Great Birthday

Today is my birthday, so I thought I would post a story of what happened two years ago on my birthday.

My girlfriend at the time, Stacy, wanted to make my birthday extra special, boy did she succeed. At first I thought it was just going to be a typical night out with a couple that were better friends with Stacy than me. Mary was a short blond with size C cups and just a real sexy attitude. Everytime you were with her she oozed sexuality, so I liked being out with her too. Her boyfriend Mike was a little taller than her with a real quick wit.

We had a nice dinner then went back to their apartment for a few beers. We lived close by so if we got too hammered we figured we could walk. After a few beers the girls decided that we should play strip poker. Sounded like fun, so we set up the rules and started to play. Stacy was naked first, and so then we needed to give her challenges if she lost another hand. She did and so we had her make out with Mary. They went at it and we had to pull them apart when time was up. Mike had grabbed Stacy and got a really good feel of her naked tits, while I had to settle for Mary's bra clad tits.

She soon lost the rest of her clothes and Stacy won a hand. She challenged her to do her "beer bottle trick". So she takes a normal 12 oz beer bottle and starts to go down on it. Soon she has the whole fucking bottle in her mouth except maybe a 1/4 inch of the base. It was fucking sexy. I looked at Mike and told him what a lucky bastard he was. He just laughed.

I was the next to lose, actually I threw away an ace that would have had me winning, but I wanted to be naked with the two girls. I tanked the next hand too and Mike won. He thought it would be fun to watch me eat his girlfriend out for 5 minutes. She was on my face in a flash and I went to work with a gusto. She was wet, and tasted great. I worked a couple of fingers into her twat and had her cumming by the time Mike called time. Mary turned to Mike and thanked him, then gave me a nice long kiss.

Soon Mike was naked and Stacy lost a hand and I won. I wanted to see Mike work over Stacy, so I told her to fuck him cowgirl for 5 minutes. My cock got hard as hell watching the two of them go at it, and Mary soon grabbed my cock and started jerking me. Stacy to her to suck my cock as only she could. So she simply inhaled my cock and had my balls against her lips in no time. She had absolutely no gag reflex and used her tongue amazingly. Soon the time was up but no one cared. I was working Mary's pussy over with my fingers while she sucked on my cock and watched Stacy and Mike fuck.

Stacy leaned over to me and started talking dirty in my ear. She told me to cum in Mary's mouth because she loves that. The more she talked the harder it got for me to hold back and soon I shot a huge mouth into Mary's welcoming mouth. She simply took it and swallowed it right down. I needed a rest, but it was not to be. Mary kept working me until I was hard again and the asked me to fuck her hard.

I flipped her over onto her knees and attacked her from behind. I was really fucking her with everything that I had. I went out too far on one stroke and when my cock went back it went right up her ass. By the time she squealed and I figured out what had happened I was about 3/4 of the way into her tight ass. She had me stop and then slowly pushed against me.

So I was in all the way and we started going at it again. She turned to Mike, and said that it turned out she did like anal sex. I felt bad being the first to take her ass, but soon Mike buried his cock in Stacy's ass so it was all good. It was a great birthday!
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9 months ago
Sounds like a fantastic birthday. Wish I could have one like that.
2 years ago
wish i had one like that
3 years ago
Great present.
3 years ago
Happy belated birthday! Looks like you employed the trick of sticking your cock in Mary's asshole by “accident” lol.
3 years ago