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In the early 90's I had a part time job in a video store. We had a "back room" with all of the adult videos in it. We didn't really advertise, but if someone asked we would let them know.

One night I was working by myself and a hottie in her early 20's came in. She looked around a bit and then came up to the counter and asked me if we had any adult videos. She said that she was hosting a bachlorette party the following evening. I told her we did and showed her the door. I went in with her and showed her how to look in the catalog, find the number and find the corresponding video on the shelf. I also explained that the older videos had story lines and the higher numbers where pretty much just straight fucking. While I showed her the catalog she stood close and I could feel her breasts pushing on my arm. I thought to myself that this could get interesting.

I left her to find her videos and she was back there for a while. When she came back out she had four selections. 2 had the typical porn story lines and 2 were compilations of oral and anal sex. It was dead that night and we talked a bit, but I did not hit on her because we were told not to hassle the customers. (There was a a-hole there that drove away a lot of female customers by being over aggressive) As she was leaving she asked if I wanted to come over when I was done and preview the vids. I said sure, see you around 10:15. I confirmed her address that we had in the computer and she told me it was right across the street.

I closed in record time that night and was ringing her door bell at 10:10. She answered the door in a t-shirt. It covered her pussy from the front, but when she turned around to lead me in, I could see her sweet naked ass. She was medium height, brown/blond hair, nice C cup sized tits, and he nipples were hard. She said "I hope you don't mind I started without you."

On pause on the TV was a girl getting it hard in the ass by Rocco S. She had a dildo on the coffee table, when she sat on the couch she spread her legs and started to play with her hairless pussy. I just sort of stood there not sure if I should stay dressed or what. She laughed and said "Come on and get your dick out." I was already semi hard and once I let it out of my pants it went to full erection pretty quickly. I am not huge, but I am larger than average with about 8" in length, but very thick around. She looked at my cock and bit her lower lip. She was still looking at it while she grabbed the dildo and started fucking herself with it.

Again I was unsure if she just wanted to mutually masturbate, or have sex. So I sat there pulling on my dick a little while watching mostly her. Finally I reached over and stroked her inner thighs. She reacted as if my touch was electric and came instantly. She rested a bit. I reached over and pulled off her t-shirt and sucked on her nipples. She reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it like a pro. She looked me in the eye and said "I want you to come on me like they do in the videos. Promise me you will not come inside me."
"Ok," I said "I promise" I thought that it was really hot that she wanted to be come on like that and soon my balls were boiling. I told her I was going to cum and moved myself upward. She kept jerking me and pointed my cock right at her face. Soon I came with a huge load that was partly from not having sex in a while, edging while I was jerking myself and just being so turned on by the situation. She had come from her forehead to her chin, with a little on her tits. She started laughing while I was still cumming and got some in her mouth. She kept jerking my cock until my orgasm was well past. She told me to get the camera from the kitchen table and get some pictures. It was a polaroid I snapped three and tucked one into my pants pocket.

My cock never did get fully hard and soon was ready for more action. She was as well. She suggested a game. We would turn off the TV, fast forward the video and then stop it, turn the TV on again. Anything that they were doing on the video we would do. Sounded good to me. The first time we did it, there were two girls, one was eating the other out. I told her I would gladly eat her pussy and got between her legs. I really couldn't watch as i worked on her, so she gave me instructions like "Lick my clit", "Finger me with two fingers" and "Tongue my hole". we did this for a while until the girl inserted a dildo on the other, which I did and she came quickly.

Fast forward again. This time it was a scene with a guy and girl in 69. Ok, she positioned us so that she could watch the screen and again I was eating her while she now sucked my cock. She was good. Finally the guy on the screen came, but I held out.

Fast forward again. Anal sex scene. She gasped. She had never had anal, wanted to try, but she looked at my cock. I said "put the video on pause. Get some lube, we will go slow, I will use the dildo first if your OK with that we will see about my cock." She got some lube and I generously applied it to my hand and her tight asshole. I slowed worked on her with one finger, getting her used to it. Once she was comfortable with one, I added another and another. Then I lubed up the dildo and worked that into her backdoor. She was more comfortable and when I used my other hand to work on her clit she came hard. Now was the time. I told her my cock needed to be hard as a rock and she sucked on my for a bit to get it rigid.

Her ass was very well lubed and my cock was covered with her saliva. I worked the head in and paused. She rested a bit then pushed back against me. Slowly I I went in until my balls were resting on her pussy. I grabbed the camera and took a couple more shots while I was ass fucking her. She set the pace and really got to enjoy my anal probing. She worked over her clit and was starting to build to a tremendous orgasm. The tightening of her anus was too much for me and I pulled out and blew my load all over the back, just like I promised. Again I took more shots.

After that we took a shower together and fucked once more before collapsing in her bed. In the morning we had great sex with my morning wood. When I asked her about the bachlorette party she just laughed and said. "I thought you were hot, I wanted to fuck you, so i made that up so you wouldn't think I was a perv." Ok by me. I still have those pics too.
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3 years ago
good girl & 2 perv's together
3 years ago
fap fap!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
LoL,smart girl.good story.