Great Party, and it wasn't even my birthday

I was in a new job, in a new city. I had made friends with two co-workers, Hilary and Kim. About 1 month after I started there it was Kim's birthday, and they were throwing a party at Hilary's apartment. I showed up with a box of kisses (Hershey's) for Kim and partied.

At one point I was cornered by a cougar on the prowl. She was close to double my age and I was really not all that interested. I spotted Kim over her shoulder and when she wasn't looking mouthed "help me" to her. She laughed at first, but finally came over and grabbed my hand and yanked me away from the cougar. She steered me to an open chair, sat me down, sat on my lap and started making out with me. After what seemed like an hour (but was really only a minute or two), she looked around, and said "your safe, she found another victim." and walked away. I thanked her back, and sat with a half hard cock waiting for it to go down.

The rest of the night was fun and as the party started to wind down I started to help Hilary clean up a bit. Soon it was just the three of us there. I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and when I came out I saw that Kim was passed out on the couch.

"She was really wasted", giggled Hilary. She grabbed my hand and said "We made a deal when you first started working with us that we were not going to go after you. But you have just turned me on to no end by helping clean up." She was leading me up the stairs to her bedroom. At this point I was really glad that I had been very moderate in my alcohol consumption, no whiskey dick for me.

When we got to her bedroom she turned to me and took off her top. We kissed standing for a while and I removed her top and found her awesome breasts, with incredibly hard pink nipples underneath. Hilary was a natural blond. She was tall but not freakishly so, and she had a really nice body. I worked over her titties with my hands and lips for a bit. She started working on my pants. She got them down to my knees and reached inside my boxers and grabbed my cock.

I pulled up her denim miniskirt and pulled her panties down. I found a perfectly smooth waxed pussy. I love eating pussy and when one is as clean as that I can not resist. I got on my knees before her and began my work. I used my fingers to spread her swollen pink lips and licked at her sweet inner folds. She got weak in the knees and laid on the bed with her legs over the edge. I began to lick her clit and she came very hard several times in a row.

I came up for air and kissed my way up her body to her tits again. They were stunning, perfectly upturned at the nipple and firm C cups. When I got to her face and kissed her she rolled me onto my back and said "wait right here." I laid there my hard cock reaching for the ceiling and she came back holding two scarves. The sight of them got me even harder, but she wasn't thinking the same as me. She straddled my chest and I could feel her wet pussy rubbing on me as she tied my hands to the bedposts with one of the scarves.

She then wrapped the other scarf around the base of my cock, with my balls trapped above the scarf as well. Trapping my balls against my cock. She then started to give me head. At first she just took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked. As time went on she increased in both speed and depth. She was good and used her tongue on the underside of my cock and got me really worked up. The scarf was causing my cock to swell and get a strange purple shade, but it felt excellent, so I didn't stress over it.

She then mounted my cock and started to ride me in the cowgirl position. She was using the ends of the scarf to stimulate her clit as she rode me. When I felt her pussy spasm around my cock it drove me over the edge and I my cum filled her pussy. She kept riding hard and came again, finally slowing as my cock began to go down.

She got up and went into the bathroom, when she came back I she had a warm wash cloth and lovingly washed my cock clean, and went back to the bathroom. I closed my eyes and drifted off, but was soon awoken by Kim's voice saying "You broke our deal and I was my birthday. Hilary is standing there naked with some of my cum on her thigh and says to Kim "I was just warming him up for you." Holy shit! I thought. Kim still looked kind of pissed but came over and started to suck my cock. My hands were still tied, but the scarf was gone from around my cock.

I got hard pretty quickly and Kim said that she wanted to fuck me. She ounted me reverse cowgirl and I got a nice view of her ass as she worked my cock into her pussy. Hilary pushed her back and she put her arms behind her to support herself. Kim was shorter that Hilary but also had a great figure with D cup titties. She was a brunette and had a trimmed bush. But what really got me turned on was Hilary kissing her and playing with her tits. Son she worked her way down and was licking at the junction of Kim's pussy and my cock.

Every once in a while she would lift totally off and Hilary would take me in her mouth, then hold my cock for Kim to mount again. Kim came several times but kept riding like a trooper. When Hilary played with my nuts as Kim rode me hard I lost it and came in her pussy. Kim laid back on top of me and Hilary ate my cum out of her pussy and made her cum again.

I fell asl**p with one girl on each side of me and my hands still tied up. At some point in the night someone untied me, or I simply pulled my hands out, but I awoke in the morning with a hard dick pressed against Hilary's ass and a hand on her tits. I just laid there for a bit, but soon the need to pee was too great and I got up by sliding out of the middle at the bottom of the bed. When I got back the girls were now snuggling and I got into bed behind Kim and drifted back to sl**p with a hand on her tits and my cock against her ass.

When I awoke I watched Kim finger Hilary to an orgasm while I fingered Kim. I didn't leave there until late in the afternoon. Work was a little weird on Monday until Hilary slipped me a note that said that they would share custody of my cock, and we could all fuck together at least once a month. Sounded like a plan to me!
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2 years ago
wow i would have asked for weekly visitations
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
Joint custody of your cock Sounds like a good settlement to me.
3 years ago
I could handle a job with those benefits. Good story.
3 years ago
Loved it! Any vacancies, I wonder ...

5 Xs - thank you - more please!

3 years ago
3 years ago
I need to find a job like that... Very good story, love that it was a threesome