How I lost it

In between my Junior and Senior year I underwent a transformation. I lost some fat, and due to working out a lot put on a lot of muscle mass. Along with that I grew about 4 inches in that one year. My football coach took me from the 3rd string and I became a starter. Best of all my skin cleared and I wasn't constantly battling acne. The girls in school seemed to notice as well, and I gained enough confidence to handle it.

Sue was one of the hottest girls in school. She was blonde with darker skin and green eyes. She was of a thinner build and had small but nice tits, to go with an ass to die for. This was the early 80's and she used to wear those long sweater skirts over top of tights. Her legs would drive me nuts. We were in homeroom together as well as a few other classes and became friendlier and friendlier.

We would also be invited to the same lame high school parties. The ones were the k**s would drink too much, or get d**gged out on coke and do stupid sit. You couldn't not go, but it was hard to stay in the background. Neither Sue or I were into that, so we would find an empty room, lock the door, sit on the bed and chat, or lay down and chat. We did this regularly. I solidified our friendship and people just assumed we were an item and screwing regularly because of being in locked bedrooms together.

I wanted to screw her, and she wanted me, we talked about it, but she was scared of disease and pregnancy, which are reasonable concerns and so I was happy with making out and feeling her tits on my chest.

On night while we were at a party some moron dumped a whole beer on my back which got on my shirt and pants. My parents were cool about me going to parties, but they didn't want me drinking and now I was reeking of beer. We went up to the master bedroom, I took off my shirt and pants and rinsed them in the sink, Sue took them and threw them in the dryer. So there I was in my boxers and socks. I jumped into the bed and when Sue came back she joined me.

We snuggled often but usually I was in pants and she could clearly feel my cock poking her in the ass. She laughed and wiggled a bit. I called her a tease, and she said, "No I am not teasing anymore." I reached down and pulled up the bottom of her sweater skirt and fondled her sweet ass. She moaned a bit and rolled onto her back. I then reached up and went for her boobs. They were small but her nipples wee hard and long. They seemed sensitive as well. After a bit I had her sit up and removed her clothing. As I took off each piece I kissed the flesh underneath. All the way down each leg when I took off her tights.

When I got to her panties I gasped when I took them off. She was hairy, because shaving wasn't the fashion them, but she was trimmed and neat. Her pubes were darker than her hair on her head, but still lighter and more sparse than some. I reached out with one hand and spread her pussy lips and worked my tongue in between the delicate folds. She gasped and grabbed my head. She tasted excellent and I ate her for quite a while. I thank my father and his stash of Penthouse magazines for being able to do certain things. The one trick I learned was to trace the alphabet with my tongue on her clit. This way it wasn't the same simple motion and she wouldn't get "used to it". She came by the letter F on the second way through. She asked me for a rest and reached for my dick.

My cock was at its full length and throbbing. She had small hands and in them my cock looked gigantic. She pulled on it in an inexperienced way, but it didn't matter I was so worked up that in a minute or two I shot a huge load all over her chest. She giggled and thanked me for not getting it in her hair, then went and cleaned up.

I laid down and marveled at the fact that my cock didn't soften in the least. She came back and laid down next to me. "Still horny, huh?" I laughed and said "Always horny" She got up and mounted me cowgirl style and held my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I looked her in the eyes and said, "Are you sure?" and she nodded and said, "I went on the pill two months ago, with just this in mind. I love you." She slowly started sinking down on my cock. I was obvious that it hurt her a bit. I just stayed still and let her do what she wanted. I reached down and held her thighs to take some of the weight off her. Once she got about half way down she went up again. Now my cock was wetter and slid easier. She went farther each time until finally I was all the way in her.

I let her lead and she rode me, it was soon that she was moaning from pleasure as opposed to pain. I reached down and rubbed her clit with my thumb. That got her really hot and soon she came on my cock. When she tightened around it I almost came but I held off. We rested a bit and then I put her in the doggy position. I took over and started slow, but soon I could feel her moving back into me with each thrust, so I started going harder and faster. We got up to a heck of a rhythm and it wasn't long before I needed to blow.

I slowed down to work my way up to it. She was also building to an orgasm, when she felt my cock swell she came and that caused me to cum as well. Unbelievable. We napped and didn't wake up until 3 or 4 in the morning. I got her home, and she got in trouble for being out so late. My parents had no idea what time I got in, so I was free.

Sue told me later that she had a bunch of jealous friends that had still not cum with a guy and whose first time really sucked.
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3 years ago
very hot & oh so sweetly wonderful
3 years ago
Nice story read like a very hot and satisfying night for the both of you.
3 years ago
We graduated not long after, she went to a different school out of state. She wound up marrying well. I saw her at my reunion recently, she really hasn't aged all that well.
3 years ago
Great, What Happened to HER?
3 years ago
Nice, well written