Fun with Strippers

I was at a strip club one night years ago. I used to go a lot. I knew all the girls, and they know me. I knew most of their real names and stuff like that, which ones had k**s, which ones were lesbians, or bi.

One night I was tipping Karen who was an incredibly hot girl. Brown hair, B sized breasts, and a killer ass. She was bi and in a relationship with another girl Vanessa, she was blonde, petite, large B maybe C sized tits and an ass that was meant to be spanked. She was pretty much lesbian and I had known her for years. She would always get really jealous or mad if her current girlfriend spent too much time with one guy.

Karen and I had been flirting for a while and I went to tip her again in the panties and all I had was a $10. I held it up, and usually the girls would make change. Karen simply pulled her panties open at the top and said "Go for it". I put the 10 in there and went exploring with my fingers. I worked my middle finger into her dripping snatch and rubbed her clit with my thumb. You always had to be careful in the place I was in that the bouncers couldn't see what you were doing or they would throw you out. In about a minute or so I actually got her off. She looked at me and said, "I have been so fucking horny all night. I am afraid that will not take care of it but make it worse."

I apologized, but laughed and she did too. She went back on the stage and danced some more. As she was leaving Vanessa was coming on, and I saw the two of them chat for a second and then look at me. I waved and Karen waved back. Vanessa did her dance and then came around for tips. Like I said I had known her for years, but she was always kinda cold towards me. So generally I would tip her and and that would be that.

Tonight was different, she would lean into me. And she offered me to tip between her nice tits, and when I did I rubbed her nipple with my thumb. She seemed to like that, then she said, "Wanna give me a "big tip"," I said sure and got out a $10. Like Karen she opened the front of her panties, which I had never seen her do. I did exactly the same thing I did with Karen, and when I finger entered her she shuttered. She got goosebumps on her arm and seemed to hump on my hand. This really excited me to say the least, and I started to get hard. She let me keep my hand in there, and I was rubbing her clit with my thumb, and she started to rub my cock through my pants. Soon I was afraid I would make a mess and told her to stop.

Karen came out again and when she came around for tips she told me it was there last turn for the night and asked if I would like to come home with them. I couldn't say yes fast enough. The bouncers freak if they see girls leaving with guys from the club, so they had me meet them at the gas station down the street. I went in and bought some condoms, and as I was walking out I ran into Karen coming in to buy cigarettes. She was still in her outfit from the last dance, and she gave me a big kiss and rubbed her hand on my dick. The cashier was so jealous of me. I followed them to their apartment building that was about 15 minutes away.

They sat me on the couch and put on music and started to strip. I was kinda like WTF thinking I see them strip all the time, but once they were naked it was different. Here they can only go down to g-strings, and typically they are supposed to have their nips covered but most don't. Once nude they started to make out with each other and rub each others pussies. Then the came over and took my clothes off me. Once my pants were off Karen made a big deal over the fact I was shaved, it hadn't really caught on yet with guys, and she liked it. She sucked on my cock for a bit, then offered it to Vanessa. Vanessa took it, but had very little enthusiasm, and not very good technique and I actually was losing my erection with her lousy job.

Karen saw this and asked me to get a condom out. She sucked me nice and hard again, then put on the condom. She had Vanessa get into doggy style and aimed my cock at her pussy. She knelt next to me and was making out with me and holding the base of my cock. I sank into Vanessa all the way to the base slowly and then started to come out. Vanessa responded well and I started to pick up the pace a bit. Karen worked her way under Vanessa and was licking her pussy and clit. Vanessa had a series of small orgasms and then got hit by a really big one. She actually collapsed on top of Karen and was shaking. She curled up into a ball and shook.

I asked Karen if she was Ok, and Karen said "She is fine, fuck me." She laid on her back and spread her legs and rubbed her clit. I entered her and just started fucking her hard. I can almost never come with a condom on, but soon I felt the stirrings in my loins that signaled I was going to come soon. Karen asked me to hold off.

By now Vanessa had calmed down a bit and Karen asked her to do what she had done. She got on her knees and I fucked her from the rear, Vanessa got under us and licked Karen's clit and soon she came. Karen then had me sit on the couch and mounted me reverse cowgirl. She took control of speed and Vanessa got on her knees in front of us. She was rubbing Karen's clit and sucking on my shaved ball sack. god, it was wonderful. Karen came a couple more times whie we were doing this. Again I felt that I was going to come soon. Karen did too, she got off me and joined Vanessa on her knees. One of them removed my condom and played cock roulette. Karen wound up winning and I shot my first spurt of come into her mouth. She was a trooper and she kept jerking me and took the rest of it on her tits. She rubbed it around a bit and encouraged Vanessa to taste it which she did, then she licked some more off of Karen's nipples.

Vanessa started to suck my cock almost right away and she kept telling me she wanted to fuck me again. She was more animated this time and soon enough I was getting hard again. Vanessa put another condom on my and mounted me cowgirl style. Karen sat next to me and took turn kissing Vanessa or me, or both at one. I had four glorious tits to fondle and suck and I was fingering Karen's pussy as well. Vanessa had another one of her incredibly big orgasms and rolled off me. Karen took her place quickly. She was reaching down and rubbing her clit and rolling a nipple in her fingers while I sucked on the other.

Karen then took my condom off and jacked me off onto Vanessa's body curled up on the floor. Vanessa laughed when my cum hit her on the face. It was an amazing night. We never did it again, as that night was a trial to see if they could do that and make extra money. I didn't have enough money, but I do have the memories from that night, which will last me the rest of my life.
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2 years ago
very hot & sexy
3 years ago
I'm sure that Karen and Vanessa could make a ton more money double-teaming a guy than what they could make at the strip club. I bet that in every city there are girls who team up and do that with a network of guys who pay them well. And good for you about shaving around your cock. Hair gets in the way of a good blowjob.
3 years ago
Hey, that is a good idea, but many years too late!
3 years ago
Should've told them there's good money in butt fucking and you'd have to come back for another trial run!