More fun with Hilary and Kim

My last story was about a 3some I had with two coworkers, Kim and Hilary. They were both in there early 20's. Kim has short dark hair and large (size D) titties. Great body with a trimmed snatch. Hilary was a real blond that waxed regularly. She had really sweet upturned B size tits with very pale pink nipples.

After our first time together I was fucking both of them regularly. They both knew and while they seemed to pretend it was Ok, they seemed to constantly be upping the ante on each other. They things they would do, and initiate in bed (or out) were sometimes bordering on crazy.

One night when I was with Hilary she told me about a swingers club that she had been to once. She went by herself and had a lot of fun. She thought I would enjoy it as well. It was pretty exclusive, being located in Washington D.C. there were some high power people there and were very careful about who they let in. She told me that if I was interested she would start the process.

About two weeks later she told me that we had been approved and that the next party was on Friday a couple of days off. Needless to say I was pretty excited. She explained to me the process for getting in and what to do and not to do once we were there. Soon enough the night arrived and and off we went. We had to be dressed nice to get in the door. So I was in a suit and tie, Hilary was a knockout in a short tube skirt that threatened to let her tits spill out every time she moved. It was so short that when she sat in the car a simple glance showed that she was not wearing any panties. I fingered her the entire trip to the party site and she came twice along the way.

When we got there we were shown into a changing room. Here we were given robe. We both stripped down and put on our robes. Hilary's was plain white, and mine was as well, except that the tie was red. I looked at it and she explained to me that it denoted me as a "rookie", first timer. That way if I committed any faux pas I would not be kicked out. Needless to say I was a bit nervous and didn't want to screw up. Hilary reminded me of the rules, Don't stare in private rooms, don't wack off in public rooms. Don't touch anyone without asking. She told me to stay close and I would be fine.

We wandered a bit and took in the people and the rooms. All over there were people in the acts of fucking, or fellatio, or just about anything you can name. We got to one large room that had a circular padded area on the floor in the center. All around the room there were benches and chairs. On the stage was a woman, wearing a mask she was on her hand and knees. There was a man underneath her buried in her pussy, one behind her in her ass, and she was taking turns sucking the two guys that were next to her. I couldn't help the feeling that she looked familiar.

Hilary sat next to me and told me that I knew the girl. It was Kim!. I was seriously flabbergasted. I knew she liked to fuck, but I had no idea. She said that it was Kim that had brought her to the club, as single women were always welcome, single men, never. As we sat there I couldn't help but get excited. Hilary reached under my robe and started jerking me off. She whispered in my ear asking if I wanted to fuck Kim in the ass. She was getting me close but I wanted to hold off, I wanted a chance with Kim.

Soon enough the guys that were with Kim started to shoot their loads. The guy in her ass was first to pop. He pulled out and shot his wad all over her back. Next was the guy on her right, and he shot on her face. The guy underneath her got some cum on his face, but soon enough he came in her pussy. She got up and had the last man onto his back. She walked around the room and picked out guys. She came over to me and Hilary and she was pretend that she didn't know us. She grabbed my cock and said I want you in my ass.

She led me back to the floor after I shed my robe. She mounted the guy that was on the floor and I took position behind her. She had also had picked other guys to blow and so again she was with four guys at once. I lubed up my cock and slowly pushed myself into her ass. I got into the rhythm that was set by the motions and went for the ride. Her ass was tight, but she was obviously used to this. After several minutes I looked over and saw Hilary fucking a guy doggy style from my angle I couldn't tell which hole he was in, but it was obvious that she was liking it. Soon the guy below Kim came in her pussy. His spasms set her off and she came hard, her anus squeezed on my cock and I shot off my load in her ass.

As I backed away Kim looked really nasty covered in sweat, and cum dripping from her holes. She also had two more fresh loads on her face. She laid down on her back spread eagled and shouted, come on guys I need more. As far as I could tell, she got plenty more.

Hilary was still getting fucked from behind, and I could see now that the guy was in her pussy. I felt I needed a shower, so I headed to a sauna room. There were people all around inside the sauna doing things, but I simply went and got under a shower head and cleaned off. I dried off with a supplied towel and went and collected my robe. Kim was still there, at this point she was simply laying there and guys were cumming on her. She was simply covered in cum and loving it.

Hilary however was gone. I went from room to room being discrete and following the rules. Finally I found her in a bar. She was sitting on a stool drinking a mixed drink and a red headed woman was on her knees in front of her eating her pussy. She was really enjoying the treatment and I simply came over next to her, kissed her, and then set to work sucking on her nipples. The girl between her legs took a break and sucked on my cock and bit, then went back to Hilary's clean pussy. Hilary came and attracted a lot of attention with her moans and slight screams. The red head took that as a sign that Hilary was through with her and stood up. She kissed Hilary on the lips and passed her pussy juice back to her.

I got behind the red head and caressed her body. My rock hard cock was pressing against her ass cheeks and she pushed back against me. I took this as permission and entered her pussy. She was tight and wet. I fucked her fast while she kissed the girl I arrived with. she soon came and simply said "Thanks" and walked away. My cock was covered with her cream and I needed to cum really bad. Hilary opened her legs and I entered her from the front. We had a really nice long slow fuck and we both came at the same time.

Completely satisfied we left for Hilary's apartment were we slept the entire day of Saturday.

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2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. Reminds me of a private club in San Francisco called the Exchange Club. Anything goes there so long the girls are up for it and the guys wear a condom.
3 years ago
AWESOME story! loved it
3 years ago
So much fun, thanks for posting,,I was there in the DC area and found the club,,very nice,,again thanks