One evening I was awakened from a light dreamless sl**p by a car door slamming and people talking in a hushed tone. I crept over to the window and saw several cars parked on the front lawn. Uncle Dave was gretting his guests with a hug and a kiss, both female and male with equal passion. In total there was about a half dozen people. They did not enter the house but headed down a narrow path that cut into the dark forest. My curiousity thourghly aroused I dressed and went downstairs and out the back door. My anus still tingled from the sexual encounter with Uncle Dave a few short hours ago. I went to bed alone. He kissed me goodnight and went downstairs. I watched his lean lovely body as he left the room. Whenhe was in his home he prefered to be naked and that evening emerging from his house greeting his late night guests totally naked, his huge uncut cock swinging like a pendulm.
I followed the pathway to where there was a small pond. It was modestly sized but one could swim in it. By the time I arrived on the scene everyone had shed his or her clothing and prowled around with ease. The women were incredibly beautiful and were all shapes and sizes. The men seemed anyone you'd pass on the street with the exception of the cross-dressing man who is the middle of a strip tease when I arrived. Everyone watched as each layer of clothing was peeled off until finally off came the panties to reveal a cock that has to be ten inches if not more. I moved carefully closer, aware already of the erection raging in my pants.
Torches were lit around the party area and everyone was bathed in a soft eerie glow.It was not long before they were throwing themselves onto one another. Uncle Dave had his face plunged into the crotch of a woman who must have weighed two hundred plus pounds. She grunted and groaned and her fleshy body undulated. Foreplay was short and Uncle Dave rose and poised his engorged cock into her shaved pussy. She let out a cry that echoed throughout the forest. The cross-dresser was sucking the cock a young blond boy who could not have been older than me. He turned the boy over and drove his massive cock into his ass. The boy let out and deep sigh as it slowly sank deeper and deeper.
I watched this crazy orgy n all its crazy configurations. I moved closer until I felt myself being lifted by two very powerful arms. It was obviously a late comer to the party that just arrived and had spotted me. He carried me into clearing. "Look what I found creeping in the woods!" the man called out to the others. Uncle Dave let out a loud laugh and told them who is was.
"Give him to me!" called the fat woman.
I was hauled by the man over to the woman who stripped off me pants and started sucking my cock, which had been slowly wilting when I was apprehended. Her mouth was warm and in a matter of seconds I was hard again. The strong man still had a firm hold of me when the woman reclined on the grass and I was put on top of her. Maybe they thought I was going to run. The tiny hands at the end of her thick arms guided my still inexperienced cock into her pussy. During my brief time with Uncle Dave I had developed a little bit of stamina and did not ejaculate right as soon as my cock slip into that soft pussy. I began to thrust and let natural insticts take over.
Suddenly I felt my anus being wetted. The strong man had licked his fingers and was applying his saliva to my asshole, iserting them gently, gauging me. In a matter of moments the strong man had opened his pants and rubbed his own cock into a full erection. I could not see any of this and had to imagine it all. In my mind's eye he had an enormous cock similar to the cross=dresseer, but I was wrong when I felt a very prick inch itself up my ass. He grunted softly as me pumped away. He continued fucking the fat woman as she whispered little tips. It was the strong man who came first. I felt his hot come splashing on my back. I came a few minutes later and ejaculated inside the fat woman. I rose and another immediately took me place.
I went over to Uncle Dave who threw his arms around me and kissed me.
The forest was a constellation of fireflies.
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2 years ago
just so sex
3 years ago
wow great story imagine if i had an uncle like dave wow i would hve been very different thanks
4 years ago
Wow!! I can hardly wait to read more adventures with Uncle Dave!!
4 years ago
Great story loo9king forward to the nex one thanks
4 years ago
great followup story