Night at the club leads to so much more

My girlfriend Paula and I went out to a club with another couple, Anita and Jeff, and another friend Jules (for Julie). Jules was joking all night that she was our fifth wheel. Jeff drove and got completely hammered very quickly. I told Paula that we would take a cab home as Jeff refused to give anyone else his keys. Anita and Jules decided to ride in the cab with us. So Jeff went to use the bathroom, and we left.

Soon after getting in the cab we found out how expensive it would be for us to all get rides home, and we didn't have that kind of cash. Anita told him to drop us at the closest subway station, which we then rode to her house which was only a couple of block away. By this time it was really late. Anita's folks were in the Bahamas, so she let us crash. Paula and I got the double bed in the guest room and Anita and Jules slept in her parents bed.

Paula and I still lived at home so we made the most of having a night together. I have a rule of 3 to 1. Every time I am with a woman I try for her to have 3 orgasms or more to every 1 of mine. It is a simple formula and it works well. I got between Paula's legs and ate her shaved pussy for all I was worth. Paula was always very vocal and gave good instructions for me to follow to get her off the best. This night she came 4 or 5 times in rapid succession.

The next thing I knew I was being awoken by a pair of lips around my cock. I woke up slowly and opened my eyes to see Jules with my cock in her mouth. I sort of jumped/sat up quick from the surprise and there was Anita and Paula sitting on the bed all of them were naked.

"Good Morning" Paula said.
"We heard you last night, and it sounded awesome" said Anita. I knew Paula was loud but I didn't think she was that loud. Turns out Anita's parents had a baby monitor in the room for when her nephews slept over, they turned it on for kicks.
"It was" said Paula, "but then John fell asl**p with his head on my thigh. He never even got off"
"Working on that now" said Jules to the laughter of the others.
I had had a threeway before, but this was shaping up to be a fourway. I asked Jules to turn around and give me a shot at her snatch. We moved into a 69 and I went ot work on her tight, shaved pussy. I sucked on her clit and worked a couple of fingers into her. I used her pussy juice to lube up another finger which I worked into her asshole. I soon had her gasping around my cock. She came in a series of building orgasms, each bigger than the next. She finally begged me to stop and rolled off of me.
"Holy shit Paula, you are a lucky girl."
"My turn?" asked Anita
Paula just nodded and smiled.
Anita sat on my face and I began to eat her as I did Jules, but she was facing the other way and I did not have easy access to her ass. She did not come as quickly as Jules either, but she did come in a while.

At this point my cock was hard as a rock and I really needed relief. Jules suggested a BJ contest. I would be blindfolded and then they would take turns sucking me off. Who ever got me to come would be the winner. Paula sort of laughed and said "He doesn't come for BJs, but we can try." I always held back to make the sex better.

The rules were established that each girl would get two minutes with a one minute break in between, after two rounds, it would go up to 3 minutes, then four, etc. No words could be spoken by the ladies and when a turn was up they would let the other girl know by tapping her.

The blindfold was put on me and then Paula decided that they needed to tie my hands up, because if he feels our tits he will know who it is. So my hands were tied to the bedposts. This wasn't really bondage, but it was fun. All the girls got off the bed and soon I felt a mouth around my cock. I thought I would know Paula's by technique, but i was wrong, I had no clue. The first round went by fast and as soon as I was getting on the edge of shooting, time was up. The waiting period in between kept me cool.

The second round went the same, but the third round I knew it would be three minutes and I was sure that the first girl would get my load. I was right, but it happened just as she was tapped off of me. She was moving away and I started to shoot. She quickly grabbed my cock with her hand and jerked me hard. I came what seemed to be for a long time, and it was all over my belly and chest.

The girls all laughed and decided that they would keep me tied up all day. they cleaned me with a wash cloth and then worked on getting me hard again. This time they fucked me, same rules as the BJ contest. They were having a great time. Soon one girl would sit on my face while another fucked me cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Another would stand by timing. At one point I need to use the rest room. They led me still blind folded to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. When I was done they led me back to the bed and tied me back up.

It was fun, but frustrating as well. I know that I fucked all three but I didn't get to see them. Finally they let me sl**p. I was simply fucked out.

I awoke again to sucking lips. Its was Jules, she had untied me and taken off my blindfold. She told me that Anita had taken Paula to get her car and then we had to go. She wanted one last round. Jules was a hot platinum blond with a great body. I told her that I wanted her from behind and so we got in the doggy position. She rubbed my shaved nut sack as I fucked her and I came hard pretty quickly. we got a shower and dressed before the others got back.

Paula moved away soon after. Anita broke up with Jeff and we were fuck buddies for a while. Great memories from that night, and poor Jeff missed it all because he got shitfaced. Idiot.
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awesome & sexy hot
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Enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.
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Great story.