My s****r Maureen and I have been lovers off and on for twenty years now,continuing even after she got married and had two c***dren. I loved fucking her when she was pregnant, making that swollen belly jiggle with each thrust. During these periods was a winfall for me because her husband was so put off as the pregnancy progressed he could no longer maintain a sustained erection. Maureen's hermones were going berserk and she ridiculously horny. If I didn't see her for a few weeks I was greeted at our next rendevous by a pussy that was so hairy I needed a machete to get through it. I love naturally hairy women---a shaved pussy was not particularly attractive.
When we were k**s the house we lived in provided a very convenient access to one another. Maureen and I had bedrooms up stairs at opposite ends of a short hallway. Our parents had the bedroom downstairs so they never knew what we were doing. The stairs that led to the second floor creaked and popped like an ancient coffin being opened so we had a warning system if either one of them were on their way up.
Even before actually became physical, Maureen and I played the usual games of house and doctor and explored one another body with innocent curiousity. Maurren was a little at first about showing off her body and gradually relinquished one piece of clothing at a time. She was fascinated with my penis which she tugged on. As the years passed I watched Maureen's body grow and I became a cronic masturbater---Maureen being my main fantasy. Her breasts plumped up and the hair tickened between her legs.
Our knowledge of sex was still pretty rudimentary at this time and all we did was lay in bed together and rubbed our bodies together. I ejaculated on the little paunch of her belly, collecting in her navel in small white pool. We did not consumate our effection until Maureen was f******n and I was sixteen. We had acquired enough information from various sources by this time that we knew what we supposed to do. I got a rubber from my father's dresser and waited until we were sure that mom and dad were asl**p when I tiptoed down to Maureen's room. She was waiting for me, smiling nerously. We were both virgins. We started to kiss. I rubbed her breasts through the nightshirt that she wore, pinching her nipples that were as hard as little pebbles. We undressed one another as we had done nermous times but it seemed very different this time. We were both pretty nervous. She lay down on the bed and I kissed her all over her body, moving slowly down between her legs, inhaling the scent of her pussy. She spread her legs wider and I licked her for a good length of time. She moaned and thrust her hips up off the bed. I looked her beautiful pink vaginal lips which shimmered with a mixture of her own natural juices and my saliva. Maureen became more comfortable and took my stiff cock into her warm mouth, sucking on it for a while. I had to gently push her away when I felt myself ready to come. I didn't want to end it before it began. I pushed her back down on the bed, waiting a moment until I felt the sensation of my impeding orgasm to pass, and then lay on top of her. Again she stiffen with nerousness. She had already heard from several sources that the first time was going to hurt and that there will be bl**d. We took the precaution and placed an old towel underneath her. I made a few thrusts that found no entry. Maureen took my prick into her hand and guided it to her pussy. I gently thrust my cock into her. She let out a sharp little cry as I busted her cherry. I could see the pain etched on her face and was about to stop but she told me to go on. I didn't last long and rolled off of her, peeling off the bl**dy condom. The towel was soaked with bl**d. Maureen wiped herself off.
It was a few weeks before we tried it again. The soreness had somewhat subsided and the sex was more pleasureable. Once we had developed more skills sex became an obsession in our young lives and we must screwed on a daily basis for nearly four months or more. We tried various positions during that wonderful time of discovery. Maureen loved sitting on top, riding me until she gave herself a screaming orgasm. We had to very careful about we kept our relationship and did not want our parents to suspect anything. We alomsot got caught a couple of times but managed to avoid this.
When Maureen got married I thought this would be the end of our relationship, but she assured me that I'd always be a part of her life. We met a few times a month, but once her c***dren were born these rendevous became less and less frequent. When our parents passed away Maureen and her husband bought the old house. Her c***dren now occupied the rooms were Maureen and I grew up. It was wonderful when we could get together and fuck in those rooms. With her husband at work and her c***dren at school we had the house to ourselves we were stilled thrilled by the forbidden nature of our relationship.
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3 years ago
This was a little to short i loved it but you needed more thanks
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
excellent story, would love to hear more
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
That was hot you made me very horny i had to jack off this time wow thanks
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Good story.
4 years ago
Great story, fucking a pregnant woman is very interesting, explore it some more please!!
4 years ago
Hot story, but can't help wondering what Maureen's kids might be up to upstairs... What's their age? ;)P