A BJ for the ages

I was truly helpless. My hands bound behind my back, my ankles tied to the legs of the chair. I could do nothing but watch her as she did her magic. She started slow. She wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and gently feather touched her tongue on the head. She made an appreciative noise when her efforts were rewarded with a drop of pre-cum.

She kept her left hand tight around the bottom but was soon running her right hand up and down on my shaft. Slowly she stroked being careful to not touch the ridge of the head with her encircling fingers. All the time she kept it slow.

The head of my cock was soon bright red and the whole of it was throbbing. She would work me slowly, ever so slowly right up to the edge of ecstasy and then let me fall back. I do not know how many times she did this, but it seemed to last forever.

Then she replaced her right hand with her mouth. Her lips around my shaft and head, her tongue running wild over the sensitive glans. Her left hand was still tight around the base and this was causing pressure to build at the base. It was like if she let go cum would pour forth and never stop. I was watching this and she would look up at me with her incredible green eyes.

Just when I thought I could take no more, she worked me to my release. She placed her lips right at the ridge of my dickhead and sucked hard. She worked her tongue around the head and into the slit. While doing this stroked hard with her right hand and let go of the base. My orgasm was fast a powerful. I honestly do not know if I have ever had one like it before or after. She took the first large shot into her mouth. Then she backed off and continued to pull on my cock hard. I shot the rest of my load all over her naked torso and face. She just smiled and laughed. Once the bulk of jizz was gone from my body I thought she would ease up, but she did not and amazingly a couple of minutes later I had a second orgasm. There was not as much cum, but it was just as powerful as the first.

When she undid my bounds, I just sat there and gasped. I was shaking like a leaf and I was not able to control myself. After about a half hour rest I tied her to the chair as she had me, but I also add bounds to keep her knees spread wide. I went to work on her with my tongue and vibrator and repaid the favor.
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3 years ago
Ummm...i never thought of tying a guy up before giving him a bj. Good idea.