The Halloween Party

As I have wrote about before in college I had a fuck buddy named Carla. By our senior year we had moved into a house in town. We had progressed and actually shared a king sized bed. No longer secret fuck buddies, but we were more of a typical couple. There were 4 other people in the house with us, Laney who I wrote about in my last story and there were two other girls Teresa and Jen. There was also a guy who's name was Bill, he was flagrantly gay, but a decent guy. The house was not typically rampant orgies, but one or two did happen. One was the night of a Halloween party.

Carla had made us homemade costumes, as was the rule for this party, no store bought costumes and they had to have an original theme. We were "Interrupted Shower" couple. My costume was a towel around my waist, a soap on a rope, a glossy body spray so my chest looked wet and lots of gel in my hair so it was messy. Carla's costume was basically the same, although she took an old bikini top and sewed wash clothes to the cups. When we were getting ready she dared me to go commando, and I was about to reply that she had to first when she lifted her leg I and I saw her shaved pussy. She had made her towel much shorter than mine and I figured lots of people were going to see her goods that night. My towel was almost to my knees so I went commando too.

There were lots of sexy girls there and I love Halloween as most of the girls like to get extra-slutty because they can. I was in a state of semi-erectness all night. Carla was having trouble with her top, people kept untying it as they past and her tits would fall out. Finally she said "fuck it" and left her top off. This ramped up the sexual tension in the house quite a bit. One douche bag spilled his beer on her tits on purpose then asked if he could lick it off. Carla called me over and Teresa who was dressed as a "Manwitch" made up as a typical witch, but with a didlo sticking out from the bottom of her dress. She made "Mr. Douche" sit in front of us and watch as we licked and sucked her tits. and got all the beer off. I reached under her towel and fingered her soaking pussy. She came and looked at the guy and thanked him.

Later a girl came in that was incredibly hot. She was dressed in a nurses costume but she had a half mask on. We asked around but nobody seemed to know who she was. She had the top of her dress unbuttoned almost to her belly button and every time she moved her ample breasts threatened to fall out. Her skirt was showing off the bottoms of her ass cheeks and she kept eying Carla.

I saw them chatting and then they disappeared. I needed to pee so I headed up stairs to use the master bath, when I got to the door I heard giggling inside. I opened the door a crack and saw them on the bed in a 69 position eating each other out. I knew that Carla liked girls so I was not too surprised, but very excited to see this. I quickly closed the door and then made a show of coming in and "catching them". Carla was not upset and did not try to hide, but the other girl was kind of freaking out. While Carla was naked the nurse simply had to pull her dress down and she was covered. Carla called me over and introduced me to Cindy. She was in one of her classes and they had made a connection and Carla had invited her. I welcomed her into the house and told them to go back to what they were doing. I went and peed and when I got back to the bedroom they were once again in 69. I sat on a chair and watched. I took off my towel and pulled out my hard cock.

Carla saw this and motioned me over. I knelt over her with my cock over her face. She took turns sucking on me and eating Cindy. After a while she took my now soaking cock and put it at the entrance to Cindy pussy. A simple little push and I was in. Carla used her tongue on my balls and Cindy's clit at the same time.

Cindy turned out to be a screamer. While she had her head buried in Carla's snatch she was pretty quiet, but once she brought her head up she was really wailing. This drew the attention of others at the party and soon there seemed to a crowd outside the door that would cheer every time Cindy would scream. Which was often. Carla wriggled out from under Cindy and whisper in my ear that things were going to get fun. She went to the door of the room and opened it. She told everyone that they were welcome to join us, but clothes had to be stripped at the door, and no one could just stand and watch.

Guys were throwing their clothes off, but the girls seemed to hesitate. Soon there were a crowd of naked guys on the bed all shoving their cocks at Cindy. Carla got on her knees next to the bed and worked over a couple of guys with her mouth. Cindy took one in her mouth and one in her hand. There were more standing by the bed jerking off. I turned Cindy over so that everyone could see her beautiful tits and to make it easier for her to take another in her hand if she wanted.

Carla took a break from the two guys and whispered to me that she was helping Cindy with a fantasy a gang bang. She still had her mask on, and she was still screaming although now it was muffled by a guys cock. I got all worked up and soon I pulled out and blasted my load on her face. The guy she was sucking came almost immediately after that. He too emptied his balls on her face. Soon we were replaced and it seemed like the room was crowded with guys waiting for a chance to bang her.

Carla and I sat down and watched the show. Carla sat on top of me and I absently stroked her tits and pussy. Occasionally a guy would come along and Carla would take his cock into her mouth and get them ready to shoot, they would then go over and shoot on Cindy's face. Soon she had taken the loads of about 15 guys and was asking for a rest. Carla rounded up the stragglers and got them out of the room, and out of the house. Cindy had basically passed out still covered in cum. Carla and I carried her to the shower and got her cleaned up. She then spent the night in our bed and she was heard to scream again later that night.
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3 years ago
that was sexy hot
3 years ago
That was quite a halloween party! I hope you didn't do it on halloween night when the kids were trick or treating. Also, i hope that you washed the bedspreads after all those cumshots on Cindy. Some cum probably missed her body.