A walk home leads to better things

Shawne was a hippy type girl. She had long brown/blond hair and almost never wore a bra, even though she had a nice set of tits, at least a C cup. We had several classes together but we usually worked together in physics lab. One day as we were leaving we started walking home and we went in the same direction. So we walked together. I found out that she only lived about a block down from my off campus apartment.

She invited me in and we went up to her "room". I say "room" because really it was like a big landing at the top of the stairs. She had a dresser, a mattress on the floor and a love seat. Her area was in between two bedroom doors of her housemates. I also found out that she was pretty assertive because as soon as we got to the top of the stairs she got on her knees, took off her shirt and reached for my pants. She sucked on my cock like it was going to be the best meal ever. I was very hard quickly. I gently pushed her down onto her mattress and took of her shorts. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and I dove in.

She was already very wet. I used two fingers on her while I licked her clit with my tongue. We 69ed for a while and then she asked me to fuck her. We got into doggy position and I fucked her until she looked up at the clock and let out a little shout.

"What is the matter?" I asked
"I have about 5 minutes until a guy is picking me up for the Metallica concert tonight."
She jumped up to get dressed, but I was not content to be done quite yet. I got behind her while she was digging through the dresser and entered her again from behind. She held onto the dresser as I drove towards my finish while stroking her clit. We both came at about the same time. I shot my load into her and let her go.

"Wow" she said, "That was great. I do not think I have ever come that hard before. If you hadn't been holding me up I would have fallen to the floor. Let me give you a call after the concert."

She handed me a Sharpie and pointed to the top of the dresser. I wrote down my name and number and left. I really didn't think much of it, we hooked up and I honestly didn't think she would call me, but around 12:30 my phone rang. It was her and she asked me to come over. When I got there she was sitting on the porch. She had on a new t-shirt from the concert and a mini-skirt. She had no panties on and her legs spread, she was playing with herself.

I didn't even say hi, I just got on my knees and started to eat her pussy. I gave very little thought to the load I had shot into her a few hours earlier. She was soaking wet and very horny. It really wasn't that hard to make her cum repeatedly. She took me inside and up to her "room" at the top of the stairs. Sounds of sl**ping could be heard coming from both doors and she told me not to worry about them, they slept like rocks.

We both got naked and I laid down and she mounted me. As well as being assertive, she was vocal as well. At first it was talking tones, but as our fucking got more intense, so did her moans. I heard the one door open and looked over, but in the low light I really didn't see anything but a crack in the doorway. Shawne turned herself around and laid back on top of me. I held my hands under her ass and pounded her. She came as she played furiously with her clit. She rolled off of me and said it was time for a break. She went down the hall to use the bathroom and I was left alone with my hard-on.

I stroked it a little and watched the door. As Shawne came back down the hall I her a voice call her name. She went into the open door and I heard some talking. After a minute or so she came out hold the hand of a naked woman. An ample figure, but anything but fat. Short red hair and big D cup breasts. Shawne led her over and sat her on the love seat.

She gets down on the mattress with me and says, "Tina wants to watch." It was not a question, it was simply stated as a fact. She started to stroke my cock and talked to Tina. "Isn't this a nice cock?" she would say and then suck on it a bit. Then she would stroke my cock and speak to Tina some more. Finally I was hard as a rock and she said that she wanted Tina to see everything. She turned on the light and so now instead of dim moonlight coming in through the windows we were brightly lit. She grabbed my cock and mounted me reverse cowgirl again. She was squatting on my cock and I helped support her. She held her pussy open for the benefit of Tina watching on the couch.

By now Tina was stroking herself and just staring at my cock disappearing into Shawne's twat. Tina started to get close to coming and was working herself up hard. The sight of this inspired me to give her a real show. I got Shawn up onto her knees and had her suck my cock a bit and then I pulled out and shot a load all over her face. Shawne took my cock back into her mouth and sucked the last few drops out, then turned to Tina and said. "Hot, isn't it?" Tina then came loudly. As soon as she was done she closed her legs and looked as up ashamedly and ran back to her room.

Shawne went back to the bathroom again to clean up and I soon I heard Tina having more orgasms. I got up and went over to her room I reached in the door and turned on the light. She looked up but did not stop. I saw that she was using a vibrator now and not just her fingers. I stood at the bottom of my bed and stroked my cock to her rhythm of her masturbation. I got hard very quickly watching her vibrator plunging into her pussy.

Shawne came in and joined me at the bottom of the bed, she reached over and took my cock and took over my jerking duties. In amazing time I felt another orgasm coming and I shot my load all over Shawne's hand and Tina's legs, and some got on her pussy too. At this point I was exhausted and I went and laid down on Shawne's bed. She never came out of Tina's room and I fell asl**p to the sounds of the two of them coming.

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2 years ago
that is great was there a repeat
3 years ago
well nice story ..more pleaz
3 years ago
I love hippie girls, Nothing better then a hippie chick who loves to suck cock.
3 years ago
Works for me!
3 years ago
That Shawne girl sounds like just like my girlfriend, Shanti. I could be Tina and we could have a good time together.