendicitis."
I suddenly felt my legs go rubbery and I reached to brace myself on the corner of a nearby counter. My stomach got very tight with fear.
"Is she all right?" I finally managed to ask.
"She's in Intesnive Care right now. They had to do an emergency orperation but it's too early to tell yet. They believe she will recover."
"Can I go see her?"
"Not until she's out of Intensive Care and in a private room," my mother said.
We were supposed to get together last night and go to a party over at the Crawford's house. I had never been to a sex part before and anticipated it with a mixture of emotions. Lily was hellbent on broadening my experiences. But early that day Lily calls and tells me that she is feeling sick to her stomach and figured that it was just something that she'd eaten. We taked for a while and had phone sex. I could hear the faint sound of her vibrator purring away. She imagined an absurd number of tongues all licking her simultaneously on every possible area of her body and having the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

Several days pass and I call Lily's mother to ask to updates and feel my heart soar when I hear that she is being finally moved to a private room. I go see her the first chance I can. Nick drives me down to the hospital. He has been very sweet and sympathetic during the whole ordeal.
When I enter Lily's hospital room I burst into tears as I see her looking so pale and fragile on the hospital bed. Nick waits outside and we are alone together.
Lily smiles weakly up at me. Her eyes move slowly from my face down to my tits. Whether conscoously or u*********sly I had neglected to put on a bra. She pinched my nipples through my t-shirt.
"Are trying to make me bust my stitches?" she jokingly asked.
I was still trying to stop crying. I leaned down and gave her a long, deep kiss. I was not going to tell her about the terrible dreams I had been having over the last several days. I awoke from them screaming out her name and Nick rushing into my room and holding my shaking body and stroked me until I calmed down.
"I love you," I said.
"I love you, too," Lily answered, but continued pinching my nipple and caused in me a strange mixture of emotions from sadness to arousal.
"I called the Crawfords and told them what happened. I hope you don't mind."
"They sent me those flowered," she said and pointed to the vase on the window sill elaborately arranged and with an enormous sunflower at it's center.
"They were very concerned."
"I really wanted to go that sex party."
"I'm sure they'd put one together once you fully recovered."
Lily was silent for a long while and she stroked my face.
"I think this is the longest without having sex. There is this really cute Asain intern who looks just like Sandra Oh. I think she would be interested in getting together some time. Just the three of us."
Then she was silent again.
"Would you do me a favor?"
"I want to smell your pussy," she said.
"I don't think I can get on top of you without pulling any important tubing."
"Put your hnad down your pants and masturbate yourself."
I looked over the door to her room and I knew that her mother and Nick were just on the other side and that a hospital attentant might walk in at any moment, but the look in Lily's eyes provoked a certain fearlessness and I opened the top button of my jeans, pulled down the zipper, and slipped my hand under the elastic waistband of my panties. She rubbed my tits and hastened my pussy getting wet.
Her hand moved under my t-shirt and fondled my tits. pinching the hard nipples and her face seemed to regain some of it's lost color. I leaned over and kissed her, our tongues dancing together joyfully.
My fingers shimmered when I presented them to Lily, taking hold of my wrsit and held them just under her nose, inhaling deeply as if she were inhaling a fine wine. She put the fingers into her mouth and suckled on them until a tiny rivulet of saliva ran down my hand.
It was dangerous to consider provoking any strain on her own body and I could see the frustration etched so painfully on her face. Unfortunately her mother never waked in at this moment because she was blissfuly in the dark about Lily and I. She imagined her daughter getting married and having c***dren.
"So what's been going on between you and Nick? Have you made that happen yet?" she asked once she settled down.
"Nothing yet."
"You have to make your move. What's the hold up? Don't you want to fuck him?"
"It feel a little awkawrd that he's screwing my mom. I mean, I'd be suckig a cock that's been inside my own mother. Wouldn't that make you feel a bit...."
