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Kathy and I had flirted for quite a while. She was 19, brown hair and blue eyes. She was about 5'8" and really stacked. She had a great pair of tits. She would often rub them against me as we sat at a Cafeteria table studying for Biology. You know the move, when they lean over to see something and rub their boobs against your arm. She worked a work study job in the library. I would often visit her and chat, but I never made a move because she had a boyfriend.

One night a mutual friend Jen had a party. I was a little late because I had to work before heading over. When I got there I mingled a bit and when I saw Jen I asked her where Kathy was because I knew she was very excited about the party and how great it would be. Jen told me that Kathy and her Boyfriend had a huge fight and he had left, she was up in Jen's room crying.

I filled up a couple of beers and went up to see her. She was a wreck. Her eyes were swollen and make up was all over her cheeks. Her nose as running and she was constantly blowing her nose. We talked for a bit and she replayed what happened. It all boiled down to her boyfriend being jealous of the attention she paid to other guys.

I thought it wise to not tell her that he was kinda right, she did flirt a lot. But I went along with her her, nodding and saying things like "what a jerk" basically being supportive. We were sitting together on a bean bag chair on the floor and she was sitting in between my legs leaning back against me. After a while I looked down and saw that her eyes were closed, and she was sl**ping.

I began to run my hands up and down her bare arms and she responded nicely to my touch. Soon her nipples hardened and I could not resist tweeking them between my fingers. She stirred at that and looked up at me. She smiled and I leaned down and kissed her. I was worried that she would be upset, but instead she burst with energy. We kissed heavily for a while and and I began to take some liberties with my hands. They roamed all throughout her body. I found that she was wearing a thong under her miniskirt and her ass was pretty much perfect.

I ran my hands under her shirt and unclasped her bra she lifted herself slightly and I pulled off her shirt and bra in one shot. Her breasts were awesome. Easily D cup, firm with large pink nipples which were very hard. I took turns kissing one tit while massaging the other with my free hand. She had undone my shirt and was rubbing my chest as well.

Her thong was the next thing to go. I laid her back on the bean bag chair and laid my head on one thigh. I licked her pussy while fingering it. I used my index and middle finger on her working at her g-spot while using my other hand to keep her lips spread and tonguing her hard clit. She came under my ministrations and asked me to stop. She asked me to switch places with her. She knelt down in front of me and helped me remove my pants.

My cock was very hard by now, and she took me in her mouth like a pro. She practically swallowed my cock which was something no one else had ever been able to do. She took great pride in being able to take me all the way down to my balls and every time she did it she would look up at me with her pretty eyes. Soon enough I told her I was going to cum. She choose to just hold the head of my cock in her mouth and jerk my saliva covered shaft with her hand. I blasted into her mouth. She was able to take most of it, but some of it dribbled out of her mouth and covered my balls and her hand.

At this point Jen came into the room. She was angry with us for fucking around in her room, which now totally smelled of sex and sweat. Kathy told her that she was just jealous because she hadn't been laid in a while, but Jen asked us to leave anyway. We found out later that she had watched us for a while and really was jealous.

Kathy and I got outside and knowing that her boyfriend had driven her offered her a ride home. I fingered her pussy for most of the drive and she came several times before we got to her house. She invited me in while telling me that her parents where away for the weekend. As soon as we got in the door I pulled up her skirt, whipped my cock out and jammed it in her from the rear. We fucked against the wall for a few minutes but she asked me to go to her bedroom. I honestly do not think that my cock left her pussy the whole trip to her room, then she knelt down on the bed and we fucked doggy style.

She was reaching back between her legs and rubbing my balls in her hand. This drove me crazy and I sped up until I came again hard in her pussy. The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur. I do remember spending the entire day Saturday naked and I think we fucked 9 or 10 times between Friday night and Sunday mid-afternoon with a lot of screwing around in between. It was during a phone conversation that Kathy was having with Jen that we found out about her watching us. While they were talking I was eating Kathy's pussy and when she came Jen busted us again. We did wind up having a threeway a few weeks later, but I will save that for another time, if there is interest. Please leave comments and tell me what you think of this story, especially the ladies.
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3 years ago
3-ways are always fun
3 years ago
Very hot. Would love to hear the threesome story. Keep them coming.
3 years ago
Good story. Keep it up!
3 years ago
Life, should just be one long college party. I miss them!