My Uncle Dave is my mother's "baby" b*****r and has been an influence than my own father. When he saw that I had aspirations as an artist he took me on trips up into Manhatten and toured a few of the museums in the city. This would have bored my father whom I suspected was disappointed that his only son was not more of jock like himself.
I guess I started having sexula fantasies about him around the age of fifteen although the whole idea of sex between two men was totally unknown to me. My parents were very conservative when it came to sex and was a verboten topic in the house. I was interested in girls, but secretly I stole glances at the other boys during gym class and envied the size of their cocks in comparison to my own.
When I disovered masturbation it became nearly an obssession as I did it often enough that it left my cock red and sore. I was f***ed to leave it own for several agonizing days until it healed. I humped pillows in the meanwhile but it was a poor substitute. Wet dreams figured heavily during this period of my life. Each morning I woke up with my underwear soaked in sperm. But during these times in a boy's life when he should be able to speak to his father and get a little advice I dare not approoach my own father. I never dare bring it up. My mother, although not as rigid as my father, was not much of an option for a fifteen year old boy. It was a male thing. I thought of asking Uncle Dave for some advice on the issue but I felt awkward about bring such a matter to him.
One weekend over the summer school recess Uncle Dave bought a sail boat. It was a small single sail boat and was in dire need of maintanence. He asked if I'd want to come over and help him fix it up. I immediately agreed and it would mean spending the entire weekend or longer over at Uncle Dave's and away from home.
The weekend finally arrived and we got to work on the boat. It was modest in size but once we finished our task it look a world better. The first day was spent scr****g the barnacles off the outer hull. It was not look before I was bathed in sweat. Uncle Dave suggested I remove my shirt and applied some sunblocker to my back. We worked until noon and went to luch, continuing until about six when called it a day. By the time we got back to his house my body was a massive ache. Uncle Dave suggested to massage to relax the muscles before they started to cramp up. He told me to undress and stretch out on the floor. I was a little nervous about getting naked, but I did it. After stripping my naked and lay facedown on the carpeted rug. Uncle Dave knelt down beside me and started the massage. He went right for my back and shoulders and his fingers dug gently into my sore muscles, gently massaging them. I became very relaxed, but the longer he continued the massage the more aware of how aroused I was becoming. By the time he started working on my buttocks I full on hard on. I lay perfectly still and silently prayed that it would just fade away. It didn't. Uncle Dave told me to open my legs a little bit so that he could get to my inner thighs. His fingers came perilously close to my balls. I had to shift a little over to my side because the roughness of the carpet was creating a lot on pain.
Suddenly I felt his finger brush against my balls. I attributed it to a mere miscalulation and dismissed it until a few moments later when it happened again. My head was spinning with shock, fear, and delight. There must have been some sort of expression on my face because he asked me if anything was the matter. I felt like crying when I confessed that I had an erection. I turned over onto my back because the friction against the carpet was becoming now unbearable.
He looked down at this unavoidable response to the stimulation and smiled. He was such a very handsome man. I neglected to describe him earlier. He was tall and lean in a very athletic way with long slender limbs that were quite tan now. He had softly curled broen hair and amazing pale blue eyes. It was hard to believe that he was my mother's b*****r. It was his smile that made me feel very calm and eased my initial fears.
"Shall I help you?" he asked.
"How?" I naively asked.
Again he smiles and starts kissing my chest, flicking my nipples with the tip of his tongue. Moving gradually downward over my belly, ticking my belly button. I doubt he realized how fast my heart was racing at that moment.
I felt his mouth close around my cock, slowly drawing it in and out, one hand very gently fondling my balls. I wish I could tell you it lasted a long time but I came almsot within seconds, emptying out the contents of my tiny balls into Uncle Dave's mouth. He drank it all down as if I were a milkshake.
When he stood up I saw the bulge in his swim trucks. I was still pretty shy and did know exactly what I was supposed to do. He took off his swim trunks and I gazed with fixed fascination at his enormous cock. It was about eight inches in length and had a slight upward curviture. My own just stuck out straight. It was surrounded curly hair that was slightly darker than the on his head, but his balls were completely hairless.
He reached down and helped me up. We went upstairs into his bedroom. Again my heart beat wildly, but I still felt rather calm as we reached his room. It large and spacious with a big bay window that looked out into the forest that surrounded his house. The moonlight that spilled in was sufficent to navigate around without turning on any lights.
I was shy and clumsy when we started to kiss. He sensed this and took my hand and put it on his cock. My fingers curled around it and he wordless showed me how keep him stiff, whispering soft encouragements into my ear.
We moved onto the bed and stretched out. We continued kissing for several minutes. I grew more relaxed. I imitated what he had done to me earlier and he lay back quietly a let me learn. I could just about get half his cock into my mouth. I squuezed his hairless balls and little too roughly when I called out to me: "Gently." I refined my technique gradually. He laid back and enjoyed it now.
After several minutes he gently pushed me away and reached for the lamp table beside the bed. I was kind glad he stopped me at that moment because me jaw was getting tired. From single drawer and took out tube, which he uncapped. I watched as he exuded a generous portion of the contents onto his fingers and then applied it to entire prick.
He shifted me around so that now I was facing away from him. He kissed my shoulders.
"Relax," Uncle Dave whispered into my ear.
I felt the tip of his prick pushing between my buttocks and pressing against my clenched sphinter muscles. The word "relax" was repeated like a mantra as I felt the cock head spreading open that viginal orfice. The pain was unbelievable. His cock advanced slowly up my rectum. He knew what it was like to be fucked in the ass for the very first time and was very gentle not to proceed until those muscles adjusted to this intruder. I tried to ignore the pain and relax. In my mind's eye he was fucking me with something much larger than his cock----it kept inching its way in. When will be eall the way in! I said to myself. The I felt his pubic hairs bristly against my skin and I knew he was all the way in now. Innocently I believed this was all. He stuck it in and now took it out. He started fucking me slowly at first, quickening gradually. The tightness of my ass must have been extraordinary because a few after started to fuck me and within his cock entirely from my body and I felt a hot thick fluid being spilled on my back. He let out a soft cry and fell on the bed beside me. He was soaked in sweat.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
I looked at over at his strained and sweaty face and nodded nodded my head. I could not even muster a few words. I was overwhelmed by the whole experience. We there together to a while and then went to take a shower. As he soaped my cock I found myself getting hard again. He turned, still holding onto my prick, and guided it towards his ass. I aped his movements from earlier and fucked him for as long as I could. It lasted a bit longer than my first experience but was triple the pleasure.
We slept together that night, just holding one another. The following morning we went to work on the boat. Painting it and over the next few days the boat was transformed into the thing of beauty. It would be a while until we could actually take it out to sea, but I was patient and the summer vaction was just beginning.
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4 years ago
That was amazing!! A very hot and sweet first time!
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great story.
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Ver well written, hot, hot story.
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WOW...Great Story...It sounded so Real!!!
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hot story
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that got me hard
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Wow wish i had an uncle like him that would have been some education Thanks