Laney's first time. . .sorta

My college fuck buddy and I were going at it hard on a Sunday night. Campus was still dead, being that we had Monday off after Thanksgiving break, but Carla and I had arranged to come back to school a night early to get some good fucking in before school started again.

We were in the middle of our second coupling of the night when there was a knock on Carla's dorm room door. Carla stalled the knocker and I pulled on my sweat pants and shirt and sat on the bean bag chair. Carla answered the door and found Laney there crying.

Laney was a young sophomore, she had graduated high school a year early. She had the kind of body only 18 year olds have. Perfect boobs defying all gravity and a really tight round ass. She was very cute as well, but she was crying and my erection was going fast knowing that we would not resume our fucking until she was happy.

Carla got her calm and then asked her what had her so upset. She told us that her boyfriend (a high school senior) had really been on her case to fuck him, but she didn't feel ready. Not that she didn't love him, but she was scared because they were both virgins and she didn't want both of their first times together to suck. They had done mutual masturbation and oral sex, but the boyfriend had never been able to last long and that worried her too.

Carla looked at me and winked. Then she told Laney that we could help, if she wanted us to. Laney was apprehensive, but then she nodded and agreed. Carla told her to strip and get on the bed. She signaled me to stay seated and dug into a bag under her bed. She brought out a 9" dildo. Laney's eyes got big, but Carla said, "I will fuck you with this. It is not a real person, so technically you will not be cheating, and you will have some experience, which can make your time together better.

Carla began to stroke and run Laney all over and I watched as her nipples hardened and elongated. When Carla took one of them in her mouth she arched her back and moaned. Carla buried a hand into Laney's crotch and went to town on her clit. Laney was really getting amped up and was almost begging Carla to fuck her. Carla worked the dildo into Laney's pussy and was soon fucking her pretty hard with it. Laney had one really strong orgasm after several smaller ones and needed a break to catch her breath.

Carla dug into the bag under her bed again and came out with a double headed dildo. Laney did a real double take when she first saw it, but I didn't laugh. Carla took off her sweat pants and worked one end of the dildo into her hot pussy, then aimed the other end at Laney's hole.

Soon they were fucking again, but it was like watching a guy/girl seen. Carla's ass was a blur of motion, while Laney laid there and took it and enjoyed. Soon I had seen to much to not get in on the act. I grabbed a tube of lube and got behind Carla. I slowly worked my cock into her ass. We soon had a nice rhythm going and it was Carla's turn to be racked by orgasms. Laney came again too and Carla had me stop. She told me to go get a quick shower.

I was confused but agreed. When I got back I found Carla eating Laney's pussy. I started rubbing Laney's tits and sucking on her rock hard nipples. Laney reached out and took my cock in her hand. She was stroking it slowly when Carla took it into her mouth while she fingered Laney. I reached behind Carla and was fingering her pussy from behind. Carla had me sit on the bed and her and Laney got down on their knees in front of me.

They took turns sucking on my cock, while the other played with my balls or sucked on them. I have kept my pubes shaven to encourage this, but women don't like to go down like this on guys with a real hairy pubic region. Soon I felt my cum rising and warned them both. Carla stroked me off and they both laughed when my cum flew into the air. Carla got her arm and hand covered, while Laney got one shot on her face.

They following weekend Laney went home and fucked her boyfriend. He got upset thinking she was too experience and they wound up breaking up. Carla and I fucked around with her a few more times before we graduated. Our last two years we rented a house together and Laney took a room as well. But there will be more stories about that house in the near future.
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2 years ago
sweet house mates
3 years ago
Love to read more of your adventures
3 years ago
Can't wait for the future stories about the fun at that house. By the way, if you ever run into Laney, send her over to me and i'll fuck her with my strap-on lol.
3 years ago
Pretty good!