Hilary and Kim, another weekend

Hilary and Kim had been hanging out with me a lot. Mostly individually. We had been having threesomes regularly, but one weekend the girls decided that we should go away. It was winter so we went to a beach town and got a hotel room with a king size bed and jacuzzi very cheap. The girls brought very few clothes with them, and on the drive down they talked about staying in the room all weekend and just getting room service.

They had also put me on a special diet. It was to produce more ejaculate. I was taking L-arginine and L-lysine, zinc, and the Horny Goat Weed. Along with quantity they wanted to better the taste. They banned me from garlic and had me eating a lot of fruit. It was working. Along with PC muscle control and edging they had me shooting massive loads, and they seemed to like the taste as well.

We all got naked as soon as we got into the room. Kim was really horny and basically wanted to fuck right off the bat, I sat in the chair and she mounted me. Hilary knelled between our legs and started using he tongue on both of us. Kim had her back to me and I was massaging her wonderful D sized titties while Hilary took turns licking her clit and sucking on my balls.

Soon Kim was cumming in a series of small orgasms. At this point Hilary just went to sucking on Kim's clit and twisted her upper body and sucked on her nipples. She built to a massive orgasm that when it hit her caused her pussy to clamp down on my dick really hard. At this point I shot my first load into her pussy. I had been abstaining for a while and it was a really big one.

When Kim moved off of my cock Hilary wasted no time in taking it into her mouth and cleaning the juices off of it. Kim was still laying on top of me and she put her mouth full on Kim's pussy and sucked my cum out. Hilary then worked her way up to Kim's mouth and they kissed and shared my cum. Hilary kissed me a few times too, and I must say that it wasn't horrible.

This whole thing got me really worked up again, in fact my cock had never really gone down. I suggested that it was Hilary's turn. Kim said she needed a shower and so Hilary and I laid down on the bed and started finger play with each other. I got her pussy nice and wet, and gave her a couple of orgasms before I mounted her in the missionary position. Kim then came into the room and cleared her throat. We stopped and looked at her. She was wearing a leather corset outfit with fishnets. But she was also sporting a strap on.

I assumed that she wanted to DP Hilary, but that was not what she wanted, she wanted to fuck my ass while I fucked Hilary. Again this was something new, but I have had women massage my prostate during sex and did not find it horrible, so I went along with it. We changed position somewhat and I got my butt up into the air while Kim squatted behind me.

Kim had lubed the dildo up well and worked it in slowly. Basically she let me set the speed. It was strange at first, but once the weirdness wore off I was really starting to enjoy it. I picked up the pace and soon I was humping Hilary for all I was worth. This off course was rubbing the nub of the strap on into Kim's pussy and all three of us were working up to a big simultaneous orgasm. As I came my cock slipped out of Hilary's pussy and I shot my load all over her belly and up to her tits.

I sort of half rolled off of her and Kim withdrew the dildo from my ass and went to work licking the cum off off Hilary. Just then there was a knock at the door. I looked at Kim and she said that she ordered room service for dinner. That I should answer the door and not cover anything. They wanted to give the delivery boy a show.

I swung the door open and to my surprise it was not a delivery boy, but a girl. She was looking at me, stark naked with a half hard dick, and over my shoulder two hot women in the throws of lesbian sex. I took the food and signed the slip. I then reached for my wallet to give her a tip, but it was in my pants. I went to get it and she stepped in and shut the door. She was basically string at Hilary and Kim, and they were really putting on a show now, making out with each other and rubbing each other's pussies. When I got back to the delivery girl I pressed the money into her hand and asked her if there was anything else she needed. She shook her head. I asked her when she was done working. She told me midnight and I told her to feel free to come back then.

She did, but that it another story.

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