Michelle in the library

I studied in the library every night. One of the girls that I studied with was Michelle. She was really cute 21 year old. She had long dark hair and was nicely endowed with C cup breasts and a killer ass.

On night just the two of us were studying in the basement of the library as usual when she started complaining about the tightness of her bra and how much it was bugging her. I told her to go into the bathroom and take it off. She was wearing a sweatshirt, which was big, no one would notice. So after a little more time she took my suggestion.

She commented that she felt "naughty" and naked because her sweatshirt was so big that it felt like she wasn't wearing anything. She was obviously getting turned on by the feeling. Finally she arched her back to stretch and I could obviously see her nipples through her sweatshirt. They must have been rock hard. I had to feel them.

I commented about her nipples and how she might not want to do that again, but she said that she was so horny she just didn't care. I got up and moved behind her. The basement was not very full, but there were people around, but they were mostly behind where we were. I made a move that I was pointing something out, but my hand went down through the neck hole of her sweatshirt and I rubbed her titties. She simply sighed and surrendered to my hand. I zeroed in on one nipple and took it into my fingers. She was sounding as if we were fucking, and she had a small orgasm with my simple manipulations of her tits.

She got up and grabbed my hand. We went to the restrooms and I paused at the door. She opened the door and looked in and quickly yanked me through the door. She simple puled her pants down and bent over. I quickly inserted a finger into her dripping pussy and fingered her while reaching around and using my other hand on her swollen clit. She came again and asked me for my cock.

I took my dick out of my pants and slowly inserted it into her pussy. She was so wet and hot, it went on with no problems. She reached under and played with her clit while she rammed herself back onto my cock. She was building again towards another orgasm when the door opened. The bathroom was small, only two stalls and a sink, and we wee right inside the door. The girl that came in squeezed past us and went into the stall. She stayed in there quite a while and finally she peeked around the door.

She watched us for a while then moved out so we could see her fingering herself in time with our fucking. I was rapidly building and the sight of this other girl watching really set me off. I pulled out and yanked off Michelle's shirt. She grabbed my dick, sucked it a bit and jacked me off onto her tits. I shot a big load as the girl watching moaned in orgasm.

She was still yanking on me when the girl opened her eyes and saw my huge load on Michelle's tits. Michelle asked her if she wanted some, while scooping up a finger full and sucking it off her finger. The girl came over and looked like she was going to do it, but she bent over and took one of Michelle's nipples into her mouth, then stood up buttoned her pants and walked out.

Michele rubbed my cum all over her chest and then put her sweatshirt back on. I walked her to her apartment where we fucked some more on the couch. When her roommate got home we had a watcher again. It was a great night.
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