It's unthinkable.....it's unimaginable!
I tried to push the thought of my son and daughter engaged in sexual activity out of my mind like an invading demon, but the images refused to sink.
How long has it been going on? A week? A month? A year?
Before the dvorce they at each other like cats and dogs. When my husband and I got into very heated verbal bouts I often found my daughter in my son's room. Was it happening then or was she just finding comfort from my crumbling marriage.
I'd be a hypocrite if I did not admit that I had a crush on my older b*****r, but never thought to physicalize it. He was ten years older than me and went into the Marines when he was eighteen. When he came home on leave I'd wait for him at the front door and when he came in I threw my arms around his neck and shower him with kisses. I was probably ten r eleven so my knowledge of sex was rudimentary at best. It's basic functions were still somewhat of a mystery to me. But I did have a crsuh on him and never told a single person until now.
After the divorce I moved with the k**s into a spacious apartment. At twelve Tess was the more visibly affected and blamed herself as most c***dren wrongly do in the divorce of their parents. I tried to assuage her guilt but it was something I guess would have to run it's way out of her mind like a virus. At sixteen Caleb became very mature and seemed to slip easily into the position of "man of the house". He was very tender and comforting with his s****r.
My own life was a physical flatline. I had a job in an office building and brought home a decent amount of money for all of us to live comfortably. My personal life after the divorce was less than spectacular. Perhaps it was residual feelings I had left over from my marriage but I found myself thinking less and less about sex. The physical need was still there and on a few rare occasions I succumbed to the urge and dated someone at work. The sex was mechanical and on some vague level enjoyable. Then out of the blue a woman from the mailroom starts flirting with me. I try to be polite and decline her various attempts at getting me to go out on a date. She is not easily brushed aside and continues flirting. Perhaps it was because I was in the midst of a prolonged sexual dry spell I accepted her offe. "I pissed myself a little," she would confide in me later. She was a short very butch looking woman perhaps in her late twenties. She walked with a very manish stride as if she had a pair of balls in her pants. Perhaps its was that androgenous aspect that attracted me. . Up to that point I had had only secret crushes on a couple women throughout my life, but was far to inhibited to act upon them. I kept them bottled up and eventually they went away. But now I was desperately horny and just wanted my pussy sucked. Among the few happy memories I have retained of my husband the one primary one was that he could eat me out. I always judged a man on how well he ate my pussy. A couple did a few brush strokes as if they were white washing a fence...while others used their tongue like Picasso used a brush. My husband was the latter.
Rita and I went out for dinner, then to a lesbian club in the city. I felt a little like an intruder at first. We danced and drank and laughed. I started to loosen up. Rita's hands strayed eagerly over my body while we slow danced. We went back to her place because my place was out of the question. Rita poured us some wine. We settled down on her sofa and talked for a while. It was not long before Rita moved over and planted a long kiss on my lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth like a battering ram. I was stiff and awkward, clumsily mirroring her actions. "Relax," she whispered. We pulled off one another's clothes. I was silently shocked to see what an exceptionally hairy woman Rita was. I have only been with men who have been so hairy. I tried to kiss her pussy but I just could not get over the feeling that this was not for me and it would seem wrong to let this go on. I abruptly stood up and gathered my clothes, dressed, profusely appolgized to Rita , and left.
When I got home it was some time after eleven. The apatment was very quiet. I decided this opportunity to confirm or deny the dark feelings I had about Caleb and Tess. I tiptoed first to Tess' room, slowly opening the door. The room was dark but once my eyes adjusted to the dark and could see that Tess was not in her bed. It was still made and all her dolls and stuffed a****ls assembled at the head of the bed. My heart starts to pound frantically as I approach Caleb's room. The light is on. I turn the knob slowly, gently pushing it open just enough. My legs turn suddenly to rubber when I open the door further and inside I see the confirmation of my suspicion. I stand in the threshold watching Tess riding her b*****r with quick sharp thrusts of her hips. These were not the actions of a novice. Neither one saw my as I continued to watch. I felt detached from my body. Tess' pale smooth back glistened with perspiartion. Her moans were soft and mingled with Caleb's low deep sighs. As she rose and dropped her buttocks I could see Caleb's cock appear and disappear into Tess' pussy. My head swam. I had to support myself with the door jam or else I was likely to just crumble on the floor.
I was mesmerized by the scene of my son and daughter fucking in front of me. I felt as if I was watching a movie. I slowly closed the door and staggered into the livingroom and collapsed onto the sofa. I had folded myself up into a fetal position and was that way when Tess came padding naked from the bedroom and heading towards the kitchen. Whe she saw me she let out a scream which caused Caled to come flying out out of the bedroom stark naked. There they were standing before me like an i****tuous Adam and Eve. I suddenly found myself laughing at the fact that Caleb was standing there with an erection pointed in my direction. It was a strange, hysterical laugh.
Tess started crying. Caleb put his arm around her and held her against him. It was a sweet gesture, strangely enough. It had been a rough year for all of us.
"How long has it been going on?" I finally found the strength to speak.
Caleb shrugged his broad shoulders. "About six months now, I guess."
I was just numb.
"I love him," Tess said in a barely audible voice.
I looked at her and saw a look of such happiness--the first I'd seen in her face in a long time.
"We're not ashamed," Caleb proudly announced.
Tess nodded silently in agressment to her b*****rs decleration.
After a long while I felt a smile spread on my face.
"Please be careful. Tess is too young to be getting pregnant."
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2 years ago
these are all love stoies you have the nack of make them so erotic asnd sexy and very loving at the same time
3 years ago
The love a anundderstanding mother means so much when you are growing up fantastic story
3 years ago
damn thats so turning on. nice one
4 years ago
wonderful & loving bro & sis great mom her turn next
4 years ago
Wonderful story, expertly written! Looking forward to more adventures with this family!
4 years ago
loved it, would like to hear more
4 years ago
I don't know if my mom knew.My sis and I shared a room for a while and we would mess around.
4 years ago
I don't know if my mom knew.My sis and I shared a for a while and we would mess around.
4 years ago
think mom for understand dam good story and yes i love to here more
4 years ago
nice story.
4 years ago
Hot story, nicely told.
4 years ago