Tammy gets "First aid"

As a work requirement I had to take a first aid class. I took it at the local community college because they had good class times that fit in with my schedule. The fact that I would be with hot 18 and 19 year old girls didn't hurt either. All through the class I worked with two girls Jill and Tammy. Often first aid involves transporting of the wounded. Tammy made it really easy. She was just about 5' tall and maybe weighed a whole of 85 pounds. I simply would scoop her up and carry her. We did this all through the class. Every once in a while the instructor would come over and make the girls transport me, but most of the time we skated by.

One day I get to class and Jill isn't there. I asked Tammy about it and she said that Jill bailed to go get ready for a concert that night. So it was me a Tammy. Tammy was wearing a short white skirt, which was unusual because she generally wore jeans. Our assignment was to do ankle and knee wraps. Tammy did and ankle wrap on me and then explained to the instructor that she would have help carrying me out.

Next was my turn to wrap her knee. I noticed that as I touched her bare knee she got goose bumps. Again usually she was wearing jeans and so I didn't get to tough her bare legs. I also could not help but notice that she kept spreading her legs apart a little at a time. I took my time on the wrap and messed it up a couple of times so I would have to start from the beginning. She didn't mind. Towards the end of class I was able to get a good look up her skirt and noticed that she was not wearing panties. Her light brown pubes were just covering a glistening pussy. I smiled and glanced up at her and she looked me in the eye and laughed.

When it was transport time I scooped her up as usual, but I carefully made sure that my hand was under her skirt and on her bare ass. The front of the skirt was covering her, but underneath it was a different story. I worked my middle finger into her wet pussy and used my index finger to work on her clit.

Soon the instructor came over and inspected my wrap. She then asked Tammy if she was OK, because she looked a little flushed. Tammy was starting to get breathless and said that she thought she was coming down with a cold. We were dismissed and basically ran to Tammy's car.

She climbed into the back seat and I pulled up her skirt and dove in head first to her juicy pussy. I ate her vigorously and she came several times. My cock was trying to burst from my jeans so I sat on the seat and released my cock from its prison. At this point I also noticed that there were a lot of people in the parking lot leaving for the day. I mentioned this to Tammy but she didn't care. She simply took off her shirt and said "Fuck me".

She laid down on the seat, but I said, "No, mount me." and so she did. As I mentioned she was small and it was an easy fit. Her little boobs were perfect for her body and bounced up and down each time she went down on my prick. Soon I felt that I was getting close to coming so I slowed her down. I looked over and there was a girl frozen by her car. She was only a spot over and she was looking right at us. I think she had been there a while. She was cute, and I gave her a smile.

She quickly put her book bag in the car and moved over so that she was right next to the window. Tammy saw her now too and made no move to cover or stop. I kind of lifted Tammy up and laid down on the seat. She got on me reverse cowgirl. Now the girl outside the car could clearly see everything, my cock, Tammy's pussy, her tits and I could see the girl because Tammy was so small. She looked around and put her hand down in her jeans.

The sight of her masturbating as I watched and fucked a girl soon had me at the boiling point. I pulled my cock out at the last minute and aimed it at the window. My come hit the window and clearly startled the girl, but she was soon showing signs that she was coming.

Tammy was little pissed about me messing up her car, but she got over it.
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very hot & sexy