Debbie comes to stay

This one has a long run up, but the pay off is great. In the winter of 1996 I was living in the DC area. I was working a full time job, but I also kept a part time job in a video store. It was a Mom and Pop operation and we had a lot of regular customers that we got to know really well. One couple, Kathy and Steve were regulars that we saw 3-4 times a week renting or returning. They got married in the winter of 1996 and went on a two week honeymoon. While they were gone Kathy had her younger s****r house sit. As part of the arrangement they left a couple hundred dollars credit on the store account so she could rent movies, and she did a lot of them. Generally she would come in in the morning, rent a couple, then come back in the evening, return them and get a couple more.

I got to know her and her taste in movies pretty well. We chatted and mildly flirted, but she was a good 10 years younger than me and I figured anyone as hot as her had a boyfriend. So after a few days she was getting bored of movies and I asked her if she wanted to see DC. Cheesy I know, but both worked downtown and never wanted to show her the sites. I took her to see the monuments one night when they are lit, and it was cold, but worth it. Another day we went to the Smithsonian Art Museum, then Air and Space right across the mall. Soon enough her two weeks was over her s****r was getting back and she would be going to start her last semester of college. We said our goodbyes. That night we got hit with the blizzard of 1996. You can look it up, it really happened. 26 inches of snow from Saturday night all the way through Sunday and into Monday morning. DC was effectively shut down.

So my day work was closed, but the store was open and being hammered by all of the non-essential Federal workers and other that had off. On Tuesday night I was working and Steve and Kathy came in, along with Debbie. Their flight made it in on Saturday, but Debbie's flight out was on Sunday and the airport shut down. Steve and Kathy were all tan and bubbly about there trip to Mexico and here we are up to our balls in snow. We chatted for a bit and I joked to Debbie about the two lovebirds keeping her up all night. She glared and said "You have no fucking idea." Ouch, guess I hit a sore spot. Kathy said "Jealous girl" and Debbie shot back, "Oh come on three time last night and two the night before! I hear everything, your walls are like tissue paper! Didn't you two screw on you honeymoon?" I was shocked to say the least but the s****rs were really going hammer and tongs.

I said, "I have an idea. Why doesn't Debbie come over to my place tonight. I have a pull out sofa bed, you will have privacy, and she can get a good nights sl**p. Kathy started to get "Mothery" but debbie looked at her and said "Kathy, John has taken me to museums and the monuments, we have had meals and just sat in you living room talking. We could have been fucking the whole time you were gone, but he has been a perfect gentleman and treated me like a lady." Kathy said OK. I told Debbie I would walk over to there house and get her when ever we closed, and then we would walk to my apartment. The roads were still shit and I lived less than a 1/2 mile from the store.

Around 7:00 I got to her house after picking up some preview movies from the back of the store, some beer and a box of condoms. Just in case. She had to borrow boots and a coat from her s****r but we walked to my apartment. As soon as we got in the door Debie was telling me all of the details of Steve and Kathy's fucking. I knew I would never look at the two of them the same way. She said "It wouldn't be so bad, but s****r is so vocal. She screams directions and when she cums its like someone is killing rabbits or something."

We sat on the couch and watched a movie, some stupid action flick. The second one I got was a more serious foreign film about a girl discovering her sexuality. Before I put it on I suggested changing into night clothes. I usually slept in the nude, but I got a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. She went into the bathroom and got into a little satin set with boy shorts and a short sleeved top. She came out and asked about the windows. I told her that the apartment across the way was empty, and the guy upstairs from there never opened their, nothing to worry about. We pulled out the couch and I got some blankets and pillows.

We started watching the movie, which was very sexy and cuddling. Soon enough I had a raging hard on which was pressing into her ass. She made a comment about not being comfortable and getting poked and reached down and tried to rearrange my cock. It was like lightening bolts. She began to slowly stroke my cock through my boxers and I felt her tits through her top. In a couple of minutes she put her hand through the opening of the boxers and brought my cock out. At this point it was throbbing. I had one hand under her top and another in her shorts.

She was totally shaved clean, as was I which surprised her, but she liked the feel. I brought her to a climax with my fingers in her soaking pussy and she was working me close, I asked her to stop. She knelt facing each other and I pulled off her top. I spent a few minutes worshiping her incredible funbags. They were a heavy C cup and had nice small nipples which were hard as rocks. I alternated licking and playing with them. She had sensitive nipples and came just from me playing like that.

I then pulled down her short and tossed them aside. I turned her away and pushed her down onto all fours. I ripped off my clothes and entered her from behind. She had a lot of pent up energy and instantly began to really come back at me hard. We soon worked each other to a frenzy and both came at the same time. We laid there for a while catching our breath and she told me not to worry she was on the pill.

We continued watching the movie and playing with each other. Soon the movie was over but we did not notice. We had sex in many positions and came several time that night.

The next day was another day off and we spent the whole morning in bed, and then I called into the store and told them I would not be in that day, I wasn't scheduled no biggie. That night there was another medium sized storm which insured the rest of the week off. Debbie called her s****r and found out that her flight was Saturday. She told her that she would come by sometime Friday and pick up her stuff and that I would take her to the airport. Kathy was upset with her little s****r saying, "You only took one set of clothes" at which Debbie answered, "We have been naked the entire time, so my clothes are clean, even if I am not."

Thursday night was fun. I got a call from a buddy and we were talking on the phone, Debbie starts sucking my cock. At this point I am pretty spent having been sexing this girl up for the better part of two days. She did yoman's work and I had a difficult time blowing my load and not letting my buddy know what was going on.

On Friday she went over to the couple next door and asked to borrow some lube. they were a young couple of Marines, she was a real hottie and he was a body builder. They were nice, but Debbie went over and just straight up asked her for sex lube. She got that and a vibrator too. That night as we fucked we could hear them going at it too.

Finally Saturday came and I took her to the airport. We exchanged e-mail addresses and off she went. She got married two years later, and I did as well. We still exchange e-mails and a lot of them are raunchy.
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3 years ago
she sounds like she is a keeper hot & loves sex
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks for posting.