Game night

My best buddy Tom was over one night with his girlfriend Jennie. I was with my girlfriend Mary. Mary and Jennie were very much opposites of each other. Mary was short, Jennie was tall. Mary had big boobs for her size, D cup, while Jennie was not even really an A cup. Mary had jet black hair and Jennie was a blond. The list went on.

Tom and I would often go out and play poker and this night the girls wanted to play. We put Rounders on the DVD player, and got out the booze and started playing. After about 45 minutes of playing with just chips the girls said they were starting to get bored. They needed stakes.

Tom jokingly suggested strip poker. They looked at each other and said OK. We were pretty shocked, but what the hell. So we laid out some ground rules. All players had to start with the same number of clothing articles. Things worn in pairs had to come off in pairs. Jewelery did not count. They agreed and the cards were dealt.

I actually had miserable cards for the first hand and lost my shirt. Jennie was next to lose and she took off her shoes. Tom lost two in a row and removed his shoes and socks. Mary then lost and chose to take off her shirt, but she was wearing a Cami. I did some math and realized that since she also had a bra on, she must be commando under her jeans.

I lost again and took off my shoes. The rounds went by and soon we were nearing the "Chicken point" Mary was down to her Cami, bra and jeans, Jennie was down to t-shirt (No bra, no need), jeans and panties. Tom and I were both just in pants and boxers. Mary lost next and she took off her cami. Her tits were straining physics and looking to break her bra. Tom was beside himself trying to not stare at her cleavage, and because of that he lost the next round and had to take off his pants.

The girls insisted that when pants came off the person had to stand up away from the table, spin slowly two times and then they could sit. Tom had an issue, his dick was very hard. When he took off his pants he had a very visible tent in his boxers. The girls took delight in this and Tom turned about four shades of red.

Next Jennie lost her pants. She stood and took off her pants and spun and let us all see her tiny little thong which was little more than a thought. She sat down and was eager for the next round. Mary lost next and took off her pants. Well Tom and Jennie were both shocked that she had nothing else on under there, I guess they lost count. She spun slowly and Jennie remarked about her nice landing stripe. Then Mary lost again. Off came the bra. Now she was naked. I still had pants and boxers, Tom was down to boxers and Jennie had a t-shirt and thong on.

Before the next round Jennie said we needed rules for naked people. "Well, how about that if the naked person loses they have to perform and act that they winner of the hand says." I suggested.
"What kind of act?" asked Mary.
"Any kind the winner wants." Said Tom. The girls looked at each other again and nodded. We were on.

I lost next and got down to my boxers. Tom then lost his boxers and was now naked. We learned that he was well groomed in the pubic area and he blushed again. Jennie then lost her t-shirt. Then Tom lost again. I won. Hmmm, what to have him do? I decided that he should make out with Mary for 3 minutes. Mary got a little upset, and Jennie laughed and said it was OK. Mary then felt Ok, with it. As they kissed hand roamed a bit and Mary was stroked Tom's cock gently while he played with her big tits.

I lost next and had to get naked. My cock was very hard watching Mary and Tom but I am well endowed so I was not embarrassed. The next hand Jennie won and Mary lost. Jennie thought a bit and then she said that Mary should suck Tom's cock for 3 minutes. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Mary knelt before Tom and took his cock into her mouth. She was really good at giving head and soon had him really worked up. I thought he was going to cum before the buzzer, but he made it.

I lost again and Jennie won again. She wanted me to fuck Mary until she came. I got up and Mary bent over the table. She put her boobs down on the top and I took her from behind. Mary had been fingering herself under the table for the last couple of rounds, so she was very wet. I entered her and went to work. It didn't take long Mary was very excited. I plowed her from behind until her pussy contracted around my cock in orgasm. She was moaning very loudly. But Jennie said she needed proof that Mary wasn't faking. Mary took Jennies hand and put it on her dripping pussy and Jennie said that she was convinced.

Tom lost next and Mary won. Mary really wanted to watch Tom fuck Jennie, but Jennie still had her panties on. So she told Tom that he had to eat her pussy for 3 minutes. Tom looked at Jennie, but she just Tom to get to work. Tom got on his knees and ate Mary's pussy like a pro. She was very close to cumming when the buzzer went off and she grabbed his head and said, "No way, your not done yet." With that she started cumming. Tom's face was soaked with her juices when she finally let him up.

Jennie lost the next hand an finally got rid of her last piece of clothing. She lost the next round too, and Tom won. He just looked at her and she got between his legs and sucked on his cock. He did blow before the buzzer this time and Jennie swallowed it all. Tom lost the next round and I won, knowing he couldn't get up that quick I had him eat Jennie's pussy. (She thanked me)

She was close to cumming when the buzzer went off and Jennie suggested that the game had run the course. Tom soon had her cumming and we all agreed. We moved to the living room, and paired up. We were all enjoying each others company when Mary yelled "Switch" and the two girls got with the other guys. Jennie came over to me and simply mounted my cock and began to ride cowgirl. She was really hot and I really enjoyed the feel of her. Even her little tiny tits were fun, they were so sensitive and sucking on her nipples could make her orgasm.

After about 10 minutes Mary lead Tom over to Jennie and I. She had a bottle of lube and had his dick slathered in it. She got Jennie's ass well lubed and gently pushed her forward towards me. Her and Tom had had anal before, but this was a new adventure. It was new for me as well, the feeling of Tom's cock and her pussy soon had me cumming in her pussy and that sent Jennie off as well. Tom pulled out and bent Mary over.

He was clearly going for her ass, and I was interested to see how this would work out. Mary and I had done ass play but I had never been able to get my cock into her ass. Too big for her. Tom's cock was thinner than mine, but about the same length. After one try he was able to get in on the second effort. Mary was feverishly fingering her pussy and she brought herself off as Tom shot his load into her ass.

We all relaxed for a bit, had a bite to eat and drink. Then the girls suggested that we each spend the night with the other's girl. You know, for a change, keep things fresh. Tom and I agreed and went to different rooms. It was like a contest all night. Jennie and I would hear Tom and Mary going at it and have to match. We basically spent the night getting off, it was really great. The next morning my cock was sore and n both girls were walking funny. Tom had fucked Mary's ass three more times. Jennie and I spent the night trying out many many positions, we even broke out the Kama Sutra and found some we didn't know.

For about two years we had a game night once a month. But then Jennie left Tom for another woman. Tom was broken hearted and we lost our playmates.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I have had this fanatasy for years. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
That's how our swapping began back in the early '70's. Great times.
2 years ago
Reminds me of a swap I attended.