Club Pick up

I went to the club with a bunch of co-workers to celebrate the end of an important sale. We were drinking and having a great time. This one guy that I worked with was dancing with a hot red head. He went to use the men's room and she danced with me. She was rubbing her ass against my junk, which responded like any guys would. At one point she reached back and squeezed and said "Impressive".

Vinnie came back and she was dancing with him again. About a half hour later he got a call from his fiance and stepped outside to take it. I swooped in on the red head. She asked me where Vinnie went and I told her the truth. She was pissed and I told her that I could show her a good time. "Lets Go." was all she said.

Right across the street was a decent hotel. I was pretty well lit and I didn't want to drive so I suggested a room. She was all for it. Her name was Laurie I found out after making out in the elevator. On the way to the room I was rubbing her ass and had her half out of her short dress.

I opened the door and she went right for the bed. Clothes hit the floor in seconds. She spit into her hand and grabbed my dick and aimed it for her honey hole. I sank balls deep and picked up a quick rhythm. This was not romance, this was pure fucking. After a couple of minutes I looked over and saw that the door was open. I wasn't going to leave my spot. I saw that she noticed it too and it didn't seem to bother her. We quickly built to an orgasm together, she came first and the tightening of her pussy around my cock sent me over the edge. I pulled out and blasted my load on her belly and chest. She laughed and headed for the shower.

I went and shut the door and then joined her in the shower. We soaped each other and explored each others bodies under the hot water. Soon we were ready for more. We screwed in the shower for a bit, then dried off and went back to the bed. She got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me and said "Fuck me hard." Only too happy to oblige I got behind her standing and really pummeled her. She came quickly again. After a series of orgasms she reached back and aimed my cock at her ass. I was very wet with her juices, but her butt was tight, so it took some effort, but I was finally able to get inside her.

Still standing I took it easier on her ass, but soon I was close to exploding. I stopped and just did some slow strikes to maintain hardness but cool down. I think flipped her over to her back and put her ankles on my shoulders. I entered her ass again and diddled with her pussy and clit with my fingers. Soon she was cumming repeatedly in a series of orgasms that seemed to keep building in intensity. Finally I could not take any more and shot my second load of the night deep into her ass.

I was drenched in sweat and I went to take another shower. She came to join me after about 10 minutes and again we played together, but it was getting late and I was getting tired. We got back to the bed and I was ready to crash when she said "Oh yeah, I called my friend Jess, she should be here any minute. You'll like her, she is kinky." Of course I started getting hard just thinking about it. With in minutes we were slow fucking waiting for Jess.

There was a knock on the door, and then it opened without us answering it. Jess arrived in a flurry. She had a bag with her. She looked like a hooker. She was blonde, big tits which were barely contained in a tube top and a short skirt that hardly covered her ass cheeks. She came over and said "Don't stop, be with you in a second" and started digging in her bag. She quickly stripped and produced a strap on from her bag which she put on.

She came over to me while rubbing the dildo with lube, "So you like ass sex huh? How about I give it to you in the ass while you fuck Laurie in the ass?" I had experimented with some ass play but I had never been "fucked" in the ass. What the hell, "Go for it" I said, even though I wasn't so sure.

I put pillows under Laurie's pelvis and stuck her ass in the air again. I entered her really easily now that she had been getting it in the butt for a while. When Jess got behind me I tensed a bit, but she talked nice in my ear and promised she would be gentle. Soon I felt the cold hardness enter my ass. This was a totally different feeling, not bad, but different. We got a rhythm going and soon we were at it pretty quickly. Laurie was screaming in minutes and I was scared that someone would call the police to the room. We stopped and I turned to Jess and said "Your turn". She smiled and removed her strap on and handed it to Laurie, who put it on like a pro.

I laid down on the bed and Jess mounted my cock. She rode me hard for a bit, then looked over her shoulder and asked Laurie where she was. Laurie scrambled to get behind her and worked the dildo into Jess' ass. DP always is hot and when the movement is right it feels great. I could feel the dildo in her ass rubbing against my cock and soon it put me over the top again. I came hard, although I didn't have a lot of cum left in me.

We all slept together in a pile on the bed and I awoke to the girls 69ing each other. I joined them and we all fuck some more and then we went our separate ways. But not until I got Jess' number. I walked gingerly to my car, went home and slept some more.
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10 months ago
Fantastic! Just love that sandwich thing, and DP is always great!
3 years ago
Hot story. Casual sex is the best. Oh, and beware of girls that carry bags with them. Hope that you've recovered and you're not walking quite so gingerly.