Best Job Fair. . . ever!

I had graduated college, but was having a hard time finding a job. I expanded my search and started looking in different states and the larger cities. I found out about a job fair 3 states away in a moderately sized city.

The job fair included a tour of the area, I got on a bus and found a seat. A little while later the bus was mostly full. A really attractive red-head got on the bus and sat down next to me. She was about 6 inches shorter than me, so I switched and let her have the window. I introduced myself and she did as well, her name was Rosie. I found out that was still a student at the school I graduated from the year before. We chatted about common interests and people from school that we both knew.

We wound up staying together through most of the events of the day. As things were wrapping up they gave us big packets of forms to fill out. I invited her to my nearby hotel, we would get a bite and fill these things out. She accepted and we worked for a couple of hours. She left to go to her hotel and call her boyfriend. Ah well, she was cute and pleasant company so it was OK. I sat on the balcony outside my room and drank a couple of beers.

As I was getting ready to hit the sack I hear a knock on the door. I open it up there is Rosie. She had red eyes and a suitcase in her hand. "I got back to my room and it was full of fucking cockroaches!" I let her in and told her she could have the other bed. She said she needed a shower to wash the filth of the cockroaches out of her mind. I listened to the shower picturing her naked and I could have sworn I heard her crying.

She came out of the bathroom dressed in a long t-shirt and panties. God she had a great ass. As she dried her hair I kept stealing glances at her. It was obvious that she had no bra on and her nipples were rock hard. Her tits were large B or small C cup. With no make-up right from the shower she was beautiful.

She came over and sat on my bed. We talked for a little and I had a hard time not looking at her panties on display. Finally she said that she had a confession. "I got back to my hotel, and I was disgusted with the cockroaches, but I also called my boyfriend. I am about 99% sure I was cheating on me." She filled me in on details of how he was out of breathe, telling her he was working out, which when he said it she heard a female giggle. She had suspected him of this for a while, but now she was pissed and out for revenge.

"Yippee" thought I.

I reached for her and was kissed deeply for a while. When we came up for air I said "So you are here to use me?" She laughed and said "Yep", to which I replied that I was game. We kissed some more and I reached under her shirt. Her nipples were like over-sized erasers. Hard but yet soft, obviously they were sensitive too, because as I played with them she moaned and pushed against me. I took off her shirt and sucked on her nipples for a bit. While doing this I played with her pussy through her panties. She was now stroking my cock through my boxers.

I pushed her down a little and removed her panties. I was greeted by a beautiful shaved pink pussy. She was soaked too. I love eating a woman out, and when they are fresh from a shower it is even better. I ate her to several orgasms and she needed a rest. I laid with my head on her thigh and she reached for my cock. She took it into her mouth. I am not extremely long, but I am fairly big in girth and she had some trouble getting her lips around it. She did a great job licking and using her tongue on my cock. I was soon ready to cum and I told her so. She stopped and let me settle down a bit.

She laid on her back and said "Fuck me". I reached for my bag to get a condom, but she said "I am on the pill and I have never let my boyfriend not use one, you will be the first for that." With that I put my cock to her sweet hole and pushed gently. It was hard work, she was tight, but finally I was in. She was obviously a little uncomfortable. I kept at it slow and gentle and soon she was moaning and getting into it. All signs of discomfort were gone and I worked up to a good rhythm.

Every time I would feel my orgasm coming I would back off and change positions. Finally I had her ankles on my shoulders and she was screaming for me to cum in her pussy. So I did. After I came I pulled out and she took my cock and licked off my cum and juices. "That was great" she said.

I needed to catch my breath, but she was still horny. She sucked me up again and said "There is something else I never let him do." With that she got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air. I am no dummy. I got my fingers thoroughly wet with her pussy juices and slowly worked one then two into her ass. I thought her pussy was tight her asshole was incredible. I worked her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Eventually I was able to get three fingers in her tight hole and decided that I could try my cock.

She sucked me some more and got my cock rock solid then I slipped it into her pussy to get it as wet as I could. I pressed the head of my cock and gently pressed. She groaned and pushed back into me. The head of my cock got into her and I just kept pressing. She was screaming but not in pain. She kept pushing back against me until I was balls deep. There we paused and caught her breathe. She laughed and said "I never thought I would do this, btu fuck it feels good."

With that she started moving back and forth. I let her take the lead and just hung on for the ride. Had I not already blown a load I would have cum almost instantly. I watched us in the mirror and saw her reach between her legs. She rubbed her clit for a bit and set off an explosive orgasm. She came so hard I thought her asshole would cut my dick off. It was actually painful. When she was done climaxing she thought a shower would be a good idea.

I soaped her up and down and we fucked with slippery bodies. She got on her knees and sucked me until I was about to cum. She jacked me off and I sprayed her face full of cum, which she then washed off. We dried and got into bed naked. I laid down and she laid on top of me. Head on my chest, her still wet pussy on my cock. We both feel asl**p and awoke in the middle of the night my cock was in her pussy and she was riding me. I was conscience for about a minute when I blasted her pussy with my cum and she came at the same time.

Again we feel asl**p but this time I was still in her. The alarm went off at 7:00 am and we woke up. By this time I had morning wood and we made the most of it. By the time we were done it was 8:30 and we were late for the job fair. We decided to blow it off and spent the entire day fucking and sucking. I made one run for food around lunch time. The following morning we packed up and left. We dropped off our papers at the office before we headed home.

She was offered a job, and accepted. I didn't get one and I never saw her again, but the memory will always be with me.
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This story was awesome
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