Jacking with Jenny

The summer I turned 21 my younger s****r had a friend that stayed with us for the summer. Her father was a widower and he needed to travel overseas for an extended time, so she stayed at our house. We set up an extra bed in my s****rs room. She was 18, tall and lean. She had a really nice set of tits and a great ass. She was usually nice too.

I was taking summer classes and I had a three week break so I was home. It was hot as hell and we didn't have A/C. I got home from running some errands and I heard noises coming from my s****rs room. Both my parents were at work and my s****r's car was gone so I figured that there should be no one there. I walked carefully down the hall, as I got closer to the room I heard the noises were not a burglar, but a female in the middle of self pleasure.

I still wasn't sure if it was my s****r or Jenny, so I very slowly turned the knob and opened the door a crack. It was Jenny, she was lying on the bed legs spread and she was working a vibrator into her pussy. She wasn't shaved, and she had very fine blond pubic hair. Her pussy lips were pink and her clit looked like the end of my pinkie finger, it was big. She was covered with a thin layer of sweet which made her tanned skin glow in the light. She looked incredibly sexy.

I was instantly hard watching this and my cock was straining on my shorts, so I dropped them and took my cock into my hands. She was building towards a cllimax and I wasn't far behind. I am not sure what happened at that point but she opened her eyes and saw me. She quickly rolled off the bed and slammed the door shut. I grabbed my shorts and made a retreat into my room. Things were going to be weird around the house now.

I found out later that night that my s****r had gotten a job as a lifeguard at the pool down the street and was going to be out of the house a lot. I wasn't sure if I was happy about this or not. For the next few nights I jacked off to the image of Jenny, but I wasn't going to approach her about it.

I was reading on the screened in porch a few days later when Jenny came and sat in the chaise next to mine. "Do you want to talk about the other day?" she asked.
"I am really sorry I blurted. I heard noise and didn't think anyone was home so I opened the door and saw you, and it was really hot, so I did what I did. I am sorry, I hope your not mad."
"No, I am not mad. After the shock, I got excited, but I couldn't come to you, you seemed really freaked out."
"Well, I thought that you were going to think I was a big pervert or something."
"No, I don't, but would you like to do it again, I mean you watch me, and I will watch you?"

It didn't take me long to say yes. We went into my room because I have a double bed and a ceiling fan. She made a stop to get her vibrator and we got into my room and stripped. My cock was already hard at the thought of it and her eyes locked on it. She told me that it was huge, its not but at the time it was the largest she had ever seen in the flesh. She was not a virgin, but she had only been with 2 guys. My bed was in the corner so I sat with my back on one wall and she sat with her back against the other.

I slowly was stroking my cock and she spread her legs. Her left leg was resting on top of my right leg and where they met was like fire. She started with her fingers. One hand she used on her nipples, alternating between tits and the right hand was working on her pussy from the outside. She was pretty much staring at my cock and when I got a drop of precum on the tip she actually moaned. She then used her left hand to spread her pussy lips and she rubbed the vibrator on her large clit. She had several small orgasms this way until she put the vibrator inside her pussy.

Once she started working the plastic cock into her pussy she played with her clit with the other hand. She was soon building towards a large climax. I was watching her face and how she made faces while making herself cum. As I got ready to shoot I aimed it at the leg that was touching mine. She was watching me again and as I came her eyes got real big and when my cum splashed on her leg she was racked with a big orgasm.

We just laid there for a couple of minutes enjoying the afterglow I grabbed her a towel from the closet next to me and she cleaned the cum of her leg, but she made not effort to cover herself. I then used the towel to clean myself off and we started to laugh.

We talked about masturbation and how much we did it. Our fantasies and other tricks. For about 2 weeks we did this daily, until she got her period. I told her I was OK with it, but it grossed her out, so we went without for the few days it lasted. She made me promise to not touch myself until we could be together again. Then she went away for the weekend with my s****r and still held me to my pledge.

The next week when we were alone she came into my room and woke me by stroking my cock. This was the first sexual contact between us besides legs while we were masturbating for each other. I told her that I needed to pee and then I would be right back. When I got back to my room she was spread eagle on the bed fingering her pussy really hard. My cock was rock solid and I thought I could cum in a second, but I didn't stroke. Instead I got down and put my mouth to her pussy. I started licking her clit. She slowed her fingers in her pussy and used her other hand to hold her pussy lips apart. I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips. I replaced her fingers with my own and I brought her off this way.

She thanked me and we talked about how masturbation was great but how it was so much different when someone else brought you off. With that I got up and knelt next to her. She grabbed my dick with her hand and began to stroke. She had a nice touch and varied her stroke so that something new would cause pleasure. Soon she had me on the edge. She asked me if I had been true to my promise and I told her I did. She told me then that she was not able to be true and she had brought herself off three times in the shower after seeing all the hot guys at the beach. She told me it was Ok if I hadn't, but I insisted that I was true. She said something about finding out soon enough and she sped up her strokes. Soon she had me ready to cum and she aimed my cock at her tits. The first spurt came as a surprise to her and because of the way she was stroking it hit her on the chin and cheek. She kept jerking and I pointed my cock at her tits. The rest of my load was all over her chest. It was a big one too. I think it was the longest I had gone without cumming since I was 12.

From then on she got each other off with our hands or our mouths. She wasn't on the pill and we were very happy with what was happening. I found out later that she was journaling everything we did and that my s****r got to read it once. She told me about it years later and told me that Jenny still asks how I am doing whenever she talks to her.
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2 years ago
sounds like a connection
3 years ago
Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Hot hot hot,,dam hot
3 years ago
Well, now, that's a hot story. As you know, i love masturbating. Especially in front of a guy while he is jacking off. I would let you cum on my leg or anywhere else. And i would squirt my girl cum on you too.
3 years ago
I so enjoy mutual masterbation it is just fun and awesome playtime
3 years ago
Wow what a friend, great story, keep writing