"He washes his cock. I don't understnad the hang up. Trust me it woth it to get that huge cock iinside you. I promise that it will alter your way of thinking forever."
"What if he doesn't want to do it with me? What will I look like?"
"Listen to me, Nick is a borderline sex addict. I say that in the nicest sense of the term. There are worse thing to be addicted to than fucking. Right?"
"I guess your right. I dream about it, I must admit. Pretty often. In one dream you were fucking me and you had this huge cock."
Lily burst out laughing which caused a sudden stabbing pain in her side.
"Oh, baby, when I get out of here I am going to fuck you like a mad woman."
The visiting hour was over and we kissed goodbye and I walked with Nick into the hospital parking garage. We sat in the car for a little while when I felt a surge of courage and reached over and placed my hand over the crotch of his jeans. I opened them and released his cock. Lily was not exagerating about it's size. My fingers could just about curl round it. All these actions went uninterupted, but Nick kept looking around for any approaching hospital personnel or hosptial security. I was happily oblivious to this concern as began sucking on the tip his cock. I just jsut barely get a quater of the actual cock into my mouth and my jaws quickly began to ache from the effort. I just started licking the length of the thick shaft. When I managed to free his balls I kneaded them gently with my free hand---they were weighty but almost totally hairless. I hadn't seen many hairless balls over a certain age. I sucked on them, rolling them round in my mouth. Nick moaned softly and rose slightly up off the car seat, shifting his body to give me the maximum amount of room so that my head would not get lodged between his lap and the sterring wheel. It would have been an awkward moment if we needed to hurriedly compose ourselves.
I sipped up the few preliminary pearls of come from the tip of his cock once I had peeled back his foreskin. This was a new experience as well. Nick was the first uncircumcised cock I'd ever sucked. It resembled a turtle-neck sweater once the foreskin had been retracted from the tip. He tried to push my head down so that more of his cock sank into my mouth but when I began gagging he quickly abandoned this tactic and allow to suck him off in my own manner.
I replaced the image of Nick's cock buried deep into my mom's cunt and now saw it slipping up inside the lovely pussy of my beloved Lily--those sweet bubble-gum pink lips opening to their capacity---and then some. I licked round rim of the head of the cock with the very tip of my tongue and then quickly down the shaft, tracing the numerous veins swelling just beneath the skin.
I knew that he was very close. I worked a finger under his balls and tickled his asshole with my fingernail. His hips shot upward and he barked out a deep moan. It was a great affirmation that I was doing well. I was having some sort of out of body experience because I had never fingering a guy's asshole before. Perhaps even if present with the idea I would have viewed it rather appalingly. This was a new Carly (Yes, I as named after singer Carly Simon) who was emerging: fearlessly and unashamed.
"What do you do when a guy comes?" I remembered asking Lily once.
"If you love him you will swallow his come," she responded without a monents hesitation.
When Nick finally ejaculated I tried to swallow as much as humanly possible but I started gagging at the quantity pouring into my mouth and more spilled out and down into his dark pubic hair and matted it down. He had been arched slightly up off the seat during this entire event but now settled down and reached round into the back seat and found a roll of paper towels. We cleaned each other off. My t-shirt was heavily speckled with come droplets.
I was amazed how long it look for his cock to shrink enough to be slipped back inside inside his jeans. It was till an effort on his part to tuck it back down there and involved more than a little bit discomfort. He kissed my cheek and gave my tits a firm squeeze before starting up the car.
Vanity wanted me to ask if I was a better cocksucker than my own mother but it seemed best to push this question back into the far corner of my mind where it belonged. Why complicate an already complicated situation.
I leaned up against him as we drove home and only straightened up when we pulled into the drive way. Mom greeted us at the door and we gave her an edited account of our visit with Lily. I spy Nick giving Mom's ass a little affectionate pat and she looks over at him with the glow of a virgin.
I can't wait to tell Lily about tjis. She will be so proud of me.
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Lovely story.. :)
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This is the best love story.
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